Little Miss Nobody - On 31 July, 1960, the body of a little girl was discovered in Sand Wash Creek Bed, Congress, Arizona. She had been partially buried and estimated to be between five-years-old and seven-years-old and had been dead for approximately two weeks. It was noticed that whoever had partially buried the young girl, had attempted to dig a number of prior graves. Her natural brunette hair had been dyed an auburn colour, presumably in an attempt to conceal her identity. She was wearing white shorts and a checked blouse along with sandals that had been cut to fit her small feet. A small, bloody, pocketknife was discovered near her body, however, her cause of death could not be determined. Despite a thorough investigation, the identity of the little girl was never uncovered. Locals donated money to give “Little Miss Nobody” a proper burial, with a local florist and mortuary providing funeral services.


Kennedi Simone High

Case Type: Disability - Autism
DOB: Nov 28, 2000
Missing Date: Mar 08, 2017
Age Now: 16
Missing City: Baltimore
Missing State: MD
Case Number: 5170303296

Gender: Female
Race: Black
Complexion: Light
Height: 5-7
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Brown
Wear Glasses or Contacts: Yes

Location Last Seen: Kennedi was last seen leaving Western High School.

Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown.

Last Seen Wearing: Blk pants, blk low cut Ugg boots, white shirt.

Identifying Marks or Characteristics: N/A


A Whole Family is Missing in France

The last time anyone heard of a member in the Troadec family was on February 16, 2017. That day, mother Brigitte (49) called her bank to report that her daughter Charlotte’s (18) debit card had been fraudulently used to pay for online videogames.

When police in the town of Nantes, in France, were alerted of the fact no one knew about the Troadecs, they investigated their home and found a lot of odd, and certainly chilling, things. They described the house as been “frozen in time”, with dishes in the sink and still wet clothes in the washing machine. All the beddings had been stripped and were hanging up to dry. Brigitte and father Pascal’s (49) vehicles were parked in the driveway, but son Sebastien’s (21) Peugeot wasn’t there. Also missing were the family’s tooth and hair brushes and everyone’s cell phones, except for Sebastien’s, who was found inside the house, with blood on it. The chargers have been left behind, and none of the devices have been used since February 17th.

Police also found traces of blood on the staircase that were matched to Pascal, Brigitte and Sebastien. It appeared like someone had tried to scrub it clean.

Then, on March 1st, a jogger in Dirinon, a town three hours away from Nantes, found a pair of trousers and health insurance card. Both belong to Charlotte. The following day, Sebastien’s car was located in a church parking lot in Saint Nazare, an hour away from Nantes. The car appeared to have been cleaned and the carpeting of the trunk was torn out, but they found a bit of blood inside the vehicle. Police have found other things scattered around, including some books that belong to Pascal.

Authorities are still searching and investigating, but they are operating under the premise that a crime has been committed. Their main suspect at the moment is Sebastien, the son, who has a history of mental illness and was once sentenced to community service after he made threats online in 2013.

Story in development.


On 26 June, 1995, a car accident in Greensville County, Virginia, took the life of a man by the name of Michael Eric Hager, but it also took the life of a young hitch-hiker who was in the passenger seat. The man had no identification on him but he was wearing a Grateful Dead Anniversary Tour T-Shirt and had a ticket from a recent Grateful Dead concert in his pocket. Because of this, he became known as “Grateful Doe”. In his pocket he also had a note from two women who addressed him by “Jason”. Regardless of knowing his first  name, his identify remained unknown until January, 2015, when somebody saw his composite sketch and thought he bore a striking resemblance to an old acquaintance who was a Grateful Dead fan by the name of Jason Patrick Callahan. His mother was traced to South Carolina and when questioned, she confirmed that she hadn’t spoken to her son since 1995 and never reported him missing because of his transient lifestyle. DNA testing is currently underway, and as you can tell from the image above, the resemblance is uncanny.

UPDATE: On 9 December, 2015, Grateful Doe was successfully identified as Jason Patrick Callahan.

This young women has been missing for a week now with no confirmed sightings. Her family and friends are desperately trying to get word out and bring her home. The Facebook group set up to help her has emphasised that she may be suffering a mental health crisis but that the disappearance is out of character. The fact that she’s missing without any personal belongings, including shoes, obviously greatly adds to concerns.

This is Victoria Martin. Anyone in the Gainesville, GA area please, please keep an eye out for her. She is missing and we are extremely worried. We have know her family for a long time. If you see her, contact your local 911 or Hall County Sheriff’s office. Thank you guys so much.


On 2 July, 1965, a little boy was discovered abandoned in a pram outside a shop in Newark, New Jersey. Authorities attempted to identify his family but this proved unsuccessful and he was placed into foster care and given the name Scott McKinley. Eventually, a connection was made between this little boy and an unsolved abduction case in Chicago which took place the previous year. On 26 April, 1964, Paul Fronczak was born and the following day, he had disappeared along with a woman at the hospital who had impersonated a nurse. Paul’s parents were adamant that the young boy was their missing son and they adopted him and raised him as Paul Fronczak. As Paul grew up, he became aware that he did not resemble anybody else in his family. Eventually in 2012, Paul received a DNA test which revealed that there was no biological connection between  him and his adoptive parents. The true identity of “Scott McKinley” and what happened to Paul Fronczak still remains a mystery.


On September 26, 1981, Cinda Pallet (13) and Charlotte Kinsey (13) went to a state fair in Oklahoma City along with their boyfriends. While there, they met a man wearing a badge who offered them some money in exchange for their help to unload a truck full of plush toys. The group accepted, but when they got to the Intestate there was no truck. So the man told the two boys to wait in the parking lot while he went to get the truck, and he drove off with the girls. That was the last time Cinda and Charlotte were seen alive.

