So this was my very first attempt at something, I thought dots would be easy to start with but I actually struggled to use the dotting tool and it came out quite messy, but I did really like the colour combo, had a bit of a pop art feel to it. The drips were a lot more purple in real life. As you can see, my cuticles are disgraceful, another thing I wasn’t looking after very well!! The Yellow B/G is actually the Sally Hansen Nail Effects Nail Polish strips, they were extremely fluorescent in real life.

My nails today, Essie Neo Whimsical with Orly Instant Artist gold glitter striper.  Inspired by this, couldn’t track who the original artist was, but reminded me of the Madeline Poole Style.  Also later added a funky accent nail in between cooking dinner, will post pics tomorrow.  P.s A tip for girls with acrylic nails, the border design is awesome for covering up the re-growth that starts showing when you are due for your refills like I am atm ;)


Nails today, OPI Atomic Orange with CND Gold Chrome and black Striper, random designs except for the eye which is meant to be the All seeing eye, I saw someone else do a mani with this that gave me the idea, can’t remember who now, but if you know msg me know so I can credit.  Top photo is with flash, bottom natural light under the very sad grey sky of Melbourne today, it’s meant to warm right now, but it seems Melbourne weather is staying true to it’s unpredictable nature!