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5 and 19 for jeanmarco :)

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5. Who plays video games and who snuggles up next to them as they play?

i honestly feel like this is interchangeable?? like sometimes jean will be playing some kinda shooter game like far cry or battlefield and he’ll be all yelling at the screen and firing missiles everywhere and letting off steam while marco just cuddles him from behind whereas marco will play like. soft sandbox space games and explore things gently while jean watches with his head in his lap

19. Who is majorly ticklish and who is the tickle-attacker?

somehow i feel like marco is the ticklish one??? man i just got this mental image of marco squealing in the most adorable way if jean so much as brushes a hand down his waist without warning and when jean tickles him he’ll just end up a giggling heap crumpled on the floor while jean lifts his shirt up and blows raspberries on his stomach god this ship owns my ass


ALRIGHTY THEN! I’m starting this as a draft and as I continue to study the trailer in all it’s (tragic) glory I’ll keep adding on bits and pieces and by then end of this post it’ll probably be at least 48 hours before I’m completely done (It’s 9:37pm PST 12/14/16  right now).  Work and real life want to be in my way when I just want to lie back and enjoy The 100. 

In this post, I’ll be going through every clip and every piece of dialogue, giving you guys my theories and questions on what will be happening in S4 including what episodes I believe everything will be in (or at least TRY to).  This is in no particular order and things will get SUPER messy but please bare with me. I pray that it all makes sense in the end.  We have A LOT to cover so let’s just dive in now okay?

***FAIR WARNING*** This is my first time doing a full on analysis of ANYTHING so if you read this and have some constructive tips or pointers, PLEASE let me know so I can improve my writing skills!***FAIR WARNING OVER*** 

We kick off with “The end is coming.”  I feel like that quote COULD be in the season. The voice sounds kind of robotic and ALIE as we know her, doesn’t sound robotic. Is it a recording?  Something left behind in case she was ever destroyed? So yeah, robotic voice then we get the Earth’s nuclear plants melting.  I was trying to figure out which continents were which and I pulled up 3x7 to compare but with the narrative, I got confused. The Commander had said the ICBM’s were coming from China but I’m seeing missiles come from everywhere so….. yep, confused. I could guess part of what we see could be Africa because next, ALIE’s normal voice begins to reiterate the end of S3 and we see…

The Great Pyramids!!!!  I don’t know if this is “trailer only” content or if the pyramids will actually be in the season. IF they are in the show, then I’d probably say this would be somewhere before the acid rain comes. Maybe it’ll be in ep3? Going for ep 3 or 4. And who is that woman who just got incinerated? Do we know her or is she a random? More than anything, I’m just trying to figure out how Egypt ties into our story. I feel something biblical here. Vital information I must have. 

Black Rain/No Drinkable Water  You see Harper in the center and she’s screaming out, “Bellamy!”  It’s raining. This is obviously going to be the first experience of acid rain. They’re all panicked and running for cover.  Next, Bellamy comes out wearing a HAZMAT suit?!?!?!  

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At 2 a.m. on June 3, 1980, some poor Air Force staffer deep within the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) was working the late night shift when he noticed that the screen readout that usually read “0 Incoming Missiles” suddenly read “2 Incoming Missiles.” This was bad enough, but then, perhaps with an innocuous beep, it announced “220 Incoming Missiles.”

Alarms sounded everywhere as the Air Force collectively freaked out all across America. Bombers carrying nuclear bombs began taking off throughout the country. Someone woke up National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and told him that the shit was hitting the fan.

Luckily, before anyone could actually fire a missile, someone realized that the hundreds of warheads weren’t showing up on the radar screens. The alerts were canceled, bombers landed and everyone took a deep breath and poured a strong Scotch.

It took three days to figure out what happened. It turned out that a simple computer chip was malfunctioning inside the NORAD computers, causing the display to sometimes show 2s when it should have shown 0s. Allegedly, the chip that caused the crisis cost only 46 cents.

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