missing e where are you

Dove sei?
Mi manchi.

ok but the fact that nicole says “hey waverly ……………………. thank you” when she she SHOULD HAVE SAID (and obviously wanted to say) “hey waverly …………………… i love you” in that facetime is homophobic honestly i cant believe wynonna earp is still oppressing me when season two is already done

the “i’ve been on this hell website for too long” checklist:

  • “rule #1 of tumblr: always reblog the creator”
  • missing e
  • “it does not matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop”
  • the mishapocalypse
  • #gpoy
  • the dashcon ball pit
  • “reblog if you support gay marriage” *16 gifs of rainbows* “THIS^^^” *23 gifs of fictional characters* “if you don’t reblog this i’m unfollowing you”
  • francieum

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Miss E-C where did you go :( are you feeling okay...

I’ve been dealing with some personal issues going on in my life right now and tbh, I just haven’t had much energy and momentum to devote to E-C as of late.

Someone asked me if I was dead. Sometimes I wish I was - except for the fact that, in a way, I sometimes feel like I already am. lol It’s only been half a year but a hard one at that to cope with emotionally in coming to terms with significant, impactful external things in relation to the internal struggle of all of it. 😔 Metaphorically it’s probably is more like the Phoenix is dying and stuck in the stasis of waiting to rise up from the ashes. Just.. it’s not a very pleasant time to wade through to the ‘other side’.

So, that said: I’m sorry I’ve not been on much.. I’ve just decided to step back and take a break from everything and focus on me and to try to be present in the moment of the here and now. I may blog now and again, idk. As always, I await and am guided by..inspiration.

Thanks to all of you that have been thinking of me. ❤️


make me choose | anonymous said: will herondale or harry potter?

 "I’m putting the Elder Wand back where it came from. It can stay there. If I die a natural death like Ignotus, its power will be broken, won’t it? The previous master will never have been defeated. That’ll be the end of it. That wand’s more trouble than it’s worth. And quite honestly, I’ve had enough trouble for a lifetime.“

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Okay but what if the impending alien invasion has nothing to do with Tony and Steve reconciling. WHAT IF one day some tiny kid pulls Tony's sleeve and asks all teary eyed where Captain America is because she's being bullied and Cap made her feel safe, and Tony thinks about this being a trap for approximately 0.2 seconds before he calls Steve like "Rogers, I'm still pissed off, but you told me to call if i needed you, WELL, I NEED YOU TO MAKE A TINY CHILD STOP LOOKING SAD RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!"

shit ok like not to shove my 616 tony bias into the conversation but lmao yeah if we were talking 616 tony i am in fact 579843% sure that this would happen, as in, i could literally personally point you to real legit canonical instances of 616 tony stark actually doing things – sometimes LEGIT IMPORTANT BIG AND DEADLY THINGS – he explicitly did not want to do for rational reasons, exclusively because a child, weeping or not, asked him to, and 616 tony seems to be wholly unequipped to see little kids crying and not put his entire life aside to help them my GOD I MISS MY SON MARVEL WHERE ARE YOU K E E P I N G H I M


[Live] Simon D - Where U At?

Simon D: “I miss you, E-Sens.”

I forsaw it. I forsaw the hate that “Blackjacks” would give to CL from miles away as soon as I saw that announcement.

Let’s take a step back and analyze what Yang Hyun Shit uk said before we jump on the typical “CL gets everything. What about the other members?”

K. Let’s take a look back to 2009.

Who was the focus of 2NE1 back in 2009? Oh, that’s right. Bom and Dara. Bom got a solo the very first year 2NE1 came out that did extraordinary. Likewise, Dara got even MORE. Dara got an exclusive make-up contract with Etude. Got CF opportunities and even got to work with Lee Min Ho while the hype around Boys Over Flowers was still going on. K. No complaints there. AND she got her own solo.

All CL got was a duo with Minzy via 2NE1 activities (that wasn’t even that promoted) and a small verse in Dara’s solo. That’s it.

Fast-forward to 2010. Dara’s still got the exclusive contract. Dara even got a hell of a lot of lines in “Clap Your Hands” like the Daralings complained about.

Even into 2011, Dara and Bom were still the front-women of 2NE1 with Bom coming out with her SECOND solo that PAKed. Even TigerJK asked for Yoon Mi Rae herself to collaborate with Bom.

CL and Minzy, got nothing actually.

So going into 2012, we started seeing a shift. CL was starting to get as many lines as Bom typically did. She got just about as many lines in “ILY” as Bom did. She however, did get more screen time.

She also got her FIRST SOLO CF SINCE DEBUT. And the only reason that happened was because Dara handed it off to her. IT WASN’T EVEN MEANT FOR CL.

