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So this is probably the most fun fan thing I have Ever done. This is based off of @qcatter‘s aura fic (which if you haven’t read, please go check it out as it is AWESOME).

“It’s better than mine.  At least your’s is nice to listen to,  Mine sounds like someone kicked a xylophone that was missing a few bars down a stairwell.”

“I thought it sounded like a wind chime.  Made of sea glass. It’s pretty.”

“What ? No! It’s all.” Ritsu waved his hands as if he could catch the words right out of the air.  “It’s… Here.” Ritsu reached for Mob’s hand, paused.  Before grabbing it with a determined look.

 So here’s some Ritsu’s aura sounds 

Yesterday’s quick gym selfie. Spent the day doing a bar clean at work which included scrubbing walls, deck-brushing floors and moving 100+ cases of beer/kegs around and cleaning walk-in coolers, so I wasn’t super up to lifting (plus it was supposed to be leg day. No way Jose.) I might even post the snap I took of our walk-in cooler. It shows everything that we had to move out of the cooler to then deep clean it. Yikes.

When I walked into the gym, almost ALL of the cardio machines were taken so I hopped on this weird gazelle thing that I hate and did that for 10 minutes until an elliptical became available. Then I did my regular 35 minutes and called it a night.

Things I’ve learned from college:

I finished college this year and these are some of the important things I’ve learned from the past two years:

1) Life is too short to pretend you don’t like One Direction and Taylor Swift.

2) Go out. You may not have a lot of money but there are ways and how long are you really going to be able to drink that much and still be able to (slightly) function the next day

3) Go to concerts. Go to all the concerts you can go to. Whether they are your favourite artist, one you just discovered, your friends concert or whatever. GO TO CONCERTS ITS A BETTER USE OF MONEY THAN BUYING CHEAP CLOTHES YOU AREN’T GOING TO WEAR

4) Live in rez for at least one year. It may be annoying to live with certain people but in the long run you will appreciate, and miss, living in a building with your best friends

5) work hard. You are paying too much to fail.

6) do your homework during the week, then you can have fun on the weekends without the guilt of not being able to write that paper because you’re hungover.

7) go home. Go home and visit your parents. You may not miss them as much as they miss you but they do miss you and it will brighten their weekend having you home. 

8) call your mom. Call her at least one every couple weeks. It will provide her with relief knowing your not dead in a ditch clutching a bottle of beer.

9) whatever you do DONT EVER. I REPEAT EVER. BUY CINNAMON SUGAR TWIST VODKA. it is literally the most disgusting thing on the planet and a huge waste of $30.  

10) also never try to buy concert tickets from people on Kijiji.

11) if you like him. tell him. show him. he’s not going to wait around forever and its going to be you thats embarrassed in the end.

12) people are going to come into your life and flip it upside down and all around but its up to you whether or not you let it bother you.

13) if your friend is having a rough time don’t abandon them. stick with them. it will make you stronger and inseparable. 

14) things happen, and people have to leave school and go home. Stay in contact with those people because it’s not their fault they had to leave. 

15) keep stupid little souvenirs of your years at school. How else are you going to show your kids the foam skull you stole from a bar on Halloween?

16) celebrate your 20th birthday for four days no matter how exhausting it and you are. celebrate even if no one will sing Teddy to you on your birthday. 

17) eat all the junk food you can. consume all the coffee you find possible. you may not feel great but at least you can still digest that much food quickly..right?

18) pulling an all nighter is only fun when your 13 at your friends birthday party. spending an all nighter staring at your computer writing an essay isn’t fun.

19) if you do have to pull an all nighter. then listen to a great album, go to 7/11 get your $1 coffee and wear comfy clothes. 

20) most importantly. Love yourself, your friends, your peers and memories that you make. College is a short time in your life and its not going to last forever. Make as many memories as you can. Eat as many pizzas and drink as many bottles of vodka as you can. Your only young once and you don’t want to be 3o years old looking back at your late teens/early 20′s regretting the fact that you didn’t make any important memories in those years. 

(Found himself somewhere on a base with an empty bottle of Pica Thundercloud, terrible headache and and memories about a hissing contest with odessen sleens. Probably it all was a worse idea, that it seemed back then? Especially thinking about all that dumb shit, that he luckily (luckily?) hardly can remember but certainly had been done.

Scratching new stick-bumps and stumbling over the tail tries to find some dark corner)