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I just wanted to say THANK YOU so so so much for writing HTDC, you have a huge talent for making characters feel real and gut-wrenchingly three-dimensional. And not just them, but the more minor characters too, you really struck home the "everyone is the main character of their own life" aspect and I absolutely adored it. You poured heart, soul, salt, probably a few blood sacrifices into your fic and I can tell, probs bc I can't imagine writing something so in-depth and incredible without (pt 1)

[ask continues:] putting all in to it. And I’m so grateful you put out chapters and let us read it bc it’s like I wasn’t aware of exactly what I was missig until it beamed me in the face, and while I was blinking dazed, I was also in love. You have consistently written the funniest, most meaningful, serious, and just realistic dialogue that I’ve read in a damn long time. I’ve cried over this fic. Multiple times. Mostly when I’m reading in the dark but also during the day, cause you’ve got me INVESTED so HARD (2)

and i cant really imagine how we’re coming to an end at 200 chapters just because it was such an exciting thing to see a new chapter come out every time and see what will happen, what everyone will do, but I’m sure it will be incredible, and sad, and maybe a little relieving and terrifying. You got me hooked (pun intended) on Iya and Julan, but not just them, but the world you describe and tease out into language while we watch, blinking dazed and a little in love. (3)

So again, I’m not trying to embarrass you, but you move through language gorgeously, hilariously, and it’s p inspiring for someone like me who’s gotten tired and hasn’t been writing for over a year now. Thank you so much, I can’t imagine how much more you care about HTDC, bc just as a reader I CARE SO MUCH and for you it must be infinitely more precious. Thank you for letting us read it always. (sorry sorry let me stop now) (pt 4, end)


…I really don’t know what to say?? I mean, except “thank you”, obviously! And to try and resist the impulse to explain exactly how and why you’re wrong about my writing being anywhere near that good. (Because, true, but: rude.) 

But yeah. Regardless of its flaws, I’m so happy it meant something to others, as it certainly did (does!) to me. And trying to get it as close to right as I can has been on my mind every day for the last 2+ years. I can’t believe it’s actually almost done, either, it felt impossible, but I always knew where I was trying to go.

thank you again, and thank you so much for reading. 

I hate that I love you Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 X)

(Fell) Goth belongs to @nekophy

(Fell) Palette belongs to @angexci


Where is this idiot! Fell!Goth thought. His plan would only work with a little help. Special help.

He was running through the streets in the ‘original’ universe, when his eye caught something.


“Hey, you little shit!” Fell!Goth screamed. Palette turned around. He was sitting in a Cafe, waiting for his Goth. He looked at him confused.

“Excuse me, are you talking with me?” he asked. Fell!Goth sat on the chair infront of him, looking into his eyes.

“We have to talk” he said, placing his elbows on the table, interwining his fingers and laying his chin on them.

“Oh, okay, but why do you want to talk with me of all people?” he asked a bit skeptically. His parents told him to stay away from the underfell universe and he knew this guy infront of him was Fell!Goth. Fell!Goth was still looking him in the eyes.

“It’s about your Goth” he said. Palette’s eyes widened and he jumped from his chair up.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?!” he practically screamed in panic. Everyone was looking at them, and Fell!Goth rolled his eyes.

“Calm down” he said “It’s not like that, he…” Palette sat back on his chair, waiting impatiently for an answer.

“I think he…”

“JUST TELL ME!” Palette screamed, and again everyone was looking at them again.

“I think he’s interested in my Palette” he said. Palette looked a little taken back. He didn’t move, like he froze in place. Then he smiled again.

“Well, I’m happy for him. Even though I think he would be a bad infludence” he said while grabbing his chin and looking away, like he was thinking about something.

“Do you think I’m an idiot?” Fell!Goth asked “I know what you feel for him. This whole 'best friend’ mascarade won’t fool me. And don’t you dare to deny it! We both know that you don’t see him as your best friend”

“But he is my bestt friend!” Palette said.

Is this guy being seriouse? Fell!Goth thought to himself.

“What I meant was that you like him as more than a friend. You love him” Fell!Goth smirked.

“And because of that you are going to help me with my plan and after that Goth will practically run into your arms”

“I don’t-”

“Shit he comes! Think about it” Fell!Goth interrupted him. And with a poof he disappeared.

“Hey Palette! Sorry I’m late” Goth said. Palette put on his usual and true smile.

“No problem buddy! But why were you late?” Palette asked him. Goth sat infront of him where a few seconds before Fell!Goth was sitting.

“I met your conterpart from the Underfell universe” he told him.

“Oh! And how was it?” Palette asked, then he noticed that Goth’s cloak was a bit torn. There was a piece of the fabric missig.

“OH MY GOSH! GOTH, DID HE HURT YOU?!” Palette quickly ran over to him and held him by his shoulders.

