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Thank you Bolt.

And so ends the career of the greatest sportsman of our time. He’s done so much for the sport as a whole, and has set a new standard for how athletes conduct themselves. Absolutely heartbroken to see him exit the stage in this way. Arguably the best athlete of this generation, and we won’t see his like again.

BANDANA - Jamaica’s National Fabric and Folk Costume

Bandana cloth originated in far off Chennai, in Eastern India. However this light, inexpensive and cool cloth became a symbol of Jamaican national culture after the 1940’s. Bandana’s plaid patterns and colours along with several other symbols became associated with the traditions and heritage of the ordinary Jamaican people.

Prior to that, Bandana has long been associated with Jamaican working women. When India fell under almost complete British control in the 19th Century, the Madras cloth trade proved a cheap fabric for enslaved and Black working class women in the Caribbean. The cloth, however, was worn as a mark of pride and distinction, particularly among market vendors. 



My Favorite Miss Universe 2015 national costumes

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they always say behind every great man is a great woman. sometimes, they say behind every great song, there’s a great, untold story

or, a story about sweet creature and the woman behind it

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As a make-up artist I am constantly justifying my craft. How necessary is it? Why do women need it? Why are you wearing so much? etc.

However, like all other art forms- make up is expression. If one desires to express romance using their eyes, or rebellion using their lips they should be free to do so. Without explanation

On the contrary, if someone decides to be completely with out make-up, and rock what their DNA has given them- so be it!

Beauty is however you see fit. 

Do you Boo.

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Miss Universe 2015: National Costume Show

Miss Universe 2015 contestants donned the pageant stage on January 21, 2015 wearing their interpretation of their National costume. Here are some of my favorites!

Miss France: Camille Cerf

Miss Colombia: Paulina Vega

Miss Finland: Bea Toivonen:

Miss Spain: Desire Cordero Ferrer

Miss Jamaica: Kaci Fennell

Miss Great Britain: Grace Levy

Miss USA: Nia Sanchez

Miss Canada: Chanel Beckenlehner (My favorite! So creative!)

Cheers to creativity and national pride!