missing children of color

Where are they? Outrage over perceived increase in missing black, Latina girls in D.C.
Black lawmakers are calling on the FBI to investigate whether there is an increase in cases of missing black children and teens in the nation's capital.

Unfortunately there isn’t an increase in missing girls of color (which means this is NORMAL!) And missing black girls are usually classified as runaways which means no Amber Alert! Anyone else seeing an issue here???

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Connor kiss Evan (on the lips) pleaseee

Evan: Well I’m not sure that either of us would want to like, um do that, for the world to see, its kinda embarrassing.

Evan: Uhhhhh Connor, what are you doing?


Connor: Well as you can see I’m totally good with it.


Connor: I need to stop breaking my poor little Fern but I’ll answer for him, he’s fine with the smaller stuff hugs hand holding that stuff, but he avoids kissing I can get him to give me a peck on the cheek every once in a while but lips are usually off the table. Doesn’t stop me from sneaking a few in here and there, his reactions are priceless and adorable. 

No Free Candy!

“No Free Candy! The money raised from the $0.25 per piece of candy sold goes to help us fund a charity that helps find missing/abducted children. Please, ‘NO’ FREE SAMPLES!”

Was typed on the bright colored sticker on the lucite clear box that had tabs on the very top to hold the charity organization’s card (rescuing missing/abducted kids, for ours), a lockable money hopper with a coin slot on top and “$0.25” on the lid with the slot (my boss even photocopied a quarter, cut out the image, and taped it next to the coin slot), and on the bottom was an open compartment stocked with Jolly Ranchers, Peppermint/Spearmint wheels, individually wrapped Starburst squares (taken from larger wrapper), individually wrapped Now & Laters, individually wrapped spherical candies that are either sour, very spicy hot, or change colors and shrink as you suck on them. We had Tootsie Rolls but nobody wanted those as much, so we quit stocking them.

I worked at a business and the candy box was up front, where I worked. I would politely remind anyone dipping into the candy for free that those cost $0.25 a piece, whenever I had the opportunity (i.e. not busy helping customers and other primary duties). My coworkers did the same thing, and so did my boss. Even a couple of customers called out these cheapskates, though they weren’t as polite about it, and made no bones about shaming these cheap thieving jerks.

But people still kept taking free candy from the honor box, without paying! How low can you get taking money away from an organization that helps kids!? My boss definitely gives the money from the sales to the organization (less the cost of candy). However, more and more people just took free candy or they underpaid by putting pennies, nickels, or dimes in there. One guy, God Bless him, put a $20 bill in there yet only took a couple of pieces of candy. But for every guy like him or even a person who put in $0.25 for a piece of candy, there were two dozen assholes who either took a freebie or simply underpaid.

The assholes who took freebies or underpaid drove really expensive cars, dressed really lavishly, didn’t spend much money in the business, were VERY rude and demanding, and yet take candy without paying from a charitable cause.

My boss had had enough and said “The 'Honors System’ doesn’t work when too many people have no honor!” So he paid, out of his own pocket, to replace the little “Honors System” candy box with a good quality gumball machine like, coin operated dispenser. He got it from a website from a company that has been making and selling these since the 1980s, in America.

The coin operated gumball machine is capable of being bolted down to the counter (my boss did that), it has barrel locking mechanisms on the top clear plexiglass compartment for the candy, a well designed hopper and dispense mechanism to effectively distribute one piece of candy per quarter (works brilliantly), and is set to take quarters only, and the money compartment is safely behind a locking metal door behind the coin drop and turn mechanism, easy to empty out. My boss taped the organization’s cars to the top part (square “globe” where the candy is filled), and the machine cannot be fooled by slugs, coins on strings, or lower denomination coins. You can’t even fool it with foreign currency (one jerk tried to use an Albanian coin to try to steal a piece of candy).

After that, the candy theft stopped, and my boss was able to properly raise the funds to aid this charity.

But seriously, fuck cheapskate customers who think it’s okay to take a piece of candy for free despite the fact it says you have to give $0.25 for each piece of candy in order to fund an organization meant to help kids (or anyone, for that matter), especially when they are driving high end cars and dressed to the nines. If you can afford fancy clothes and expensive cars you can spare $0.25 for a piece of candy.

Penguin Teen Interns Recommend!!!

Summer is almost over, and sadly, it is time to say goodbye to our Summer 2017 Penguin Teen interns. They have been hard at work reading manuscripts, posting online Penguin Teen content, creating eBooks, planning author tours, attending lots of fun meetings and of course, doing lots and lots of reading! Before they left, we asked them for a few of their MUST READS you don’t want to miss out on!    

An Ember in the Ashes series by Sabaa Tahir

Oona Ryle (Publicity Intern)
“An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir could not have been more aptly named –  it won’t burn you, but the story will draw you closer with the warmth she creates in the character relationships. I’m reading the sequel, A Torch Against the Night, right now, and somehow, it’s even better than the first book!”

