Missers 2015

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Hyunseung forever in my heart

So as you all probably know Jang Hyunseung left BEAST…only by writing this i tear up. I’m a huge Hyunseung fan as you all may know. I live for that guy. He made me happy when i was said, he made me smile and laugh, he was the one i listened to when i tried to calm down, he was the one that saved me from my misserable time…and now reading that he is leaving just breaks my heart. I have to be honest, i saw this coming I only hoped Hyunseung would have stayed till october when BEAST contracts ends. Even though im very sad somehow its a relief too. For almost 3 years i have seen Hyunseung being distant with the others. I thought it would turn out well eventuelly and it looked like it was going okay last year during Good Luck. Then it went downhills. You could see that Hyunseung was not feeling comfortable around the other anymore. Hyunseung leaving BEAST is like a nightmare coming true yet im glad he can finally do what he wants. That he is free you know. That he can shine on his own. Im so glad he will still be singing because a none singing Hyunseung would be such a waste of talent. I only hope CUBE really gives him a solo and more promotions.. 

Hyunseung you will be forever my no.1 no matter what you do or what happened. Im proud of what you have done and stood up for yourself. I wish Hyunseung and BEAST the best! I will keep supporting the others of course because i love them just as much and for me BEAST WILL FOREVER BE WITH SIX IN MY HEART! 

(And there are my tears again…)

Column Ben van Althuis - Medische misser

Column Ben van Althuis – Medische misser

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Het is bekend dat er mensen zijn die zich graag een paar dagen in een ziekenhuis laten opnemen – ik ken overigens relaties waarbij ik me zo’n verlangen kan voorstellen – maar voor de meeste van ons is het ziekenhuis een minder prettige verblijfplaats. Je gaat omdat je moet en vaak heb je zelfs geen keus. Als je dan, al dan niet met gillende sirene, naar zo’n fysiek reparatiecentrum wordt…

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[DUTCH] Trijntje Oosterhuis riep heel Nederland op om haar Facebook pagina te liken. Voor iedere ‘like’ zou ze 1 euro doneren aan de actie voor de Filippijnen op giro 555. Dit liep compleet uit de hand en voor ze het wist was Trijntje 200.000 likes verder. Nu ze heeft aangegeven dit niet te kunnen (willen) betalen, brandt de discussie en de kritiek los. 

Persoonlijk vind ik dat er niet van haar verwacht kan worden dat ze 200.000 euro gaat betalen, maar haar imago zal door deze actie wel een deukje oplopen verwacht ik.

Wat had ze nu anders kunnen doen? Ik bedoel 200.000 nieuwe volgers op Facebook: had ze daar die 200.000 euro mee kunnen terugverdienen?

Fuck'em all

The boy I love just deleted me from Facebook and there’s no way I can find the brave I don’t have to talk to him and ask him wtf’s going on with us just ‘cause he’s with another guy… I don’t know what to do, I feel miserable, a fucking shit, all I want to do is leave it all, my friends my studies… What should I do? Kill myself? I’m not able to show the people I’m fine anymore, I’m just tired bout being strong, I have fought a lot and keep fighting and I see no results, no happiness… I still feel lonely, feel useless, I don’t know… What about leaving this world? What about keep fighting even if I’m tired? Man all I want to do is rest, cry, and let the time go as fast as it fucking wants.

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2 or 3 you choose

Did both technically cause lbh i’d be an antihero at best

also- couldn’t decide between wings or fire powers so i gave myself both. fight the fuckin system bro

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Ooooh, kinky stuff, huh? OK. Does Wade wear his mask during sex? Or in the shower? Also, do you judge his taste in chicks while they're making out?

[Wade is an insecure little tortoise because his scars and because we pretty much we enjoy making his live misserable ‘cause we were not given a chance to be super. so he wears his mask event wile eating alone. we are that good](we judge chicks, cocks, hens and eggs just fine!)[ we dont really wait till they’re making out].(damm now I want an omelette)

PREMIERE: Former members of Transit and Defeater get grungy in Cold Collective's "Tred"
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Since leaving Transit in 2014, vocalist/guitarist Tim Landers has kept himself plenty busy, first playing in pop-punk act Misser, then starting the project Off & On and now forming another new band, Cold Collective, alongside former Defeater guitarist Gus Pesce. While Landers played a huge role in shaping Transit’s sound throughout the years, Cold Collective is no simple retread—their debut…

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