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Y'all please share this! Ria was my roommate at NYU this summer and she is literally the kindest person ever and I hate the idea of anything happening to her.

She lives in Durham, North Carolina so if you’re in that area please be on the lookout!

Age progression is the process of modifying a photograph to give the effect of ageing in appearance. It’s often used to aid the search of missing children. The artist scans the image of the child, and develops it using age-appropriate pictures of bloodline siblings and parents. Another way of adding family traits is using a drawing software. 

These images compare the age progression of missing children with actual photographs of them after they’ve been found. 

I hate when you try everything to save a friendship, but the other person isn’t making an effort and you feel so horrible, fooling yourself, saying “I’ll give them one more chance maybe they’ll come around” but then one day you realize this has gone on for too long and there’s only one thing left to do. It’s to say fuck it, and move on with your life.

Everyday, in the back of my mind you’re there. Some days, you’re the only thing I think of and I search desperately for something else to take my focus. Sometimes I can distract myself and somedays I stay in bed going between crying and laughing as I’m overwhelmed by memories of who we used to be. You’re there constantly, even when I don’t contact you for weeks and it seems as though maybe, just maybe I’ve moved on… I haven’t. You’re always on some part of my mind.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #180

‼️ Alicia Rose Metzel, age 15, was last seen October 25, and is thought to have traveled to Standing Rock to take part in the #DAPL protests and may have been harmed in an explosion and possibly taken to a hospital. She is 5'4", 120 lbs, brown eyes, brown hair, and has a scar under her right eye. Contact the West Fargo Police at 701-433-5500 if you have information. ‼️

This girl went to my my high school and was on the swim team; her friends, teammates, and family are very worried about her. Please keep an eye out for her as well as others who have gone missing. We need to protect each other in times like these. Keep standing up for what is right💛

My friend’s boyfriend has been missing since last Tuesday (8-8-17), so please spread this in hopes that they can find him, and if you live in any of these areas, please keep an eye out!
reblogs would be very helpful, even if you don’t live near here

EDIT: My friend said he he told her in a note that he left that he was trying to head to New York.
Just our two cents

So lately in the Spanish social media, people are commenting about a recent vlog by a famous animal rights’ defender. This man is Spanish but has been living in Thailand for more than 20 years, and he became sort of a celebrity thanks to a series of docurealities in which he was shown liberating animals from the black market - and getting in trouble for it -, and explaining their characteristics and such to the general public, doing it all in a very simple and cuss loaded language. In short, he comes as honest and people like him.

In his last vlog, he criticises that 20-years-olds that have done nothing in their lives are still going off online about the Spanish Civil War, and the thousands of people executed during Franco’s regime. He thinks that, since more than 75 years have passed since the war, and no one born after 1975 has personally known the dictatorship, things should stay like that, we all young people should stay silent about it, and try to forget and unite once and for all instead.

We couldn’t disagree more. However, many people support this idea, apparently, since in some comments people state they “didn’t meet my executed great-grandfather, don’t know what kind of person he was”, or “my own grandma never wanted to know where his father was buried, why should I care if she didn’t?”.

During Franco’s dicatorship, SILENCE was a mechanism of survival: don’t talk, don’t ask, leave things as they are.. because if you didn’t, you would certainly end up as missing as that family member no one ever dared to talk about anymore. This FEAR was then passed to the next generation, to whom many families didn’t even tell what had happened to PROTECT them. Silence granted life during that killer fascist regime.

But nowadays we don’t need peace, we don’t need silence, we need justice. We need justice for all those THOUSANDS of people that are still missing, shot and buried in unknown places and that, as time goes by, are getting more and more forgotten since their direct relatives are already dead or mentally ill, and the younger generations are not interested, and encouraged by public people like this man to do as in Franco’s times: don’t talk, dont’ ask, leave things as they are.

No, sir. We should never be silent again about this issue and let it slowly be forgotten. Not anymore.


On February 17th, 1984, Renee Aitken (5) was abducted from the family home in Narooma, New South Wales, whilst her brother Brad (aged 8 at the time) slept peacefully across from her. Aitkens was last seen in her bed at 11:15pm and was uncovered to be missing at 4:45am by her mother after Brad woke up feeling cold. The abduction of Aitkens’ consists of two ‘prime’ suspects: Brian Fitzpatrick and Michael Guider.

In 1987, Batemans Bay Detective, Sergeant Ted Freeman, told a coronial inquest that interviews with convicted sex offender, Brian Fitzpatrick left police in no doubt he was involved in the child’s disappearance. Police re-opened Aitken’s case in 1998 with Fitzpatrick refusing to be re-interviewed. Unfortunately for police, Fitzpatrick died in a car accident prior to the commencement of this inquest.

Sometime in 2013, former inmate known only as ‘Witness O’ entered a police station near his Amsterdam home stating how Michael Guider (Incarcerated for the murder of Samantha Knight in 1986) would repeatedly draw sketches of a young blonde hair child he named ‘Renee’ (pictured below)

Witness O went on to confess they assumed ‘Renee’ was a male and that, at that time, they didn’t comprehend the severity of Guider’s sketches. Witness O also claims that when they confronted Guider about his sketches, Guider replied:

“Ah well, it’s the innocence of a child in the eyes and it is always coming in my mind” before walking off only to return shortly to continue drawing.

Witness O’s claims are currently being “reviewed and assessed”.

It has been 32 years since Aitken first disappeared.


The Disappearance of Corrie Mckeague

23 year old RAF serviceman Corrie Mckeague has been missing since the 24th of September, 2016, after going out with some friends in Bury, England. Inspectors believe he could have been crushed by a garbage truck.

CCTV footage shows Mckeague separated from his friends at around 1.20am. He was last seen on CCTV at 3.24am walking into an enclosed area used for waste collection, but he is not seen leaving the area. However, it does show a garbage truck making a collection. His mobile phone data shows movement from Bury to Barton Mills, which is the route of the truck.

In February police began to search a landfill site where a waste collection was delivered on the morning Mckeague disappeared.

The search ended up taking far longer than expected, but police revealed they had “not found anything” at the site.

After a 20-week investigation, cops finally stopped searching the landfill site after finding no clues, and Corrie’s body remains missing.


My family has discovered a Google docs list containing lists of names that are deemed safe and alive.

Due to me sucking at technology I have no idea how to link Google docs to tumblr, but if you GOOGLE VI SAFE GOOGLE DOCS or MESSAGE ME I can GIVE YOU ACCESS.

If you know how to connect Google docs, please take the link from me and share!