Perfect Ten by L. Philips 

Dan Denning (Retail Marketing & Advertising Intern) 
“They say to never judge a book by its cover, but I fell in love with this book the instant I saw the cover… whoops. Still, the vibrancy, romanticism, and humor you see on that cover is exactly what is inside the book too! Sam’s journey to find his perfect boyfriend in a town where he is one of the only gay boys kept me 100 percent invested throughout all 352 pages. Read it for the captivating story, the adorable characters, the juicy romantic drama, and because you REALLY want to know which of Sam’s four crushes ends up being the final boy behind that unicorn mask on the cover.” 

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Yo who remembers the HBO "Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales For Every Child"? Honestly that was THE best kids show ever. When they said "for every child" they MEANT every child. The episodes had all star casts, with POC characters and original songs and represented children of color everywhere. Gosh! I miss that show.
a non-autistic’s guide to autistic special interests

autistic people like myself have these things called “special interests,” and a special interest can be kind of a hard concept to convey sometimes, so i’m going to try and explain it here to help non-autistic people (aka allistics) better understand

a common stereotype or image of an autistic person i’ve seen portrayed in media is a nonverbal little boy who’s obsessed with trains. the trains part is the special interest: autistic people become obsessed with specific things to the extent it’s all we can think or talk about sometimes. all autistic people are different, so the way that special interests present in autistic people varies greatly depending on the person.

autistic people are commonly emotionally drained by social interactions. what drives us and refuels us and makes us thrive is indulging in our special interest, learning everything we can about them. this could be by infodumping (enthusiastically telling someone everything we know about our special interest, usually as an attempt to connect with them or show them what’s important to us), or pursuing a career in the field of one’s special interest, or watching a new movie if your special interest is an actor or director, or anything like that. we reach out to others by talking about our special interests. for example: if your special interest is an actor, you show a friend a movie with that actor in it.

(note: special interests are a lot like obsessions, and if your special interest is a real person then that, like any person’s obsession, can cross a line at some point - but like with all people, it depends on the person. almost all autistic people respect boundaries, just like almost all allistic people respect boundaries.)

special interests can be anything, but a common trend is mechanical or technical things (like trains, airplanes, watches and watch-making, space, physics, etc), potentially because we love figuring out how things work in a literal sense. we also love fantasy and have big imaginations, so fantasy series like lord of the rings, harry potter, etc are common, as well as stuff like paranormal investigating, aliens, or the occult. we also have a very strong sense of justice, so social justice or human rights tragedies are common. but like i said, special interests can be anything, like architecture (a certain style or time period, or all architecture), animals (anything from one specific animal like a pet, to a certain species, to all animals), food (being obsessed with only eating a certain food for a little while, or food/cooking in general), sports (participating in or watching one specific sport, knowing everything about all sports, or fitness/health in general). anything you can think of, it can be a special interest.

you can also have more than one special interest, though from what i’ve seen there’s usually one dominant special interest that takes up the most time and energy. special interests are generally just a result of the autistic brain interpreting the world and fixating on certain things.

some of my past special interests, for some examples: airplanes, the titanic, ghosts/the science side of paranormal activities (even though i didn’t even believe in it), abrahamic religions, narnia, architecture, lord of the rings, the show fringe, lee pace, richard ayoade, criminal minds, the davinci code, autism, space, cults

i have two current special interests: actor aaron tveit, and making gifs. these intersect really well, because i just make a lot of gifs of aaron. i’ve had my gif-making one for about four years, and aaron for about one year now.

i’ll use aaron tveit as my example for the way special interests work and what having a special interest would entail: i watched one of his movies, les miserables (not even for the first time; i’d seen it before), and afterwards i had a very strong desire to see what else he was in. i watched all of his movies and shows that i could find. i watched and read every interview. i found out he had a concert in new york, and saved up and went. i watched movies and shows just because his former costars are in them, or he mentioned he liked it in an interview. nothing in the world makes me happier than showing a movie aaron’s in to a friend for the first time; aaron and his work are how i connect with others.

(at this point i’d like to say that as an autistic person, justice is more important to me than just about anything, and aaron’s privacy and respecting his personal life and not being a creep are all extremely important to me and i really don’t want to seem like a crazed stalker fan stereotype. people have tweeted some of my gifs at him and even just that level of interaction with him makes me extremely uncomfortable.)

special interests can last anywhere from days to years to a lifetime; it all depends on the person. we don’t really have control over what our special interests are (i once read about an autistic person who was extremely afraid of spiders but then got a spiders special interest). if i’m between special interests and watching a new movie i’m always like

(fun fact: the creator of community, the show that gif is from, is autistic!)

i’ve also seen a lot of autistic people talk about their special interests being linked to their anxiety; we feel empty when we’re between special interests, worry that we’ll never know everything there is to know about it, worry that we’re experiencing our special interests “wrong” (too quickly, too many at once, etc), or become afraid we’ll lose our interest and feel empty again. additionally, indulging in a special interest is commonly a way to help with anxiety.

in conclusion: special interests are very intense interests that fuel autistic people, and are a very key part of ~the autistic experience~. special interests can be anything, can last any amount of time, and more than one special interest can be had at once.