So moving on into 2013, CL starts becoming more of a front woman with “TBF.” Didn’t get as much support from Blackjacks as said “Blackjacks” gave to Dara’s and Bom’s songs. Why? Because I kid you not, many “fans” said that they wouldn’t support CL because they wanted to see the other 2NE1 members first. Don’t recall many CL fans saying the same thing to Dara and Bom though.

CL doesn’t even have that many lines in “FIL.” In fact, she has probably one of the least amount of lines saying two rapping verses and that’s it. Minzy and Dara have most of the lines in that song.

“DYLM” comes out and again Dara’s probably got the largest amount of lines starting off verses and what not with Minzy following her up. CL was subjugated to following up Bom who sang the main verse and of course “D-O Y-O-U L-O-V-E M-E?”

Fast-forward to “Missing You.” Here’s where the REAL CL hatred came in. “CL’s such an attention whore. Being the only one to strip naked. She’s going to ruin 2NE1’s image.”

“I’d much rather see Dara, Bom, or Minzy.”

Great, great…Even though the girls rejected the idea of doing that themselves.

So you can’t force them to do something that they don’t want to do.

Let it also be said that Bom STILL got to participate in B&H. And Dara moved from Étude to CLIO. So she’s still got make-up contracts.

Now let’s talk about this stuff that YG is talking about in regards to their new album Crush.

Some Blackjacks must lack reading comprehension skills, so I’m gonna analyze some “scary/unfair” statements, word for word.

First statement that pissed you guys off:

The part that you have to really look at in 2NE1’s new album is that CL, the leader, included whopping 3 songs that are self-written and composed for the first time in her life.

Let’s take this slowly. YG did NOT say “CL, the leader, included whopping 3 songs self-written and composed FOR HER, for the first time in her life.”

What should we automatically assume? We should assume that these songs were written FOR 2NE1 (that means, for Minzy, Bom, Dara, AND HERSELF) to perform. She’s assuming responsibility for the group. People outside of the Blackjack fandom have always said that they can’t consider 2NE1 the female BigBang because CL has never composed for the group. And LOOK. Here she is. Taking responsibility. Being a GOOD leader. Writing songs for the group, JUST LIKE G-DRAGON, and here you all are, bitching about it. She just can’t win with you guys can she?

Next statement: “I can tell that this will bring big changes to 2NE1’s future music, while also lighting a positive sign for CL to produce her own solo album.

And as we expect CL to be more actively writing and composing,

there should be no problem in releasing 2NE1’s next album and CL’s new solo album before this year ends.

What are you all getting your panties stuck in britches for? YG didn’t say now. All he said was that by producing songs for 2NE1, it will take a step greater into her new solo career. We all know how long it takes for YG to bring out albums. Let alone drop one. We’ve been waiting for this album for three years now. He’s never stuck to his word. Who KNOWS when CL will get an album? Dae Sung is getting his JUST this year and how long has he been in the game?

Moving on.

Did you guys read this statement?

“The long preparation time means there are many songs besides the ones included in the 2nd full album, so other members’ solo songs initially planned to be included in the latest album are currently put aside for the next album.”

Don’t fret. Dara, Bom, and Minzy are still going to get solos. Yes, it’s being held off. Yes, you guys are angry, but let’s be real. Bom doesn’t need another solo as of right now. She’s already got two. CL having a solo album by the end of this year isn’t even confirmed considering what’s going on with YG lately. He still can’t get TOP or Tae Yang to come out with theirs. Let alone I doubt he’ll be debuting all four groups he wants to debut this year.

Stop acting like it’s the end of the world. I think the ONLY fans under the Blackjack name who have a right to complain would be the Minjas because they’ve been waiting for so long, but it isn’t the end of the world. Let CL have her time to shine. Dara and Bom had three years to do it. It was about time CL had a chance too. I’m tired of every time CL is brought up, Daralings and Bomshells have to bring her down. And the worst is that a lot of them don’t support her.

If it were Dara and Bom who had solos, we’d support them. It’s really sad, that it can’t always be said for all Daralings and Bomshells. Can’t you be supportive of the leader who has supported Dara, Bom, and Minzy since even before 2NE1 was formed?

The same CL who saved Dara’s life. The same CL who Bom said that “CL is a leader in every sense.” The same CL who Minzy left letters for her in pre-debut training when they would give each other strength.

I can’t believe some of you guys wanna be called Blackjacks and yet you can’t support the leader of the group. You guys don’t deserve to be called that.

And I and plenty of other fans don’t want to come into the 2NE1 tag and see that shit there. It’s annoying and it’s causing too much inner strife in the Blackjack fandom.

I’m not here for that. I’m here to spazz about my four lovely ladies. This isn’t the time to be splitting apart. We’re going to be facing SNSD. We were so unified that we beat them with “IDC.” What happened? Stop the inner turmoil and let’s work together to show them why 2NE1 are called Queens in the first place.