Time Heals

Etched into the minds of a painful past
Complicated hearts fulfill each other’s dreams
Forbidden desires are a tidal wave of lust and emotions
Imprisoned love yearn for freedom of mind

Forlorn beings of righteous lives
Lost among the stars and dark matter
Forsaken inamorato languishes for inamorata
Aphotic screams for rapture and accord

The arrow pierces the flesh 
Amity is near but the real poise is upon them
Inept momentary struggle kills slowly
In time the affect will be apperceived

In unity all will be understood
Mysterious indignation is not my status quo
Through time and space this is the reality
This undertaking is essential practice

-Cupid King

My love

I fell in love I could not stop it!I will miss how softshe is, the smell of her skin, the taste of her lips, the warmth of her body! I miss everything about her! So why can’t I keep her!

Born in Paso Robles and you were laid to rest in LA….

Tears that were beyond real (Kept in & close) far beyond anything I could ever possibly feel.

(((You have to be strong for those around you because not everyone can or will…We’re not all built that way. Sometimes we’re built to “break”)))

I left my love that next day.
–Said, “Hey in all honesty…. I just lost my papa, if you wanna go….There you go, there’s the door.”

In & Out my life / Swiftly sailing these waves because somehow you taught me to love endlessly.

More than a grandad & never anything less than the best father I ever knew….

Arms always held me close / always heart protected / never neglected.

That is how I see you “apa.”

Sitting above this hilltop, listening to my heart beating softly // Rise and Fall only to Fall and Rise & we’ll put that on repeat ( Because after all__“What doesn’t kill ya, makes ya stronger, right…?!)

Stand tall but never "above” others…. Walk side by side, just hold hands (You’ll know your best “gatekeeper”)

These moments all bring me back to my greatest reality,

Listening to:
Ron Pope “Come to California”
& Ed Sheeran “One”

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You say, “Roar” // I say, “Raw” // Rarely “Rawr.” Particularly only when engulfed in silly playfulness. Ha!

While at Dodger stadium I just said, “woooooo!” 😁

Thanks for an awesome time Ian! Super awesome surprise and a great way to end up spending the day….

#dodgers #goblue #postseason #missedlove #playoffgame #1sttime #LLLA (at Dodger Stadium)

Oh how I miss you woman.
No other human being can fill that space in my life | I love my other elders & appreciate them so much….but you, You are irreplaceable.

Miss you Mom.
Hope I’m making you proud.
You were an incredible human being & Mama! Good traits, bad traits and all-You had a golden heart, I have become the person I am today because of you.
Thank you for that! I Love you.

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#LLLA #likemotherlikedaughter

Leaving The Bay but not without a little something to remind me of this trip :) (Aside from the seashells and rocks 😄)

Funny how this little reminder has so much else to it today, on Mama’s Day….

My mom was one of theeee biggest Dodger fans 💙! I swear it felt like you were at the stadium when they were playing and she was at home watching a game ⚾️

What’s funny is my Grandpa was a HUGE SF Giants Fan and when they would play against one another they’d call each other up depending on who was winning…
Ah, bittersweet memories being able to recall these little things….
I miss them both…
Having these little reminders around helps keep them close, even though they’re with me all the time..

They’d be super happy seeing the family get together for Mother’s Day today, happy our fam is getting together!

(SUPER Bummed I won’t be there…. 😕 Thank Goodness for FaceTime and the “1” person I know has an iPhone so I can say, “Hi” to my Grams and the rest of my fam)

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