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hi so i haven't been keeping up with any YOI stuff bc of school but can you pls explain what the heck the chihoko joke is?😂 thank u

HOOOO BOY WHAT AN HONOR IT IS TO TELL YOU WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED (there are posts explaining this and here’s my fave so far)

short version: Viktor and Yuuri got drunk as FUCK at a party and they started practicing stretches (i think Viktor was also squishing Yuuri’s adorable off-season tummy but please confirm) and there’s this position called the Boston Crab and Yuuri started saying “Shachihoko can do it better, they’re always doing it” (or something to that effect) and Vitya’s just like;; ??????? WHO TF IS CHIHOKO IS THAT AN EX LOVER OF YUURI’S

ok so next morning Yuuri wakes up (with a vicious hangover and Viktor’s underwear on his head i might add) and he has “OVERCOME CHIHOKO” written across his back. and Vitya is nowhere to be found.

Because apparently Vitya scaled the Ninja Castle in Hasetsu BUT NAKED, DICK OUT, STILL PRETTY DRUNK PROBABLY, yelling “IS THIS BETTER THAN CHIHOKO” 


so then the now placated and happy Vitya tells Yuuri to strip and join him on the castle roof and practice stretches with him, and Yuuri, the loving idiot he is, DOES, and the two of them enjoy the rest of the morning, butt-naked on a high-ass castle

so, in the end, who is Chihoko? Shachihoko is apparently that bendy fish statue on the tops of the castle roofs of the Ninja castle c: 


I have been watching television/listening to music in my target lang as part of my immersion™ and I have found that, instead of focusing really hard on hearing a couple of words I know, it’s better to just relax and let the words flow.

For me, it’s a really hard habit to break. But if you just try it, you will start to hear words and phrases that you know and you aren’t missing further info that you would have if you were still stuck trying to translate the word you recognise. You will find that as time passes, the words will translate almost automatically.

Don’t focus. Just watch/listen. Like you do in your native lang.

quick study tip: brain dumping, colour coding, flashcarding

After you’ve studied your material for an exam, brain dump everything you can remember from what you studied. Write it all out on a sheet (or more) of paper. Then, go back over the notes/study materials you made before and add the info you missed into your brain dump sheets in red pen. Then, after you’re done, flashcard all the info in red. Go through those flashcards every day. This is the way to prevent overstudying things you already know and understudying the things you don’t fully know/understand.

Fanfic Challenge Masterlist.

So! I REALLY loved the result for week #1! There were quite a few fanfics (and I’m adding mine soon even if I missed the deadline - I’m on a trip so unable to finish it) and I’m really happy about it! I really hope more people will join for the next challenges. Please check out week #2 for this week’s challenge and if you didn’t participate yet, please do! 

Week #1: Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are supposed to go to a bar after a mission but Rufus cancels (reason to be chosen by the writer) and Lucy and Wyatt go alone.

Love is hard work by @timeless-besthistoryclass
Smirk by @bethylark
Just Between Us by @gayalvers
Stopping Time by @missyriver
Improvisation for Beginners by @geneeste
Untitled by @perhapsthatllwork
Late is Better Than Never by @maereed
Drink’s on me by @ invaderhogtwopointohno
I’ve gained some things too by @spacetimetrash
Hideaway by @officerparker

Week #2:  Lucy finally decides to read the journal Flynn gave her and she finds out some interesting things about her future.

Fate is Timeless by @nonorka3
Just a Peek by @missyriver
Happy Endings by @wyatttoldme
Extract by dryshampoo
Change the Future by @idatheactivist
Little Black Book by @invaderhogtwopointohno

Week #3:  Someone from Wyatt’s past shows up and thinks Wyatt and Lucy are together.

Feeling Exposed by @castielismyfavouriteangel
Out of Nowhere by @missyriver
Thank You by @idatheactivist
Untitled by @invaderhogtwopointohno
Impetus by OnceUponaWhim

Week #4: “How long have you been standing there?”“I didn’t know you were keeping track.”

Frustrated by @missyriver
Stay by @parksandt-rex
I’m Starving by @timeless-besthistoryclass

Week #5: Lucy and Wyatt show up together at Mason industries and someone notices Lucy’s wearing one of Wyatt’s shirts.

Loundry Day by @idatheactivist​  (companion piece: Overdressed.)
Believing is Seeing by TheVelvetDusk
Shirts and Subterfuge by OnceUponaWhim
Wake up Call by @missyriver

Week #6:  Wyatt Rufus and Jiya meet Noah by accident when hanging out at a bar with Lucy after a bad mission that endangered Lucy’s life 

The Quake by @missyriver
Because of you by @idatheactivist​ 

Week #7: Lucy and Wyatt share a bed. Again. And this time the moment is heavy with all the possibilities they left unsaid.

Sweet Disposition by @idatheactivist
Out of the Storm by @missyriver
Overcoming the Blues by OnceUponAWhim
This Winter Night With You by LivingInSmilesIsBetter (this one wasn’t written for the prompt, but it fits, so I thought why not share anyway).

Week #8: Lucy notices the scar on Wyatt left by the gunshot during their trip back to Lincoln’s assassination. (submitted by anon) 

After The Storm by @missyriver
One-Hundred by @idatheactivist

happy 1st birthday, gentle-reminder!

In case you missed the info-graphic the blog posted earlier, the 20th of May is the first anniversary of this blog being created! 

