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AYYY A FELLOW PORTAL TRASH. thank god I began to think I was the only one

I once beat Co-op solo. I Also had portal ask blogs (well have but they don’t get asks anymore so they kinda died you can see em hiding in the corner)

Portal for lyfe Anon bud.

When life gives you lemons

Burn life’s house down


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Mun name: Tsunami
OOC Contact: Discord tbh - IM me if you want to know it I don’t mind sharing. (Have school though so won’t always be present to answer.)

Who the heck is my muse anyway:

A scanner-type android created by and deployed from the organization known as “YoRHa”. He’s not human - that’s a definite given, but androids like him possesses an incredibly advanced, sophisticated AI which allows them to act very much like a human. More specifically for his model unit (type of android), he’s naturally curious about things around him, to the point where he goes through the trouble of learning about and taking time to research. Most other androids outside of his type are more stoic and less “enthusiastic” as he is, being firm with the orders they are given and never hesitant about carrying out the duties assigned to them; they don’t pause or take time to reconsider or think about matters, always upholding their assigned duties as their highest priority.

He’s a kind, emotional sort of individual, greatly different to his other android brethren. However, don’t mistake his kindness as weakness. He’s an android - he’s capable of fighting back and hurting your muse, or at least try to. Most of the time, he’s easy-going and friendly, and it’s hard to bring him to hate your muse, but feel free to try - and remember, if your muse acts hostile right off the bat and attacks, he won’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to stop your muse and bring them down. He’s not a punching bag.

He can die, but the most that will do is send his saved data back to the Bunker, where it can be transferred to another android body prepared and ready to be activated. The only time this process can be interrupted if some sort of virus corrupts his system, or he’s still alive by a bare minimum and thus cannot be transferred back. For androids, all their data is stored within their Black Box (still unclear about this, it was mentioned early on in the game but I forgot already oops), and if their system becomes too corrupted, information and data cannot be retrieved, and that will allow the said android to permanently “die”.

Points of interest:

  • He likes to study just about anything on the surface - namely the machine life-forms. When he and 2B came across the robot village filled with passive, machine life-forms that could communicate with them, 9S expresses a great desire to study and learn more about them. 
  • For his partners (namely 2B), he prioritizes their safety and protection over his own life, willing to go as far as placing himself in harm’s way and even refusing help to be fixed in battle, rather preferring the other to finish the fight and their assigned mission. 
  • Love to make new friends and acquaintances - get to know more people. He fantasizes about actually meeting a human and bombarding them with endless questions he has about their lifestyles. Now, if he were to meet an individual that wasn’t android, machine life-form, or even human, he’d practically short-circuit - his curiosity and interest is never-ending.
  • Teach him something new that he’s never heard of! Preferrably if he wasn’t lied to (aka other person just messing around/teasing him) - he’ll be a great listener and eager to learn and indulge upon the new knowledge.

What they’ve been up to recently:

  • His usual assignments were being deployed on the surface and exploring and scouting out new areas - which is the primary duty and reason for scanner/scout types like him.
  • Currently (for all Routes accessed in Automata), he’s partnered with 2B and follows her to take care of the missions on Earth, as well as being in charge of her maintennace. (Can divert from this plotline)
  • Timeline hasn’t been completely decided upon - I myself am still working through the game, so I don’t know the full story yet (I’ve been refraining myself from searching up additional information/spoilers). For the time being, he can jump around in plotlines, to times before he met/rendezvous with 2B or after certain endings where he’s alone (I may have refrained myself from searching up spoilers, but sometimes I come across information without meaning to [through fanarts primarily then reading its description lol]). Whatever timeline best fits interactions with him for your muse, by all means go ahead and set it up - or you can IM me to talk about it beforehand!
  • Life’s simple for him - for the most part. What’s to happen if something comes to disrupt that tranquility…?

Where to find them:

  • On the surface is your best bet - aka Earth, roaming somewhere
  • Unless by rare chance, or plotted, he can be found on the Bunker as well.
  • To send him to others’ worlds, best chance is he touches something that wasn’t meant to be messed with, or some whatever godly powers come into play that sends him into another dimension - can be discussed in clearer details based on rp partner’s verse.

Current plans:

  • Learning more and discovering new things on the surfaces - he wants to learn more about humans, and what interests/activities they had or did in the different generations. Most common would be (obviously) the 2000′s, but learning about past history like the Victorian Age, Renaissance, Medieval Era, etc. farther and farther back it’s always fascinating for him to indulge upon.
  • Fulfilling his duties and staying (hopefully) by 2B’s side for as long as he can. He at least believes (in my current verses and knowledge of how much I’ve played the game) that eventually, YoRHa will be able to fully rid the surface of all hostile machine life-forms, and mankind can once more reconcilate and return to Earth. When that day comes, he knows or has a feeling at least that androids would no longer be needed, and either they would be stored away and/or put out of service. He’s trying to enjoy life as best as he can for the time being.
  • His life is pretty simple actually - just to explore and investigate as well as offering support to others. Maybe it’s time for a little change?

