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Greatest night of my life :)

This past Friday, I was finally able to see BTS perform live in Newark and it by far was the most incredible experience that I have ever had! For me, this was a “third time’s the charm” kind of event. Back in 2015, I happened to stumble upon them at the end of their live in Odaiba (after trying to find if they would be in Japan). Then, I missed my chance to watch the Epilogue tour in Manila the following year. So, this was “fate” in my mind to finally make seeing them perform reality!

There’s so much that I want to say and so many emotions that I want to convey but words wouldn’t be enough to express what I feel. So, first, let me just say THANK YOU BTS! I know you’ll never see this message but I want to express my gratitude for giving me this night. This concert was honestly the most amazing live event that I have ever attended! From the VCRs, to the costumes, to the choreography, to the transitions, and the performances themselves, everything was PURE PERFECTION! I’m still processing that this night actually happened haha

As a fan of BTS from their pre-debut days (I remember counting down the days till No More Dream was released), this concert really struck a chord within me. Watching the opening VCR play, hearing the fans chant and scream in the US, and seeing the sea of ARMY BOMBs nearly brought me to tears on multiple occasions throughout the night. BTS has come so far and grown so much and keep getting better and better with time and I am just so proud and happy for them for all the success and love that they are receiving! Each member was extremely talented and charismatic and the level that they all are on is just so high! While all the performances were perfection, 2 that I would like to point out were Taehyung’s solo and Hobi’s solo. Taehyung has been my favorite member since the beginning so to hear him sing solo and own it was breathtaking! In the end, after NAILING all the high notes in his song, he went for 2 more long high notes and ABSOLUTELY KILLED THEM! Hobi’s solo song is probably my favorite one so I was of course looking forward to seeing him perform it and once that chorus hit, I was blown away by the charisma radiating off of him! 

Thank you again BTS for giving me these memories and for creating music that has the ability to touch and inspire others! To answer Namjoon’s question at the end of the concert: Yes, I will stay with you forever :)

Kim Namjoon! Kim Seokjin! Min Yoongi! Jung Hoseok! Park Jimin! Kim Taehyung! Jeon Jungkook! BTS! <3

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So there's this girl that I like and she says she's straight and has a boyfriend. She sending mixed signals. She seems to always try to get my attention and its like shes flirting with me by jokingly being "mean" to me. Sometimes I catch her looking at me for no reason but idk. She knows I'm gay but I don't know if she knows that I like her. This could be a way of teasing me or it could mean I have a chance. But then again it could be another innocent reason. I don't know how to approach this

You should tell her about your crush on her! She’s ok with the fact that you’re gay and if she doesn’t like you back, she will be ok with it I guess. Tell her it and don’t miss a chance to make her yours, who knows what does she feel towards you

She won’t break you like those other girls will. That’s exactly why you’re terrified of her. She could make you happy. And you know being happy is the most terrifying thing in the universe. Once you’re happy it can be taken from you.
—  The girl who terrifies you
I’m happy for you, I really am… But that doesn’t mean that I don’t wish that I could change your mind and make you want to be with me again. I can’t change your mind and the more I think about it, the more I wonder why I want to so damn bad.
—  Okay

bey’s reaction to chance singing her happy birthday at made in america