Again, I would just like to thank you all for supporting this blog, for following, for submitting your own reminders, and for being kind. When I started this blog, I had a dream to spread kindness within myself and to my friends, and then that dream grew to spreading kindness throughout the internet, and then that dream turned into a book and then a goal for the gentle reminder self help network ( @grshn ) to work towards and achieve in ways that I could have never imagined - but, no matter what stage of that dream, from then to now, that job of spreading kindness cannot be done and will not ever be able to be done alone. 

So thank you so much again, this is surreal. I hope that this next year can be just as bright. And as always:

I hope you have a lovely day today. :)

Imagine with me for a moment.

Imagine a teacher telling you there’s a big exam. They don’t tell you what day it’s on, what time it happens or what chapter in the textbook it will cover. Oh, and it’s your entire grade. You’re under immense pressure to get all A’s and this one class will ruin you if you score lower than an A.

Imagine feeling your stomach knot up because you don’t know how long you have to study, you don’t know what to study and the textbook is like 500 pages long.

Imagine crying every night as you try to power through all this information, but it’s impossible to retain it because there’s so much that you forget as much as you absorb.

Imagine crying when you wake up every morning afraid you missed the exam because nobody can tell you what time it is.

Imagine being stressed to the point of shaking and chewing your fingernails off whenever you go to class because today could be exam day and you’re nowhere near ready.

Imagine it finally being exam day. You were finally able to find out what time it is last night. You got an email at 2am saying the exam is at 7. 

Imagine being unable to sleep because you’re afraid you won’t get to class in time. 

Imagine going to school feeling exhausted and plopping into your seat in class. The exam starts…and it’s from a new edition of the textbook that everybody except you got, so all your cramming and preparation for the exam was for nothing. 

Imagine you bomb the test even though you gave it your best. But you are so angry that you weren’t allowed to adequately prepare for reasons that are entirely not your fault, but the failure is still on YOU. You walk out of the classroom crying in rage, kick every locker you see and go home to bury yourself under pillows for the rest of the day.

Imagine feeling like the only loser who failed that “really simple” exam and being reminded of it every time people talk about school.

That is what it feels like to be autistic and have my routine constantly shuffled around, have plans changed on me last minute and not getting enough info to prepare for something because the people who informed me of the change won’t give me any more details. All of a sudden I’m in the middle of huge sensory unknowns that I can’t prepare for, so the likelihood of having a very public meltdown may be extremely high.

Can you understand the utter frustration and helpless feeling? Do you understand how scary that is?

Be kind to the autistic people in your life. Don’t shuffle routines without warning. Don’t change plans at the last second without seeing if they’re okay with that or not. Try to be as informative as possible when mentioning something that’s coming up. Even if it’s something like “June 10th at 10:30am, dress for hot weather and expect it to be loud” is a lot more helpful than “it’s June 10th.”

Don’t get frustrated with an autistic person if they repeatedly ask you about something that’s coming up. It could mean they’re worried about it, are afraid you’ll forget about it or are hoping you have more than vague information to give them. 

Please, even if it’s the thirtieth time in an hour, try to answer nicely. Reassure them about their concerns if possible, let them know that you haven’t forgotten about it(or thank them for reminding you if you did) and give them information as it becomes available, or tell them that you’re working on finding out. 

Knowing that you’ll make sure it works out, that you remembered and that you are trying to find out about missing info can ease some worry. But make sure you actually DO look into it and pass along relevant info as soon as you know it. You’ll save the autistic person and yourself a lot of stress.

This whole scenario applies to autistic people who can talk and don’t need a lot of daily help as well as the nonverbal autistic people who need lots of daily help and can’t make their communications understood.

Actually, this goes especially for caregivers of nonverbal autistic people who need lots of daily help and can’t make their communications understood– it’s so easy to drag them through your day and forget that they have wants and needs too. 

If a major part of their routine is something like walking in circles around the living room while watching Star Trek reruns before dinner, tell them about it instead of dragging them out the door at a time they’re expecting to stim by walking and enjoying their favorite show.

Because what you’re doing is the equivalent of telling somebody you’re going to a silent mime show and then taking them to a noisy construction site instead. Their brain is prepared for a quiet experience, so their mentall walls aren’t up. What do you think is gonna happen?

Skam without the texts

Can you imagine watching skam without the textmessages?

I can’t…

Because then I wouldn’t have know that Isak will never hate Even. I wouldn’t have known that Isak texted Even and told him to let him know if he wanted to talk. I wouldn’t have known Jonas had texted Isak to know if he talked to Even already. I wouldn’t have known his mom was looking forward to seeing Isak in the church he was baptized in I wouldn’t have known Vilde heard gossip about Even and confronted Isak with it. They had a little misunderstanding about her intentions, but she apologized for it. I wouldn’t have known that even tho Isak wasn’t in school on Monday, he texted Sana to hand in his assignment. I wouldn’t have known Magnus is just the best bro EVER! Just supporting him and helping him in understanding Even just a little bit better and letting Isak know no one is the same.

Overall I wouldn’t have known just how wonderful Isak’s friends are and just how much they all grow with everything they do.

And this is just from last week.. You miss all these things if you don’t know about the website and how skam works.. And I feel so bad for the people who don’t know this..


Thank you all so so so so much ^^ We are both so appreciative of each and every one of you. Please continue to support us and MeseMoa!

~Sunflower and Sakura 🌻🌸