missed you bb!!!

Sometimes it’s the little things. It’s the shoulder kisses and cooked breakfasts and the “drive safe” texts. It’s those things that for some reason make you feel more loved than you ever have before. It’s easy to plan elaborate nights out but when someone can make you feel so happy just by doing the smallest things, that’s when you know you’ve got something special
—  Midnight Thoughts

And here we have Monsta X finishing their mini-fanmeeting where they gave monbebes burgers and drinks but Wonho stuck around looking for his hamburger and crying “My hamburger” but is instead being redirected by his manager. Iconic. The story of wonburger. You will be missed.

I love you. It’s a scary thought, really. It’s like this imaginary bridge has just been crossed and now there’s no going back. But it’s true. It’s the only thought that runs through my mind when you’re holding me at night and it’s what I think about when we’re driving with the top down and doors off on a hot night. To be honest, I have no idea if you feel the same way or if you ever will but right now I’m content with spending all my nights loving you.
—  Letters to you (8-24-2015)
And I miss you. It’s silly because you aren’t mine to miss but I miss your stupid jokes and bright smile. And I miss you grabbing my hand when we’re out and kissing my hair at the end of the night. So I go to bed most nights thinking of you and I wonder, I wonder if somewhere thousands of miles away, you’re missing me too.
—  Letters to you (6-30-2015)

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