missing people

I hate when you try everything to save a friendship, but the other person isn’t making an effort and you feel so horrible, fooling yourself, saying “I’ll give them one more chance maybe they’ll come around” but then one day you realize this has gone on for too long and there’s only one thing left to do. It’s to say fuck it, and move on with your life.

‼️ Alicia Rose Metzel, age 15, was last seen October 25, and is thought to have traveled to Standing Rock to take part in the #DAPL protests and may have been harmed in an explosion and possibly taken to a hospital. She is 5'4", 120 lbs, brown eyes, brown hair, and has a scar under her right eye. Contact the West Fargo Police at 701-433-5500 if you have information. ‼️

This girl went to my my high school and was on the swim team; her friends, teammates, and family are very worried about her. Please keep an eye out for her as well as others who have gone missing. We need to protect each other in times like these. Keep standing up for what is right💛


“This is my homeless friend, Sean. My children and I have known him for several years and taken him food, clothes, and blankets. Sean is Special Needs. He can’t read or write and sounds like an 8 year old child when he talks. He recently told me that he is here because he got lost and can’t find his way home. He was on a Greyhound Bus to visit someone and got on the wrong bus at a rest stop. He’s been lost ever since. He thinks he’s from Springfield, Missouri. Someone has to be looking for him. He’s such a harmless, gentle soul. Please pray for him.”

The Disappearance of Diane Augat -

April 10, 1988, 40-year old Diane Augat left her residence in Odessa, Florida and mysteriously disappeared. Three days later, Diane’s mother received a message on her answering machine from a woman who sounded just like her daughter. She was saying “Help, help, let me out” and “Hey, gimme that” as the sounds of someone trying to grab the phone away could be heard in the background. The caller ID read “Starlight”, but there was no answer when Diane’s mother called the number back.

Things got really morbid on April 15 when the severed tip of Diane’s right middle finger was found in the area where she was last seen. Two weeks later, a bag containing her neatly folded clothing was discovered in a convenience store’s freezer. Two-and-a-half years after Diane went missing, a local paper published a story about her disappearance. The very next day, Diane’s brother’s girlfriend happened to discover a plastic bag in another convenience store. It had the name “Diane” written on it and contained items which may have belonged to her. In spite of these bizarre clues, no other trace of Diane Augat has ever been found.

My heart goes out to those still searching for missing friends and family after the devastating attack in Manchester.

Social media is an extremely powerful resource, so please make sure you keep sharing photos and details of the children, young people and adults who are still unable to be found.