Police later found out that the abductor had been using a fake badge, that belonged to a carnival worker who was in Dallas at the time. After almost four years of nothing new, they eventually focused their attention on a part time truck driver called Royal Russell Long, who was confirmed to be in Oklahoma City at the time of the crime. Long was already in custody at the time for the 1984 kidnapping of Sharon Baldeagle, a 12 year old who was hitchhiking with a friend, who managed to escape and identify him as the captor. Long pled guilty but claimed he’d dropped off Sharon still alive. She’s never been found.

Cinda and Charlotte’s boyfriends also identified Long as the man who took the girls. His daughter also told investigators he’d molested her for years and she’d witnessed him trying to lure young girls, claiming that “no girl over 13 could satisfy him sexually”. A hair found in his truck matched Cinda’s. During his 1985 trial for the kidnapping and murder of the two girls, he taunted the families claiming only he knew what had happened.

However, this wasn’t enough for the judge, who in the 1985 considered there wasn’t sufficient evidence and the charges against him were dismissed. He remained locked up for Sharon’s kidnapping until 1993, when he died of a heart attack.

Long is also considered a suspect in the disappearence of Deborah Meyer (14), Carlene Brown (19), Christy Gross (19) and Jayleen Banker (10), who went missing in Wyoming during 1974. Jayleen and Christy’s bodies were found later, in Christy’s case nine years after she was abducted.

“The Women’s March is deeply disturbed by the shocking number of missing Black and Latina girls in the Washington, DC area — and by the fact that these numbers are not new. We call on all members of Congress to demand that the Justice Department invest resources into investigating these cases immediately. We came out in droves for our Muslim sisters and brothers, for refugees and immigrants, for women as a whole. We ask our supporters to do so again for these missing girls, for our daughters. If we do not take action to address the mass disappearance of Black and Latina girls, we cannot claim to stand for all women. We cannot claim to be true to our commitment to justice, safety, security for all. We are committed to support, advocate for and uplift the work of local organizations that have long been dedicated to finding and caring for these girls, and for all missing youth — including trans and gender nonconforming youth. We will not rest until they are brought back safely. While some are just now turning their attention to the issue of the disappearance of girls of color, this crisis is far from new, and it’s on the rise. We will not rest until all women and girls and femmes are able to live free from violence. #FindOurGirls”

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A headline from a March 21, 2017 article written by George M. Johnson reads “Black women and girls are missing, and no one seems to care.” Below the headline appears a photo of a sign of a missing Black girl, Relisha Rudd. At the top of the sign is the word “Missing.” Below the photo of Relisha Rudd reads “Bring Relisha Home.”

Source: womensmarch on Instagram

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Dorothy Forstein from Philadelphia, was a well-liked mother to three children and wife to city magistrate, Jules Forstein. In 1944, Dorothy dropped her children to a friend’s house and made her way back home. As she entered the empty and dark house, she was beaten unconscious by an unknown assailant hiding in her house. The assailant fled as Dorothy lay bleeding on the floor. The random attack was baffling - nothing was stolen from the house. 

Her husband was cleared as a suspect and the family could not think of anybody that would have a grudge on a housewife. Dorothy recovered and life went back to normal. However, on 18 October, 1949, Jules was away from the house for the evening and their eldest daughter, 19-year-old Myrna, was also away from the house. When Jules returned home that night at approximately 11:30PM, he discovered his children cowering in their bedroom and Dorothy was nowhere to be found. 

Their youngest daughter, 9-year-old Marcy, told police that she had been awakened by somebody entering the house. She got up out of bed and walked into the hall and saw a man carrying a seemingly unconscious Dorothy down the stairs. The man looked towards her and whispered “Go back to sleep, little one, your mother is alright.” Dorothy was never seen again.

I hate when you try everything to save a friendship, but the other person isn’t making an effort and you feel so horrible, fooling yourself, saying “I’ll give them one more chance maybe they’ll come around” but then one day you realize this has gone on for too long and there’s only one thing left to do. It’s to say fuck it, and move on with your life.

Damien Nettles has been missing for almost 20 years, since the night of November 2nd, 1996, when he vanished after a night out in town in the Isle of Wight. Most of the last sightings of him report strange behavior, that could have to do with his ultimate fate.

Damien was 16 years old at the time, and that night he’d got permission from his mom to extend curfew until midnight to go to a house party in East Cowes. He arrived there after 7 pm with his best friend Chris Boon, but they left about two hours later. They traveled to West Cowes, where they went from pub to pub in a busy local street. Damien was seen and heard by several people asking about his sister Sarah in every pub, but Sarah was not in the Isle at that time and Damien knew that.

At around 22:30, Damien and Chris parted ways. Chris went straight home, but Damien went back to the street with the pubs, where he was seen by several witness looking “intoxicated” and “spaced out”. One in particular saw it at midnight “looking miserable and drugged” and eating chips, and claims the teenager approached him and said “they are watching us”. Soon after he was caught walking by a surveillance camera, walking down an empty street, and that was the last time anyone saw him.

The Nettles family struggled to get police to properly investigate the disappearance of Damien. Their working theory has always been that he fell in the sea and drowned, but according to the local harbour master, if that had happened, the ties would have brought his body back to land.

Years later, an informant told police that a drug dealer called Nicky McNamara had killed Damien during an argument over marihuana. This connected to statements from his ex girlfriend that he’d been hanging out with the wrong crowd lately, and also with a comment his brother made that he believed Damien left the party originally to buy some cannabis. However, this informant gave unreliable and changing information about the place where he had been allegedly buried, which made authorities dismiss his claims.

The BBC did a TV show about this case called The Boy who Disappeared. You can see the first episode here, and if you live in the UK, you can see them all here.