missing hockey already


22 years of playoffs in 22 minutes.

The hockey season is officially over.

There hasn’t been a game played in Los Angeles since April 22. As Kings fans, we said goodbye to our season and our team 51 days ago .. an early exit to what we thought could’ve been our year (but 29 other teams also thought it could be their year as well.) We saw the Kings reach 102 points. We saw our goalie set a new record for American born tenders. We saw chest bumps. It was a season to remember but a season that would ultimately fall short. We hoped to see confetti fall from our rafters, we hoped for hockey in June and come October, we hoped we’d be raising our third Stanley Cup Banner. But it wasn’t ours to win. For those of us who watched the remainder of the playoffs, with our broken hearts and broken brackets, we talked smack to the Sharks (and the Ducks) .. both who had better post seasons than us this year. We feared that this could possibly be their year.

(I have to hand it to the Sharks for a second. Let’s be honest here .. With each Shark win, I became more and more fearful that this team, their city, their fans would be experiencing something that I can only describe as unbelievable. While I hope that every fan gets to experience this at least once, I was hoping they have to wait a little longer. Sharks fans, your team kicked ass this season and while I know you’re disappointed tonight, you have so much to be proud of.) 

I hope this off season challenges the Kings in way that they’ve never been challenged before. Come the new season, we will not have the same team. Players will leave, players will get called up, we’ll see some new faces and we’ll have a new captain. I hope these changes light a fire under our team. I hope they come back and take some prisoners because I want hockey all of April, all of May and into June, too (I’m needy. I know.) I want the feeling the Penguins fans have tonight, because like I said before it’s unbelievable.

I hope you guys enjoy your off season as much as possible. Thank you for following my blog; whether you just started following it today, 6 months ago, or you’ve put up with me since the beginning, I truly appreciate it. (I’ll post sporadically through out the off season like always.) Let’s get ready to come back and celebrate the Kings 50th anniversary (HELLO FUN STUFF AKA ALL STAR GAME.) Again, congratulations not only to the Penguins but the Sharks as well. Both teams had incredible seasons and their fans have so much to be proud of.

With that being said, is it October yet? (OR AT LEAST IS IT TIME FOR FROZEN FURY??)