missed you elliott

Open When you miss me


        i promise that i miss you more. i’ve been around you so much the past 6 months, going a day without you feels kinda weird. these three months are going to be hard and sucky, but you’re the love of my life. i have never been happier than i am with you. even at our worst moments i couldn’t imagine losing you. you have nothing to worry about, sweet boy, i know that we can make this. 

         if i’m being honest with you, i’m already crying again because i miss the shit out of you. i miss you because you’re so much more than a boyfriend to me, you really are my best friend. you always know how to make me smile and i just want you here right now. i’m probably not helping a lot, so oops im sorry. let me try again:

           we’ve got this, babe. i miss you too, but we’re going to be okay. give me a call or text me or something, because i can guarantee i want to talk to you. i’ll be counting down the days until i can see you. and i know that this summer apart is so worth being able to spend next year together. i love you so so so much, and i can’t wait to see you. we’re going to be fine, and in a few years we’ll laugh about being upset over it because it’ll all work out. and i expect to still have you around in a few years, and i really hope you’ll deal with me for the next few years (or however long you can stand my lame ass).

i love you, sweetheart, call me.

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