missing her like crazy now


Prague, Czech Republic // my beautiful bff is in Prague right now and i miss her like crazy, she sent me tons of photos but these are my favorite // check out her ig: yuvalvain 🍊👻

This is short, but it’s supposed to be. First story I wrote for my friend Savannah, who’s in BMT right now. I miss her like crazy, and somehow this makes me feel a little less lonely.


When Nico woke up, it was to an empty bed.

A glance at the clock told him it was still way too early for Will to be getting up for work, and when he reached over to pull the covers back, the spot next to him was cold and unused.

Nico wasn’t entirely sure what had woken him up in the first place. It seemed like Will had been out of bed for a while, and save for the tiny sliver of light from the hall bathroom coming in from under the door, the house was quiet.

Groggily, with an uneasy feeling that something wasn’t quite right, Nico dragged himself to his feet. Shivering as his feet hit the cold, hardwood floors, the Italian dragged the blanket from the end of the bed with him, draping it over his shoulders as he padded out of their room and down the hallway.

The kitchen was dimly lit, the television in the living room off completely. For a split second, Nico worried that Will wasn’t there at all, when he heard a small, tired sounding voice from the edge of the couch.

“Nico? What are you doing up?”

Jumping only a little, (which was met with a quiet apology) Nico redirected his focus to the lump of blankets. There was an empty coffee mug on the table, but other than that, the living room was unchanged. Will’s blond hair was easier to see once Nico found his face, and despite his relief at seeing him, the worn out, strained look he wore made Nico nervous.

“S'lonely in our room.” Nico mumbled, his voice hoarse from sleep. “What are you doing out here? It’s cold, come back to bed.”

Will mumbled something about nightmares, shuffling in his blankets. “I d'nno, Neeks. I think I’m gonna stay out here, if that’s okay..”

“What happened?” Nico asked, making his way to the little couch and sitting down next to Will. The blonde shifted to accommodate, pausing momentarily before leaning into Nico’s side.

“Just had a bad dream.” Will admitted, his voice muffled in Nico’s shirt. Nico shifted, drawing his own blanket up and around Will, moving around until they were huddled closer under their little nest.

“Wanna talk about it?” Nico asked.

“Not really.” Will replied. With a somewhat shaky sigh, the blonde settled further into Nico’s arms. “S'better now that you’re here, though.”

Nico rolled his eyes. “And yet you were content to stay out of the bedroom alone. C'mon, let’s just turn on the TV, maybe the noise will help you sleep.”

Will nodded, closing his eyes briefly as Nico strained to reach the remote and turned the TV on without jostling his boyfriend. Once the volume had been turned down a significant amount, Nico leaned into the cushions and drew Will closer.

“Are you comfortable like that?” He asked, tilting his chin down to get a look at where Will had hidden his face.

“Perfect, thanks.” Will craned his neck to kiss Nico’s collar bone, the slightest hint of a smile on his face.

Nico turned on Cartoon Network, the volume so low it sounded more like white noise than voices. It didn’t take Will long to doze off after that, not when Nico lifted a hand to card his fingers through his hair.

And then Nico. Well, he was just glad that Will was resting easily, even it it meant he was sleeping on the couch. So be it.