missing budgie


!!!!! Help her find these babies !!!!!

[ Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I posted about these 2 beauties. I have been trying to find where they are because my mom sold them and their cages for $200 when I was in the hospital. It happened July/August of 2011. I had them for 10 years. The cherry headed conure is a female about 16 years old. Her name is Oscar. The blue and gold macaw is a female about 15 years old. Her name is Cosmo, but responds to Hurrudaba because she decided that was her name. My mom sold them to a woman that lived in Rhode Island. I miss them dearly and just would like to at least seem them again. If you all could share this for me so I can see my babies again I would be forever grateful. ]

Oscar and Cosmo were her PETS and it seems that there was some kind of miscommunication and now she no longer has them and would just like to seem them again.

The new owner was sold so a woman somewhere in Rhode Island.

My RI / New England followers, Can we please boost this? T_T Let her see her babies one more time!



This budgie flew down at a little league game in (I believe) Caledonia, MI and wouldn’t leave. Since I have birds and supplies for them I got a call and went and picked it up with a spare travel cage and some random things from my other birds. It is now in Grand Rapids , MI with me.

But with 3 birds and a brand new puppy (and no real supplies for a bird quite this small) it CAN NOT stay with me long term.  

Send me a message if you’re missing your budgie or toss me an email at thelawnflamingo@gmail.com with photos for proof if possible and we can set up a time to meet.

RIP my sweet Charlie boy.
Thank you for being my best little friend, for always wanting to hop on my hand and nibble my fingers, for loving all your budgie friends and for holding on for so long to stay with us.
May you be happy and pain free now flying over the rainbow bridge with your best friend Ollie.
I will miss you so much.


Louie never learned English, but she was fluent in phone. 

[Tbh? I really miss Claire and this blog, and I’m actually contemplating making an effort coming back. I have about 3 weeks left where I’ll be properly busy with uni, and I’m also going to be working on applying for internships for next term, but I might try and ease myself back into things. I don’t know, tbh, but I miss y’all, and I want to make an effort to at least stay in touch]

I am so excited! I got a new bird from my brother’s friend who could not take care of her anymore. I’ve had parakeets since I was 13 and ever since my last two passed away (my oldest was 10 years old), I’ve  been really missing having a budgie in the house so I was really psyched to hear that this pretty girl needed a home.

I’m calling her Redrum (Red for short) she’s aggressive towards other parakeets and has apparently killed a cage mate in the past with the previous owner before my brother’s friend. Could have been stress and i am not sure what her cage situation was. She has also been tormented by cats in that same house. So, she is a bit timid but I don’t mind. She loves mirrors and looking at herself and sings the prettiest bird songs. 

(the picture of her sent to me before I picked her up)


So my friend and roommate surprised me with this! We’ve worked on mobile games together in the past, and she put together a little trailer for a fake game featuring the birds! Oh if only we had a programmer, we might actually be able to make this lol. What do you guys think? If you’d be interested in playing such a thing let me know! Or if you have ideas on how to get a programmer… That’s like our missing ingredient.