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ATTENTION MARYLAND FRIENDS WHO LIVE IN THE BALTIMORE CITY AREA!!! Daichi’s dog Russell went missing this morning in the Catonsville area. We think he was taken from the yard. If you have seen any sign of him PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT DAICHI, KEI, OR ME. THERE IS A REWARD FOR HIM BEING RETURNED. PLEASE SPREAD THIS AND SHARE SO WE CAN FIND HIM. MORE INFO BELOW.

12lb black/brindle shih tzu mix. Male, neutered. Friendly but skittish of strangers. Answers to Russell. Was last seen wearing a grey shirt with black text that says ‘I’m why we can’t have nice things’ still has his collar and tags on him.

Are America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 22 contestants, Mamé Adjei, Ghanaian American, and Justin Kim, AKA Seoulful J, Korean American, dating? They look great together! Mamé is the current Miss Maryland 2015 and placed in the Top 5 of the 2015 Miss USA Pageant. Justin is the first full Asian and Korean American to ever compete on ANTM which now includes male and female models. Mamé and Justin met on the current cycle of ANTM - cycle 22 and seemed to have eyes for each other from the beginning of the show with lots of flirting between the two. There are plenty of pictures of the two of them together, and several AMBW groups are claiming them as a couple. So are they dating or not? Our view is that we need more evidence, like statements from both of them that say they are dating post the ANTM show. ANTM is a reality show and they are both models, so pictures and reality show flirting (which is good for ratings) is not enough proof to us. Also we found some places where Mamé says they are just friends or besties, and she is recently shown having googly eyes for a different ANTM male contestant, so we think her relationship with Justin needs more receipts :)

By the way, Mamé is one of the final two female contestants on ANTM cycle 22. Justin has already been eliminated from ANTM in a previous episode. The final show will air on Friday, November 20th. Good luck to Mamé in the finals and best wishes to both Mamé and Justin on whatever relationship they develop post ANTM!

1. #DontTellJustin

It’s the final episode and love is in the air. Lacey talks about her own blossoming attraction with Nyle and how they like to keep it between the two of them — as opposed to Mikey who has gone through Ashley, Hadassah, and Mamé and Mamé who “cuddles” with Mikey while having a relationship with Justin. The comment’s a little shady, but nothing that we weren’t already thinking, so I welcome it.

About this time, Mikey and Mamé realize that Justin will be coming back soon for the final runway show and they worry about what his reaction to their cuddle session in the cabin will be. It’s still not entirely clear what happened, but it’s looking increasingly likely that some making out did occur. Mamé’s sticking with the “nothing happened” excuse, but maybe making out is “nothing” to her? (Cuz if you think that’s something, you don’t want to know how she became Miss Maryland.)

Both models are worried about Devin gossiping about the situation to Justin wherever they’re being held behind-the-scenes and attempt to portray Devin as the bad guy. First of all, nice job trying to pass the blame off to an innocent party rather than accepting guilt for their own actions. Second, they’re on reality tv. Whatever they did, Justin is going to see regardless of what Devin says, so what’s the point in getting so angry? None of this is going to remain a secret regardless of how big Devin’s mouth is.

Mikey’s not inclined to feel bad for any trouble he might have caused. He explains that he’s had one real relationship - a six-year one - but has been single for the past few years and intends to keep it that way. “I need to make myself happy before I can worry about trying to make someone else happy,” he says. I hear that. He’s trying to make himself happy inside as many women as he can sucker- they just better not expect to walk away feeling happy (or satisfied) afterwards.

While flirting in the hot tub with Mamé, Mikey makes up the hashtag #DontTellJustin and together they cackle. Yeah, you can tell Mamé is just torn up about this mess.

Mikey probably should have focused more on #DontTellAshley because before the runway show, Ashley greets Mikey coldly. She’s heard some of the rumors of Mikey’s philandering and admits she wants to “shoot” Mikey. Ultimately, though, she admits she “can’t really say [she] expected more from him.” None of us did, Ashley, none of us did.

Mikey acknowledges that this is how women typically treat him. Again, no surprise there, but it’s also a reflection of how he treats women.

Meanwhile, Justin gives Mikey the cold shoulder and is also slow to approach Mamé. Upset, Mamé blames the situation entirely on Devin, as if he were the one snuggling in the cabin. Devin defends himself thusly:

It wasn’t his place to say something, so he said something - got it? Hahaha, I really came around on Devin once the DMA phase was over. He’s too ridiculous not to enjoy.

Finally, Justin tells Mamé he’s disappointed she risked their relationship with a shit like Mikey. Trust has been broken and he’s angry at her for making him look like a fool. Hey, remember this?

Clearly he’s been made to feel a fool enough already!

I’m not sure if they’re going to wrap up any of this relationship drama because of that whole TO BE CONTINUED thing, but I can tell you what should happen: Justin should kick Mamé to the curb, Ashley should go get tested and never speak to Mikey again, and Devin should spill as much tea as possible from his wine bottle in the show’s final 40-something minutes.

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Who They Rock Like: A very unique post-hardcore, electronic band. With their captivating synth break downs, and very unique structure for their sound. Vocals have such an individual sound.

Sample Lyrics: “Entirely, I’m not sure I understand what you mean "I’m sorry”, is not good enough for me. Just let me breathe, I do better off alone and you’ll see “I’m sorry”, is not good enough for me.“ 

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