missing my nfl


Packin’ Heat

NFL Mini-Camps Have Started. The Packers Are Gunned with Arms At The Ready!

Woof, Baby!

Missing My NFL!

I’ll Have To Do With The CFL, And Greg Peach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Taking Down Mitchell Gale of the Toronto Argonauts!

No Matter The Nation, Just Love Those…

Men In Tight Uniforms, Baby!


Missing My NFL

It’s At This Time Of Year That I Begin To Yearn for The NFL…Beefy, Brawny Men In Skin-Tight Uniforms Battling It Out Over The Gridiron. 

And Especially Those Beefy, Brawny Men Who Define Sexiness, Like Eric Decker!

Woof, Baby!


Missing My NFL

Joe Staley, Eric Fisher, And Frank Zombo Are Hot.

Woof, Baby!


Missing My NFL…

Alex Smith Is One Of The Most Beautiful Men IN The NFL. The Fellows Competing To Be His Backups Are Worthy Paladins To This God Of The Grid Iron.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Baby, It’s Getting Hot In Oxnard!

Gavin Escobar Shows How Hot It Can Get In Training, And Is He Ever Hot!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Très Beau Mec

Eric Decker…One Of The Most Beautiful Men In Professional Sports.

Woof, Baby!