“Palette calm down, you’re overreacting. His nose was bleeding, so I cut a bit of my cloak off and wiped the blood away”

“Oh! That’s nice from you!” Palette said with his typical energic smile and let go of Goth’s shoulders. Goth was his best friend, he loved him more than anything else in this world. Maybe he loved him too much, but he couldn’t understand why it was feeling bad…what was this feeling?

It couldn’t be love…NO! Fell!Goth was wrong, he didn’t love Goth that way…he couldn’t…

Goth was his best friend after all


“Dumb Palettes. Dumb other Goth. Dumb everything” Fell!Goth murmured angrily as he was walking through his universes snowdin.

“Why do they love to hurt me this much? What did I ever do to them?”

It’s not your fault…Palette wasn’t always like that. He was sweet and kind. Things at that time really changed him a lot” a voice out of nowhere said.

“Wh-WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT!” Fell!Goth yelled into nowhere.

Well…he was never the same after he lost me. You have to know that he loved me a lot, so did I…

“ARE YOU TRYING TO TEASE ME?! ARE YOU BEING HAPPY WITH TELLING ME THINGS LIKE THAT?!” the voice chuckled quietly, but he still heared it.

He didn’t love me like that. It was platonical love” the voice said. There was a loud crash heared.

I’m sorry, but I have to go now” the voice said in a fast pace.

“Wait! Who even are you?” Fell!Goth asked. The voice chuckled again.

It wouldn’t be funny if I already told you about my name… the voice said.

Good bye Goth…” the voice said in a distance “Hopefully I will see you soon…

With that it was quiet again. Fell!Goth was confused.

Who were they?


I think I might have an obsession with adding characters into my stories and not telling the readers who they are…

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Name: Daniela

Nickname: on some other websites/social media I go under a nickname “Staphylococcus” and people (even IRL, eh) actually started calling me Staphy/Staphylo. It’s kind of silly but I don’t mind.

Birth month: January.

Height: 170 cm (5′8???)

Ethnicity: white

Orientation: ?!? YOU TELL ME. Seriously. I’m kind of lost, still.

Fruit: ALL OF IT. But mostly strawberries. And raspberries. Blueberries. All the -berries I guess.

Favorite season: end of spring, but not so much since I started college.

Books: Cosmere, Dune, Lord of the Ice Garden (hate the person who managed to translate the board game into english but NOT THE ACTUAL BOOK!!! You are missig a lot, my friends.), 1984, Brave New World…

Favorite flowers: Snowdrops

Favorite scent: horses

Favorite animals: horses, dogs, guinea pigs, cats…

Favorite beverages: wine, coffee, green tea

Hours of sleep:  7-8, more if I can

Favorite fictional characters: Khrissalla, Kelsier, Wayne, Steris, MeLaan, Siri, Adolin, Vasher…ehhh…I’m a huge pile of Cosmere trash.

Number of blankets you sleep with: A sheet and 1 blanket to cover me, a big heap of stuffed animals, if I’m sleeping at my parents’ house.

Dream trip: Iceland, mostly

Blog Created: like a month ago? Ok, maybe 2.

Number of followers: 99 uh…why? HOW?!

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Hope your not looking down on me today
I’ve tried to do my best carrying this weight
I remember about vengeance upon thee
I have never forgotten for one second
But this was hard
You must know I regret that morning more than anything
And I’d give it back
That is not to say I don’t love this
But there is not one day i can forget
There is not one day
Sometimes i feel I’m waiting biding time
Waiting for something that may never come
Still everything is different
All was changed, everything
All that we live for
All that we dreamed of taken away
Sometimes I swear that I’m waiting for
Something to jump out at me
Where can you hide when they come calling
Where can you go when they come for you
Time like this when the walls close in and I can’t breathe
I call your name

Photo Credit: Lindsayanneadtr

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Fatima can you tell me a funny story or something this week has been terrible :-(

o ok damn :/ ok so in 7th grade I had this really bad crush on this Italian kid who spoke spanish n had green eyes n every time I saw him I was like fUk…… and so 1 time in 7th grade I had a class with him n the teacher was like fatima come here pleas! and I felt him looking at me so I was like ok! and I walked to the desk like

 ” and so when i get there im like :) and she tells me what she needed I forget what it was I think like a missig assignment n then I walk back 2 him like :) and he like what did she need ? n I was like o nothing B) n I stArt leaning back in my chair confident n shit n then he like smiling and stuff n then I start getting red as hell and I keep leaning back and BACK N BACK N MY ASS FALLS BACKWARDS MAN I FELL BACKWARDS N IM LIEK FUKCF AND THE TEACHER COMES TO ME LIKE FATIMA U ALRIGHT? N IM LIEK YES MRS. POPPEr AND HE LIKE LAIGHING AT ME N SHIT N MY ASS MORE RED THAN CLIFFORDS BOOTY CRACK MAN TRULY ONE THR MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENTS OF MY LIFe