missing chums

RWBY Vol 4: Episode 2

My thoughts on this episode:

•Weiss: Aw my lonely ice bae! You deserve better then this!

• Weiss’ little brother… There’s something off about this guy, and I certainly don’t trust him! (Robot theory, anyone?)

• Ironwood: Why so glum, chum? Missing Ozpin? (Also, make Yang an arm and fix Penny damnit!!)

• Kline? Cline?: I LOVED HIM! His eyes changed colour tho? Neo??

Now for RNJR

• Ruby hearing Pyrrha: Before it was revealed to be Jaune’s scroll, my milk and cereal heart sored!

• The destroyed village: Seemed to really hit Ren hard? We know him and Nora are orphans, so maybe their families were killed by bandits?

• Jaune: my sad son.. It’ll be alright, she’ll be back! (I really, really hope!)

No Yang or Blake again, here’s to hoping the next episode has some of them!

All in all, a solid, sad episode. Missed any good fights but made up for it in the emotional parts!

Also, they did a good job making the servers run faster!

Baz's Entrance: Carry On the Musical

This is a working song, so help me out and leave some comments!

*Baz: Okay, just going to-*
*Simon (inside): plOTTING!!!!*
*Baz: Really, Snow?*
Here goes nothing
Walking right back inside
And I’ll admit, I’m sweating
After all of this time
Simon is right behind this door
Simon, and so much more
Will he sit with Welbelove
Be as obnoxious as could be
Or is their perfect magic Kingdom
As messed up as me?
Agatha is right behind this door,
Agatha, and so much more
Did my chums miss me
Can I still play on the team
I don’t think it matters
If Simon doesn’t see
He’s surely been searching
Looking all over for me
Probably went out of his mind
Searching, all this time
Simon is right behind this door
Simon has been looking for me
Only one way to do this…
Open Sesame!

Look, there he is
That vampire douchebag
But hey, what is this
He just looks… sad…

Look, here he is
That beautiful moron
But hey, what is this
Wellbelove is gone

Look at his eyes, something has gone wrong

He’s plotting!

He’s single?!?!?!?!?

What is going on?