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The unspeakable murder of Ani Borisova

Reading about this case made me sick. Be warned that’s very disturbing.

On April 21st 2015, Ani Borisova (4) was reported missing to the Athens police by her mother. The woman’s story was strange enough: she claimed she had left the little girl with a “friend” (whose name she couldn’t even recall) while she went on a trip, and when she came back the friend told her she’d lost Ani.

The greek police soon started suspecting the girl’s father, a drug addict that had shown some peculiar behavior after the girl’s disappearance, such as selling all her stuff to a neighbor. With some pressure and the help from a witness, the man confessed the horrible truth.

After Ani’s mother left her in his care, he’d killed the little girl and chopped her body up. According to his own statements to police, he’d boiled the parts with some potatoes an onions during two days and then threw some to the sewers and spread others around the city to feed the stray dogs. With this, he made sure there was no trace of Ani to be found. Police, however, found some of the girl’s blood in the father’s apartment along with a knife that he used. They say that the motive for the murder was that the man was jealous of his daughter, which might sound crazy but not as crazy as the crime itself.

To make it all worse, it’s believed that the murder occurred on April 8th or 9th, so at least two weeks before her mother reported her missing. Authorities think the woman didn’t know about the murder, but she was charged with perjury, negligence and child endargenment.