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New Challenges Extra

Soooo, I guess of all the extras I’ve written, this has been the most demanded one, so no pressure for me there at all :p I hope you enjoy it and leave me a message! Oh! This is SFW, I wrote it NSFW first, but I cut that part out, because I hated it…

First days, giggles and pizza

Grace wasn’t used to that stupid alarm waking her up anymore. Most mornings it would be an excited child bouncing on the bed, or ‘quietly’ checking if she was up yet, to rouse her from slumber.

The kitchen was uncharacteristically silent. Hannah stood behind the stove, frowning at the pancakes she was cooking, and Alex just looked at her mommy with great concern.

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Previous part can be found here. Thank you hartbigguyz for being encouraging and far too positive about everything. And tvfreakinabox, who continues to be super duper.

Part 4 - SFW

What a weird lunch.

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Letters From London: Chapter 20

It’s late. I know, I was just finishing it off, but I’m actually quite happy with this chapter. So I really hope you like it. This one again, if slightly more NSFF. Sorry… And please don’t expect fluff any time soon. 

I’m super glad you are enjoying this fic though! You can find chapter one here, and you can find all the chapter on my fanfic page, which is here

As always, comments and likes are really appreciated. 

Hartbig, NSFF, SFW, Chapter 20

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