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Ficlet: Popular Mechanics For Kids (G)

An anon prompted: Burt spending some quality time with his granddaughter. So here you are, anon. It took me a while, but I only got back from vacation last night. :) 1600 words. 


“I can look after her just fine,” Burt says, gently swinging his eight month old granddaughter back and forth in his arms. She gives him a drooly smile, a fist in her mouth and the other clasped firmly around the fabric of his flannel shirt. “I swear you forget I raised you, kiddo. And this one is a picnic in comparison.”

“Haha. Thanks a lot, Dad.” Kurt pretends to look put out when Blaine laughs and tickles their daughter’s tummy.

“You are an angel. Yes you are!” Blaine tells her and she squeaks a laugh.  

Burt pulls her away jokingly and winks at Blaine when he sticks his lip out in a pout. “I got her, you guys. You go and celebrate your anniversary visiting your old date spots and misspent youth or whatever you got cooked up. Me and Finn are gonna have the time of our lives here without you. We’re gonna watch some football, maybe a little Die Hard. All that fun stuff.”

“Are you sure, Dad? We can postpone until Carole has the night off. It’s only one day late; it’s not a big deal.”

Burt snorts. By the look of Blaine’s big, hurt eyes it sure is a big deal to him. “But our anniversary is today,” he says under his breath. Kurt rolls his eyes and looks back at Burt.

“Me and my grandbaby are gonna be fine. I got this.”

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