(if you’re reading this and currently don’t consider yourself autistic but this post is ringing a lot of bells, i would highly suggest doing some research into autism. the current statistic is that 1 in 64 people are autistic, but it’s suspected to be even more common than that, and autism is very commonly missed in girls, children of color, poorer children, etc. autism as a whole is very misrepresented and misunderstood in the media and academia, and you could very well be autistic and not know it)

anyone can reblog this (please do), and any autistic people can add on if i’m missing something important!

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OK! These are the most fun to write because Emily and Derek are literally the most immature assholes on the planet:

  • They take any opportunity they can to mess with each other even if it’s the most childish thing ever. That includes hiding behind walls and scaring the fuck out of one another, unscrewing desk chairs, putting crude post-it notes on each other’s backs, and for Morgan, picking Emily up and carrying her around as she protests. Those two are literal fucking 4 year olds when it comes to maturity level!
  • After she found out Morgan works on properties, Emily asked to tag along with him once. Derek figured she would maybe last a day and then quit, but Em is there every weekend helping him smash down walls and fix up houses. Morgan even likes how she puts her own touch on the places they work on. It’s great bonding time for such close friends, plus it’s nice to worry about something like wall colors instead of missing and mutilated children for a change.
  • Once on a case (post Lauren) Prentiss got shot in the Kevlar by an unsub. It was nothing major, a couple of bruised ribs at the most, but it scared the daylights out of Morgan. He was across the room when it happened and only saw Em get shot in the chest and go down. Morgan couldn’t cope with the panic he felt when he thought he lost her again. That night, she could see how freaked Derek was so she went home with him to make sure he was alright. They fell asleep on the couch, Prentiss curled next to Morgan with his arm around her. She knew nothing she could say would help, so just being there was enough. Enough to remind him she’s alive.
  • Emily and Derek are very tactile people. While off duty and alone, it’s totally normal for them to sit tangled on the couch, or hold hands (Em even gets piggy-back or shoulder rides sometimes). They often forget that it’s probably not wise to do this in the company of their friends, as people get extremely confused and like to meddle/gossip (Rossi…)
  • One day in the bullpen after hours, Prentiss was teaching Morgan some phrases in Spanish and decided to fuck with him instead. She told Derek to go over to Reid and tell him “¡Yo cago en tu taza de café y chingé un arból!” He was apprehensive at first, but Em has an incredible poker face and convinced him it wasn’t anything bad. When he actually did it, Reid got extremely confused and said “Morgan you shit in my coffee cup and fucked a tree? Is that even legal?” He glared back at Emily, who was practically pissing herself laughing, and started to chase her around the BAU (she was still laughing at this point).
  • More often than not, Morgan and Prentiss will crash at each other’s places after nights out with the team, or just general partying. Those two always stay out the latest and are usually so drunk they have to take a cab. Both figure it’s cheaper for one destination. They always have to explain why they are coming into work together, and even have clothes/things at each other’s homes now. The rest of the team cannot resist teasing them about this regularly.
  • Once Prentiss spent an entire day talking like Morgan just to irritate him. She walked around flexing and yelling thinks like “Yo where my medic at?” And “Hands up you sunuvabitch! Get yo ass on the ground… BITCH!” in the lowest voice she could manage. Em also intensely flirted with Garcia and even answered the phone with “Hey momma, how is that FINE ass of your’s doing today baby girl?” Which left Garcia utterly speechless for a couple seconds. By the end of the day Derek was 50 shades of done with her, but the rest of the team kept cracking up and found it so fucking hilarious, even Hotch.
  • Right after Prentiss came back from the dead things were still tense between her and Morgan. Emily showed up at his house one day and refused to leave until he was ready to talk about it. A few hours and a couple bottles of alcohol later, Morgan finally opened up to Prentiss about what he went through while she was gone. He told her how every day he wished he found her a minute earlier, 60 fucking seconds would have changed things! How he spent all his free time at her grave apologizing, and when he wasn’t doing that he was tracking Doyle. He told her how every time he closed his eyes he saw her laying on the warehouse floor covered in blood, how he lost her right in front of his eyes and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. Em hated hearing him this upset, but knew talking would help (and it did).
  • Prentiss and Morgan did actually hook up once. After JJ’s wedding, he drove her back to her apartment where she told him to come inside because they needed to talk. He pretty much already knew, but Emily told him how she was leaving as soon as it was physically possible and that she already turned her badge into Hotch/called Clyde to accept the job. Derek was obviously upset, but understood where she was coming from. They reminisced about everything from the day they met until now. There was always an attraction, but they were partners and best friends who didn’t want to mess up a good thing. Now that Prentiss no longer worked with him, nothing was holding them back.