‼️ Alicia Rose Metzel, age 15, was last seen October 25, and is thought to have traveled to Standing Rock to take part in the #DAPL protests and may have been harmed in an explosion and possibly taken to a hospital. She is 5'4", 120 lbs, brown eyes, brown hair, and has a scar under her right eye. Contact the West Fargo Police at 701-433-5500 if you have information. ‼️

This girl went to my my high school and was on the swim team; her friends, teammates, and family are very worried about her. Please keep an eye out for her as well as others who have gone missing. We need to protect each other in times like these. Keep standing up for what is right💛

I hate when you try everything to save a friendship, but the other person isn’t making an effort and you feel so horrible, fooling yourself, saying “I’ll give them one more chance maybe they’ll come around” but then one day you realize this has gone on for too long and there’s only one thing left to do. It’s to say fuck it, and move on with your life.


In the weeks leading up to the June, 2003 disappearance of five year old LeeAnna ‘Beaner’ Warner, her parents noticed the child exhibiting odd behaviour. One day, she came home with a box of Barbies and doll clothes, but refused to say who gave them to her beyond ‘a little old lady’; she later packed a suitcase and said she was going to live with her ‘new family’. And two weeks before going missing, LeeAnna was found hiding in her closet, saying there were ‘monsters’ outside. But none of this could have prepared the girl’s parents for what was to come: on June 14, LeeAnna walked off to her friend’s house to see if the girl was home. Neighbours saw LeeAnna leave the house upon realising nobody was there, and then she mysteriously vanished without a trace. After draining a nearby lake LeeAnna spent time by, and ruling out a sex offender in the area and a local man arrested on child pornography charges, as well as LeeAnna’s family, investigators concluded the child was probably abducted by a stranger. She remains missing. The photo on the right shows how she may appear today.


“This is my homeless friend, Sean. My children and I have known him for several years and taken him food, clothes, and blankets. Sean is Special Needs. He can’t read or write and sounds like an 8 year old child when he talks. He recently told me that he is here because he got lost and can’t find his way home. He was on a Greyhound Bus to visit someone and got on the wrong bus at a rest stop. He’s been lost ever since. He thinks he’s from Springfield, Missouri. Someone has to be looking for him. He’s such a harmless, gentle soul. Please pray for him.”

Miss people. Miss them with all you have, so long until you can’t breathe anymore. Type messages and delete them, write letters and throw them away. Listen to the old songs that make you cry. And for God’s sake, don’t let those tunes rot in a shelf somewhere. Convince yourself of the opposite all you want, but building walls is always the equivalent of taking the easy way. When you shut everyone away is when you die, and being able to let others in, even when it hurts, is to be reborn. Because that’s how this world works, and that’s the only way to be a part of it.

Dorothy was New York City royalty, so the odds of her being the target of a random kidnapping are comparable to someone picking up Paris Hilton off the street and not recognizing her. But although Arnold would have been worth a massive ransom, no demand for one ever came.

Then there’s the matter of her parents’ behavior after the fact. While most parents would be flipping their shit if their kid was suddenly gobbled up by the abyss, Dorothy’s parents went out of their way to act as suspiciously as possible. A friend who called the house for Dorothy that night was told that she was upstairs sleeping, when in truth she had already disappeared. The family didn’t even bother to report her missing until she’d been gone for six freaking weeks, which is enough spaces to fill an entire row on your “I Obviously Murdered My Daughter” bingo card. And when her family finally did report her disappearance, it wasn’t to the police – they told their lawyer, who came over and contaminated the hell out of the Arnold’s home and potential crime scene before the cops had a chance to investigate anything.

So it’s obvious, right? Dorothy’s parents clearly JonBeneted her and used their wealth and influence to cover up the crime. Well, maybe not.

The 5 Weirdest Disappearances No One Can Explain


Madeline McCann - 7 years on

Today marks the 7th anniversary of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance from her family’s rented apartment in Praia Da Luz. Just three years old, Maddie is believed to have been taken from the apartment she and her family were staying in. With Roma girl Maria found last year, there is still hope that Maddie could be out there.

I am surprised how many people don’t know about Maddie, so I don’t intend this just to be an informative post. This could well be something that could enable one of you to spot her, since she could be anywhere in the world.

There have been various images of possible abductors released online as well as lots of information about her possible whereabouts, so please take a look when you can.

Maddie will turn 11 this year, away from her parents and siblings. Please make 2014 the year she comes home.