missed you gurl

Do you have any idea how hard Levy worked to gather intell for this mission, an’ we get here and the fighting’s over with?! I’m breaking someone’s damn legs! FUCK!!!! *Chops down half the forest with his giant blade*

*Punches the air* I feel a bit better now, whew, glad I don’t get too worked up over cartoons ~.~


@literally-just-yoongi-trash keep tagging me in these I love them!

Bregi: the softest pair

@chengineering because I know you love my face and I love yours, @mskimtaehyung I miss seeing you post it was nice talking to you!!!, @fleur-de-jinki have you been busy or something because I haven’t seen you on here a lot??? I miss you!, @sugabum090 gurl I will never get tired of seeing your face I miss you!!!