missing noah

Never Sleeping Again, Part 8


“…and so then I held his hand and he did that thing where he put his fingers through mine—” Ronan said before Gansey interrupted with a quiet, “Lacing. He laced his fingers with yours.”

“Right. So, what do you think it means?” Ronan asked. He was sitting on the floor next to the model Henrietta, Noah sprawled out beside him, and Gansey kneeling on Main Street, gluing a porch to the general store.

“He likes you,” Gansey said, at the same time that Noah offered, “He wants to bang.”

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new holiday hit, its called will byers the missing child.

Will Byers the missing child

had a very red jacket vest

and if you ever saw him

you’d be lying in a demogorgons nest

All of the other children

used to laugh and call him names

They never let poor Byers

Join in any athletic sports out of shame.

Then one foggy November 7th

Eleven appeared to say

“Mike i know where your friend is.”

Lucas shouted mind your own damn  biz.

Then how all the other children “missed” him

Mike, Dustin and Lucas ran from the governmentees 

Will Byers the Missing child

He went down in history.