Desired interactions:

  • Adam and Eve definitely please - mainly tormenting 9S but hey if you got ideas I’m all ears. It doesn’t have to be pain and angst, AUs are always welcomed!
  • 2B??? A2?? SEND ‘IM! Heck, I would love a 21O too! Cold and stiff, but she genuinely wants a family herself so??? How cute is that?
  • Someone for him to meet, take a liking to, and desire to protect (your muse may or may not be wanted by YoRHa for whatever reason) - and for it to end in a good/positive manner, or one of betrayal and angst WHO KNOWS.
  • Be sent to other muses’ worlds and getting accustomed to the life and culture there - also mainly bc I want people to wow over his existence as an android, technically non-living individual and only powered by technology.
  • Relating to the above, it can be 9S getting used to casual/normal life of that world, and learning to fit in, OR joining in on a war/battle ravaging the land in the other world and offering to help in whatever way he can (he can fight, but his primary skill is being able to hack into systems and override/take control of them).
  • Got more ideas? Feel free to attack my IMs! I won’t fight back!

Offered interactions:

  • Meeting your muse in Automata verse (depending on your muse and abilities they may possess, how they are present in the Automata verse can be planned/plotted) and either getting along or becoming enemies? Former preferred, since latter can only mainly end after a short interaction - unless they learn to get along (mainly your muse - 9S is p friendly and kind, but also knows when to be wary or cautious, but overall would be the one to first get along and not be so stubborn).
  • Being sent to other worlds/universes. As previously stated, depending on your muse and the abilities/power/technology available in that world, we can plot/plan it out on how to link it with the Automata verse and have some way to send 9S over.
  • It’s hard to create any hate threads with 9S, since again he’s a friendly individual. Only canon muse in the Automata verse these threads can work out right off the bat would be A2, and for obvious reasons. Even if we plot/plan beforehand, I’d prefer it if we first interacted in a previous thread that led to 9S hating your muse (better be ready to put in a lot of effort for that though lol - it’s not like 2B is always available for your muse to kill and drive him insane…)
  • Meeting 9S while he’s in a deranged state, and somehow working to help him over come it. Of course, it’d be difficult, since being an android, technology has its flaws and viruses cannot be cured as easily as human illnesses. If your muse has some sort of ability or incredible knowledge of such advanced technology, by all means go ahead and try to bring him back to his sense - if he doesn’t manage to kill them that is. Who knows, he might be eternally grateful or incredibly depressed that he’s lost someone he cared for so much (thus an opportunity arising for our muses to bond?)
  • Refer to Desired Interactions for possible more!

Current open post/s:

  • Too shy to post opens and starter calls for the moment (have tried but got no response so RIP), but if any muse likes/reblogs my introductory post, I’m more than eager to poke your IMs or intrude upon your ask box.

Anything else?:

  • 9S may look small (he’s goddamn 5′3″ // 160 cm.), but he weighs a total of more than 286 pounds (130 kg.) - please refrain from trying to carry him carelessly lest you want to break your arms and back. He’s made of reinforced material after all. That aside, his outer appearance is basically cosmetics, just there for looks - it’s not meant to be withstand harsh conditions of battle. There will be times that if something scrapes his bare body, there’s a good chance the outer shell that’s the skin will come off, revealing the real machinery of what makes him up below. Trust me, below all that cute, innocent look of his, it’s basically the same thing like the Terminators. Treat him with care.
  • Despite thinking that he’s only been deployed on the surface to explore, scout, and investigate, the truth is that 2B, his closely-trusted partner, has been tasked with ensuring that 9S would not discover the true nature of Project YoRHa by executing him in case he dug too deep because of the natural curiosity programmed into him. Over the course of hundreds of operations, 2B was forced to kill 9S and wipe his memory countless times, an act that she came to hate for the pain it caused her after bonding with him over that time.
  • Just because 9S is a more kind, friendly individual than his other android counterparts, don’t take his kindness for weakness. He can and will fight back if he deems your muse as a threat. Curiosity may be a major factour part of his system, but nonetheless he’s still an android - their primary function, no matter what model unit they are, is to fight and kill. Example, when 2B first attacks curious, new machine life-forms that tries to act in a human-like manner, although 9S was interested in their bizarre behaviour, he doesn’t hesitate to rush in and also fight the machines, not holding back and showing any mercy while cutting them down. He just might not be as impulsive as other androids, but he definitely can and will hurt your muse if it comes to it. Don’t treat/consider him as a soft, weak-hearted push-over.

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