Vivian was out walking in the apple orchard he grew in the backyard one nice evening. He thought his wife would’ve liked how it came out if she was alive to see it. He was reminiscing on the good memories as he also though about what to do for the future since he was getting tired of the abandoned house he was staying at.

Gods. Gods are everywhere • Coyolxauhqui

Pretty parties alawys attracjed the incubus and to seduce the wives of those old bastard wasn’t that bad. Plus the food for the humans was quiet good too. This night Lüdvérc put on his prettiest, most well-tailored suit and went out to have some fun.

Sometimes this fame and wasting made him sick. But he knew it would be only worse, after all they were humans. The demon snorted quietly and took a glass of champagne from the waiter who walked around in the room. As he turned around, he didn’t notice the woman behind him. “Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t see you.” He cleared his throat.