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The next morning, after Tristan left for work, Wren headed to Lark’s apartment in the Spice District. Lark had given birth a week earlier, and save for a quick visit at the hospital, this was the first time Wren had seen her or the twins.

Her conversation with Tristan the night before weighed heavily on her mind during the journey to Lark’s. They had left things so open-ended, and that wasn’t like Tristan at all. Typically, he liked to resolve problems as quickly as possible – it was what made him such a good police officer – so the lack of resolution had kept Wren awake half the night, wondering what she should do.

All of her worries disappeared once she saw Lark and the babies. Kade and Chanel were two little bundles of joy, but when she arrived, they were both screaming about something.

Lark: I feel bad just standing here looking at them when they’re crying.

Wren: Shh… I just need to take it all in. They’re your babies, Lark. I can’t believe it.

Lark: I almost couldn’t either. That first night at the hospital was so surreal. But then we got them home, and they starting pooping and puking and crying, and it got really real, really quick.

Wren got to work on Chanel, changing her diaper and giving her cuddles while Lark fed Kade. Once they were both settled down in their cribs, the two women tiptoed out of the room so they could talk.

the signs as iconic spn moments
  • Aries: Dean wakes up as a demon
  • Taurus: Dean agrees to take on the Mark
  • Gemini: Ruby reveals her betrayal after Sam breaks the last seal to free Lucifer
  • Cancer: Dean sells his soul to bring Sam back
  • Leo: Castiel reveals his wings
  • Virgo: Jared and Jensen play Sam and Dean playing Jared and Jensen playing Sam and Dean
  • Libra: Dean is shown in Hell
  • Scorpio: Castiel’s memories return to him in 7x17
  • Sagittarius: Mary’s, and later Jessica’s, deaths by Yellow-Eyes
  • Capricorn: Sam sees the army man and is able to wrestle control over Lucifer
  • Aquarius: Castiel is suddenly human as the angels fall
  • Pisces: Sam finds out the truth about what happened that night with YED


I am a huge fan of working with whats in your closet and buying a piece (or two) to update what you already have. I also love mixing and matching prints and textures. Of course you already know I love body con and more fitted styles that really show off my shape. It’s no secret pencil skirts are of one of my absolute favorites and I need more of them in my life. Peplum for me can be hit or miss but this top fit so well and I loved the texture so it was a must have.

I’m also loving Sam Edelman shoes right now. It’s really hard for me to find a comfortable, supportive and chic shoe that’s high enough but not too high (3" is perfect) and the Okala ankle strap pumps are a treat.

OUTFIT DETAILS:  Top - INC MACYS, Skirt - SANCTUARY (Nordstrom) Shoes - Sam Edelman (my favs! so comfy and cute, I have two pairs now!) Belt & Bracelet - Lane Bryant, Clutch - Top Shop.