missing oreo

Modern AU with nothing special going on, no aliens, no magic space lions, nada.

Shiro works as a social worker and helps out at a private institution for orphans that aren’t good fits for regular foster homes. Keith is a kid whose parents died when he was young and he was sent to his next of kin. Spoiler: They’re awful. They get a call from a concerned neighbor and it turns out Keith had been severely neglected to the point where he’s mostly nonverbal, and Shiro’s workplace takes custody of him.

Shiro was the first one on the scene and he was the one who coaxed Keith out of the house, he made sure to speak softly and tell him that he was safe and, when he figured out that Keith couldn’t or wouldn’t speak, made sure to ask yes or no questions that he could nod or shake his head to. Because he didn’t even have a change of clothes, Shiro gave Keith his jacket and let him keep it and now Keith just latches onto him instantly.

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Day Bi Day: A Documented Study of the Bisexual (Rafael Barba x Reader)

A/N: I’m not off hiatus, but I’ve been sitting on this idea since maybe late-April/early-May, and Pride Month seemed like the best time to actually do it. So forgive me if it’s kinda crap, I’m not entirely back into my groove just yet. Also: There’s a reason documentaries are a visual medium: It’s because writing out one like a story is hard. But it helps to imagine the narration being done by Tilda Swinton or David Attenborough. Shoutout to @xemopeachx for looking forward to this and being my hype(wo)man and @mrsrafaelbarba – both of them let me pass things by them segment by craptastic segment! (Also, tagging @ohbelieveyoume because if they have to suffer through this monstrosity, then so do you. That being said, Happy Pride Month!!

New York City: Home to over 8,550,405 people, it is a melting pot featuring persons from varying walks of life. This port city has long served as a nesting ground for new ideas, and stomping ground for old-time culture treasured by the society of the present day. But in such a vast hub of differing ideals and backgrounds, it easily becomes a hotbed for practices unchecked. For in a city so grand and driven by the ambition to progress, some ideas can slip through the cracks. Or, better yet, slip right beneath our noses.

It is here that we introduce Rafael Barba.

A man of Cuban descent, Rafael has worked his way to the position of ADA in the Sex Crimes Bureau of New York City’s 16th Precinct. A self-made man, Rafael is easily a representative of the American Dream come to fruition. There is, however, one lingering secret that he carries: Rafael identifies as bisexual. In addition, his romantic partner, (Y/N), also identifies as bisexual.

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Omg but like

Amanda and Sarek talking to each other in a bar at an after-work type of thing, and Sarek finding this human woman (this small, quiet, lovely human woman) utterly fascinating.

Amanda volunteering to drive Sarek to an important meetings during the harsher parts of winter, and Sarek being impressed with her unique, human insights, and Amanda finding his rare, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it humour charming. 

Oreos being Amanda’s favorite thing ever, and whenever she visits Sarek’s apartments on the weekends after they start a tentative relationship, there’s always a thing of Oreos in the cabinet and a jug of milk in the fridge.

Sarek realizing a month after meeting Amanda that he’s head over heels in love with her, and logic can go fuck itself because he is going to marry the shit out of her

I assuming this is for an unpopular opinion type thing. So, BUT OMG MADI I MISSED YOU SM MY OREO QUEEN. Okay:

•I don’t think that Cole (Sprouse) is attractive in any way (at least, not in the way that most people think he’s attractive)

*Distract me*

               ❝                  i   don’t   think   anyone   understands   how     fucking   devastating     it   is   to   buy   yourself   some    NOICE    snacks   to   munch   on   and   have   your     annoying     brother’s   girlfriend    EAT    THEM    ALL   .     ❞

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When I was growing up we had a pet pig. And when I say pet pig I don’t mean a micropig or any of that shit, I’m talking a fucking gigantic commercial pig. It was a gag gift one of my toddler friends got for her birthday and her mom was a tightass so she was going to abandon the pig and my mom decided to just take the pig. So it lived in our bathroom and then it lived in a pin in our back yard. It thought it was a dog. It tucked itself under a blanket at night when mom forgot to. It knew how to open doors. His name was Oreo and he really liked eating acorns.

So all my toddler photos are me in a cute little dress petting this fucking huge black and white pig, there at pictures of the pig playing with our dogs. He would chill on the patio when mom worked in the garden. He was a member of the family. It’s so hilarious.