missed the one tho

Inktober Day #28: Starry

This…was meant to be traditional…I had some issues with my traditional supplies however so it ended up digital after all ;;7;; Eh this is probably the quickest, cleanest, less frustrating option so here you go! (let’s see if I can catch up tonight ack)

Have a Jade! Because I adore Jade :’)


one of the great things about JoJo is that if you pick a random character from it, you might end up with classics such as a 100.000 year old dude who turned his hand into a squirrel once, a dog who controls a sand monster and likes to fart in peoples’ faces, some sentient plankton possessing the body of a dead girl, the president of the USA or even Jesus Christ himself.


Generation of Miracles
First and Last matches with Seirin