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a summary of isac via pairings:

hello everyone it is i, the weird horse high-fiving minseok in the gif (cred to @juliet-cbx 😘)

so to start off 2017 id like to thank you all for welcoming me into this thing we’ve got going on here and for being so kind to me!! ive made some rlly nice friendos nd i hope we get closer this year! also i hope to be less shy nd talk to more of you so expect that

overall, thank you for making 2016 so fun nd cheering me up when i had bad days nd stuff 😊 ilysm!

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My tummy feels weird like it does when I’m really really worried about something that’s quite serious (usually queer stuff or diabetes stuff) but I don’t actually know why??? Like this doesn’t seem to have a reason and that’s making me worry more???? Honestly body wtf are you doing are you trying to signal to me or are you just making me feel weird for something to do I s2g

NCT U & NCT 127 when another has a crush on you as well as them.

Because there’s quite a few people in the units i don’t want it to become boring as its hard to write differently for a lot of people so i will group their reactions i hope you don’t mind this anon :) if i missed anyone please let me know and i will add them on.

The ones that would pull back a little bit, maybe feeling that you’d probably go for the other member than him if you had to choose: Taeyong, Mark

The ones that wouldn’t let it bother them as much as they could and would still try to win you over: Jaehyun, Doyoung, Johnny, Yuta

The ones that couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous when he hears the member talking about you: Winwin, Haechan, Ten,  Taeil

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How old are you? 28

What is your current job? Church Secretary 

What are you good at? uhhh… being optimsitic

What’s a goal you’re actively trying to achieve? Getting back into school for zoology

What’s your aesthetic? Coffee, books, sweaters that are too big, autumn nights, hair dye 

Do you collect anything? Books, rocks, sand and shells

What’s something you’re always willing to talk about? I think the better question is what won’t I talk about. 

Pet peeves? when you use the same thing to wash the dishes AND wipe the counters (or gods forbid the floor *shudder*). Also, groceries that aren’t organized on the belt 

Good advice? If you can laugh while you cry, you can rule the world. 

Three songs you recommend?
Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move on- Jimmy Buffett

There Will Be Time- Mumford and Sons with Baaba Maal (Live) 

When the World Ends - Dave Matthews 

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Dude dude dude I need more blogs that post memes/shitposts, any recommendations?

Well I know a few blog that post really good thing and that I love. Don’t know if they post a lot of memes. But you can check. I would recommend:

@softdnp @plantpot-phil @phtl @childishphannie @brumousdan @phillp @opaquehowell @prettydan @princessdan @pseudophan @hobbithair @softdan

@danthesoftestnerd @danisnotonfires @fireflyphil @disgustdan

Sorry if I missed anyone, these are just some I thought of at the top of my head.

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(❀」╹□╹)」*・ ╰⋃╯ლ(´ڡ`ლ ( ๑ ᴖ ᴈ ᴖ)ᴖ ᴑ ᴖ๑)❣

(❀」╹□╹)」*・- What name do you go by?

( ooc; nicole is just fine! or if anyone can come up with a cute nickname i’m down for that too )

  ╰⋃╯ლ(´ڡ`ლ)- how far in the sin pit are you

( ooc; in terms of angst, at the bottom ) 

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shoutout to my new skype grou p

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anyone that misses the old wheel is against charity and randl would hate them

oh Gosh..last time i checked randl don’t know me personally buddy..as far as charity goes..i am more than happy to see them  help as many people as they can.I love them even more for that.

This though,has nothing to do with me missing the old wheel and their little improvisations.

I will keep my positive thinking,we have our boys back and a wonderful season ahead of us!!

much Love <33

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26, 82, shameless fishing for compliments 77

26 - how many pillows do you sleep with? All of them. Seriously, at least 4. My bed is a pillow fort. If I could find those old fashioned angled bolster things I’d have ten million. 

82 - Favourite ice cream? All of it. Ice cream is my favourite dessert substance, followed by custard. It’s clearly a textural thing. I’ve only met one ice cream I didn’t like, which was durian. (and I’m still willing to try that again to see if I was just having an off day.) I like astringent flavours mixed in with the general soft-cold-happiness of ice cream - things like burnt fig or green tea or lemon. But my absolute favourite buy-from-the-shops flavour is a coffee flavoured icecream with cholocate covered coffee beans and grand marnier that basically leaves me a happy wreck.  

…I really like ice cream. 

77 - do you miss anyone right now? It’s six weeks to go and I’m a mess of anticipation, joy, and missing you utterly for all the things you are that I know, and all the things that haven’t happened yet. You’re in the same part of my brain that notices flowers on sidewalks on bad days - a part of me that says you’re okay, or you will be even when things are too big or too small or too much. 

I missed you the minute I left your house. The minute you left @lisafer‘s house and I keened a bit and said something like: “Well, damnit. That’s new. And persistent.” (Only less coherently, I imagine.)

I had no idea. 

Yes, I miss you right now, you goose. 

Okay here we go

So I think we should get this show on the road.

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You can go in any area of the theatre as long as you don’t mess with anything important, and you can help yourself to refreshments. We have to be out of here by 5 am because that’s when the opening crew comes back to re-open the theatre. Also please don’t break anything because I don’t want my manager to realize I let people in here after it closed.

I’ll stay by the front doors to let in any latecomers!

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hey #psychlock followers, i had planned to do a little more work on our new HipChat community today; unfortunately I’ve been sidelined by this stupid migraine. don’t despair, I know it seems a little empty right now but I have a few ideas for discussion starters. In the meantime don’t let all this keep y’all from talking! if you wanna rec a fic for discussion or raise a topic in one of the rooms or WHATEVS, please do! hopefully between work and my dumb head i’ll get back on it tomorrow evening or wednesday.

tags under the cut - not sure the best way to reach everyone, so i’ll be posting this in the gen discussion room, using the psychlock tag and tagging those I remember on tumblr. feedback is welcome on that too! my apologies if I missed anyone.

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So like in case anyone missed it my feminist politics include removing the stigma from female biology and female health problems, an understanding that for many people sexual attraction is based on sex not gender and that nobody has to fuck anyone they don’t want to fuck, and understanding that gender is a construct used to keep sex based oppression around and not vice versa. It does not include hating trans people. If anyone disagrees with me you can message me to talk or you can unfollow.

Being straight is like being in gryffindor: all the main characters are always gryffindor, there’s tons of merch for gryffindor, and no one’s gonna give you shit for being in gryffindor. 

Being gay is like being in slytherin: everyone has heard of it, but the merch is few and far between so you have to really want it. The only slytherin characters are secondary and morally gray. Some people think you are evil.

Being bisexual is like being in ravenclaw: there is no merch. there are no major ravenclaw characters. people definitely try to lump it in with either gryffindor or slytherin, and there are a few weird stereotypes.

being asexual is like being in hufflepuff:

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