missile barrage

wings-of-the-wyvern  asked:

If you had to design your own Tyranid independent character what would it be like?? Please answer in as much detail as you can :)

Neat question @wings-of-the-wyvern. How about “Brother’s Bane” - an especially bloated zoanthrope whose party trick is to psychically puppet enemy warriors and turn them against one another. It’s also more tricksy than just getting allies to shoot each other up - it gets people to open bunker doors to tyranid swarms, or direct missiles or artillery barrages against vulnerable parts of their own lines. 

  • (Attack commences in 30 seconds)
  • Tracer: Lads, I don’t want to sound cocky... but I’m the ultimate badass, state of the badass art... you DO NOT wanna mess with me.
  • (Talks to Mercy)
  • Tracer: Doc, don’t worry, me and my squad of ultimate badasses will protect ya, check it out… kinetic shield generator, WHAP!... No one can touch us with this puppy... We got tactical missile barrages, phased plasma pulse rifles, rocket launchers, WE GOT SONIC ELECTRONIC BALLBREAKERS!
  • (Slaps Lúcio’s gun)
  • Tracer: We got remote-controlled explosive tires, we got ninja swords, magical dragon-summoning arrows...
  • (Starts countdown)
  • Soldier-76: Knock it off, Oxton… and somebody thaw out Mei.
  • (Defeat)
  • Tracer: Well, I guess it’s game over, mate.
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