Stop checking your phone because he won’t reply,
stop thinking about him because everything he said was a lie.
But every time you sit and think,
You think about him, and your heart just sinks.
But maybe, he might want your time,
but that doesn’t mean you’re on his mind
It doesn’t mean he’ll want you to be last find.
Yet you still sit and hope,
that maybe one day he’ll say to you,
“Be mine.”
—  The voices in my head // a.a.
Y’all this is serious! My friend’s 13 year old daughter is missing. (8/3/2016)

She was last seen yesterday wearing a grey t-shirt and a purple skirt in  Bridgeport, Connecticut . She is 5'4", slender built, with her hair twisted up into a ponytail. Her name is Ariana.

If you see her contact the police immediately. 

Please keep your eyes open and pray that she is found safe and returned to her family.

UPDATE AS OF 6:00 PM 8/3/2016

UPDATE AS OF 3:36 AM 8/4/2016

THIS IS CRAZY! I see a few people are questioning the validity of Ariana being missing because they have not been able to find any news sources. That’s because the news outlets are not reporting it! We have no idea why. We have no idea why the police took forever to get to her mother’s home after she was reported missing, either. In most states an alert is supposed to go out for a child under the age of 16 IMMEDIATELY. It’s been over 36 hours and nothing has been said by police or the news outlets.

Her name is Ariana Bel-Jean. Please…we need to get her home.

UPDATE AS OF 8:39 AM 8/4/2016

Channel 12 News FINALLY ran her story…nearly 48 hours missing. #BringArianaHome

Also from another source…

UPDATE AS OF 10:48 PM 8/4/2016

This post is from Ariana’s mother. As of this very moment, she has still yet to hear anything official from police or from anyone alleging to have Ariana.

UPDATE AS OF 2:01 AM 8/5/2016

THEY FOUND HER! Thank you so much for all of your tips, for the reblogs, and for the care and prayers. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Maybe he doesn’t miss you after all, but I know he still thinks about you.

He’s driving down the road and he sees the exact spot where you wrecked his car. He thinks about the way you had tears in your eyes and couldn’t stop saying you were sorry.

He’s going through his closet and sees the shirt you got him for his birthday. He thinks about the way you were biting your lip as he opened it, just hoping he’d love it.

He’s walking down the grocery store aisle and sees your mom. She smiles at him, and she looks so much like you. He wonders how you and your family have been. He hasn’t heard from you in so long.

He’s looking for his old notebook and stumbles across the scrapbook you gave him. He could never bring himself to throwing it away. He can’t help but opening it, and his heart beats a little faster as he turns the pages.

He’s on your road for the first time in months, and looking at your driveway is almost painful. All he can see is you running out of your front door, smiling from the east to the west, jumping into his arms.

So maybe he doesn’t miss you after all, but I promise he still thinks about you. You were kind, you were caring, and you were brave in the way you loved him.

That is a love he will never forget.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #94 // It still matters even if it wasn’t meant to last forever

Geraldine Largay’s Wrong Turn: Death on the Appalachian Trail 


She was afraid of being alone and prone to anxiety, a diminutive 66-year-old woman with a poor sense of direction, hiking the Appalachian Trail by herself, who wandered into terrain so wild, it is used for military training. She waited nearly a month in the Maine woods for help that never came.

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