“Into the Woods” - Witchy shooting 🌿🌘🔮

The model is me, all clothes are H&M

The harness is from MOD MINISTRY ✨

Belt, ring and book are from my family ~

This is my first time as a “model” and I loved doing this with my dear friend <3 I hope you’ll like it too :3

Watch on hummousexual.tumblr.com

fucking awful, but yall keep instagramming your starbucks, bedsheets and hickeys from sleezy nights 👌🏻 “Yesterday in Gaza, Palestine. After a 72 hour ceasefire, Israel launches its second killing spree firing missels onto Gaza again.”

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I just sold a Spellscroll for 500k instead of 5mil!

Okay so I made a BIG mistake and I just sold my last spare spellscroll on the AH for 500k instead of 5mil, all because I failed to type one little 0.

It happened like 3 minutes after I made >this< post. If you bought the scroll or know the person who did, please please return it and I will give all of your treasure back and draw you a bust of your dragon, including it’s skin/accent and apparel! Please reblog this so I have a higher chance of returning my lost scroll!

Some periods of time are just so much more challenging than others. Not feeling too cash hot in this one. I’m really trying, but it’s a bit of a struggle.

Logically, I know I’m going to be okay, but emotionally, that’s a lot harder to believe. One day those two will actually work together.

Le sigh. *fires ze missels*