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I met my fiancé in POF. I wasn’t gonna see him again after our first date but he gave me a ponyo blu ray and I felt bad about giving it back. And now we’re engaged. Lol!

awww! I’d got it into my head that you met at work, I don’t know why I presumed that! you know what norwich dating is like though, everyone is either a bellend or you’ve already shagged them or went to school with them, or sometimes all three hahaha! I’ll try POF again I haven’t tried that xxx

ALSO p.s. I saw this on pinterest and thought of you- you can send a wedding invite to mickey and minnie!!! you get a badge! http://somethingturquoise.com/2012/04/18/keepsake-mailing-your-wedding-invitations-to-the-president-and-mickey-mouse/ 

Hello Lovelies I am Miss Hayley Bee and I’m your Red Headed lover of everything leopard print. I have a passion for photography and anything nails, hair and beauty related! I believe in happiness at any size and love to encourage dressing exactly how you want.
I’m going to be your resident glamour guru sharing various step by step tutorials with you, mini tips, product reviews and advice helping you to be the babeliest babe from top to toe.From beginners to advanced there will be a look for you to recreate and rock on your nails! I’m all about fun trashy nails with a bright kitschy vibe.

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