missing my blue hair right now

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need new clothes, a new city, a new life 


constantly torn between “treat others how u wanna be treated” and “treat others how they treat u”

worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best you could, and it still wasn’t good enough 

all black everything to match my soul 

just wanna do bad things with the right person 

it sucks being the person that cares the most in a relationship 

blood type: gold 

confidence is attractive 

i like being alone i just hate feeling alone 

a heart full of pain and a head full of stress

plot twist: you miss me

not exactly emotionless, but close

no matter what I’ll love the shit outta you

roses are red violets are blue nobody loves you baby the way i do 

so honey now take me into your lovin’ arms 

which is messier my life or my hair 

as I was writing this, I was thinking of nutella and you because that combination is just so perfect

life is too short to worry about what others say or think about you

it’s insane how easily someone can lie to your face

be serious with me, don’t waste my time

honestly if my ex is happy im good

we can watch netflix or we can just have sex

a girl who wants best for you, is best for you

trying not to care is so damn hard

“being yourself is all it takes. If you want to impress someone, don’t be someone else just be yourself”

remember to take care of urself. sometimes u forget, because u are too busy taking care of other people. u are important too

where are ü now that i need ya

he chamber of secrets has been opened. enemies of the heir, beware.

there’s only one queen in this town and that’s me

u r the collest kid in the town im ur little lady

the worst feeling is when someone makes u feel special, then suddenly leaves u hanging & u have to act like u don’t care at all

if a girl tells you about her problems, it doesn’t mean she’s complaining. it means she trusts you.

appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had

maybe one day youll realize how much you neglected me

you lie about the dumbest fucking shit and you expect me to trust you? you got me fucked up

just because someone treats someone one way, doesnt mean theyll treat everyone the same way

i miss “i love you” coming out of your mouth

maybe youd understand if you knew how i felt

do you ever sit down and think “what if my whole life is a lie?”

i just want someone that cant get enough of me and wants to talk to me all the time

you make me feel so unwanted

youre full of shit

dont “okay goodnight” me, were gonna fucking talk about it

we met for a reason, either you’re a blessing or a lesson

i may be an asshole but i got feelings too

dont really give a shit about anything but i give a fuck about you

if overthinking was a drug, i’d be high af

sometimes I care too much // sometimes I don’t care at all 

I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature. all of it’s art.

i don’t remember the last time i wasn’t tired

black clothes are an obsession

tired of school, but i’ve got goals

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I could be writing about seventy different ways to die right now but instead, I’m thinking about your lips on mine on the night I learned your name, that your dad is a piece of shit, and on the night I didn’t know my mind would go through shock waves of your blue eyes and the curls in your hair.
I could be crying about my grandma never kissing my cheeks again but instead, I’m crying over your voice that sent chills places I’d never felt chills before and every time you sang me new thoughts, your love was getting buried deeper and deeper into my chest and I swear if I just kept my head screwed on straight and loved you the way you loved me, your hands would still fit in mine and I’m telling you, I’m not asking you, if you felt these butterflies in my stomach you’d get sick and tired of feeling them every fucking day that I live and breathe missing you.
—  You sang your songs to me, now I’m singing mine to you

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"My king , are you alright?" - voidwhispxrs

A familiar voice drew the Prophet’s attention. His expression sleepy. Or at least tired. Something different felt about him. But Ezreal could notice that until Malzahar approached him. Or more accurate.. blinking right in front of the Pawn. The man’s eyes were glowing pink instead of, how they used to, blue.

“Hmm, now that you are here, I feel very alright.” he purred. leaning towards the black-haired and touching the forehead with his own. “Where have you been? I’ve missed your presence..”

Finally finished my oc painting and I am pretty proud of it!

I feel haven’t painted in such a long time wow I missed it.

Blonde: Contortionist
Blue hair: Ariadne
No hair not even a head: I just call him “mouth boy” for right now.

Hey guys this is my friend Aleija Rodriguez, he went missing early this morning. He’s about 6 feet tall, brown hair brown eyes. Last seen wearing a canvas jacket, red t-shirt, blue jeans, and converse. He’s most likely in Monroe, Michigan but could possibly be in near cities like Toledo. If you see him, call the police so he can get home safely. He might retaliate and run away because he’s in a bad situation right now and is hiding. All of us love him a lot and we want him to come home. Boost this and help us find him please. His tumblr is @acoollittlelionnamedme. If you see him and don’t get a chance to call the police, message me for information on how to get him home.