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Richard Harmon’s delivery of the line “…Bellamy, you’re alive” in 2x01 as Kane carries him into the drooship is so iconic like the boy is resigned to his own mf death at this point I mean Bellamy Blake is stalking towards him covered in blood and ready for more he knows his ass is grass

We were good together, weren’t we?

Car Radio

This was requested by @blue-greenstylinson a while back. I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to get out! (You’re a sweetheart for being so patient with me, I swear hope I’ll never let an ask sit this long again. You’re the best!) -Emma

Also I couldn’t decide on what type of drug Tyler would be so I made him like two types

The music at the party made it near impossible for anything to be heard in the house. This didn’t bother Tyler at all. In fact, it pumped him up even more. This was the first party he had been to in California that Mark wasn’t hosting, and he had been really looking forward to this. Unlike at Mark’s parties, Tyler didn’t have to worry about something being posted on Mark’s channel. Tyler didn’t mind being on Mark’s channel, but he always found himself holding back on drinking when he knew the party would be posted about. He didn’t want to set a bad example for the fans.

This party was different though. His friend Luca was hosting it, and unbeknownst to Tyler, Luca had quite a wild side.  It wasn’t long before Tyler was handed a drink, and over the course of the night he had downed enough drinks to put a college frat boy to shame. 

After doing some shots with Luca and some of his friends, Luca made a suggestion that blew everybody’s mind. 

“Hey, hey, guys. Karaoke?” 

Tyler gasped. “Luuuucass you'rea geniuss that sounds uh-mazingg!”

Luca laughed. “Scheid, I think you’ve had a little too much to drink. I think you’re good for now.”

Tyler pouted and followed Luca to a little makeshift stage where the karaoke machine was placed, slightly stumbling  along the way. Luca cut off the music, causing everyone to stop and groan.

“Hey bro! Turn the mussic back on that was my jam,” a voice yelled.

“Calm down, calm down. I was thinking it would be fun to do karaoke. Any takers for the first song?” Luca announced.

“I’ll go first Lu,” Tyler offered, stepping onto the stage. 

“You sure Ty? What song?”

Tyler nodded. “Surprise me. And I just want to say Luke,” Tyler burst into laughter. “Luke, I am your father.” More laughter. Luca rolled his eyes and passed Tyler the mic. Not too long after, Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” filled the room. 

Tyler able to get through the “Ice ice baby” parts, but he made incoherent noises during the rap parts. He stupidly danced during it, earning cheers from the crowd. This encouraged him to dance more. In the middle of a move that looked like a hybrid of the tranky doo and a mime riding a motorcycle, Tyler got too close to the edge of the stage and tripped off of it. Luckily for him, he landed on his feet, but crashed into the guys standing by the stage. Luca quickly rushed over to him. 

“Woah there Tyler, I think you should go. Gimme your phone, lemme call somebody for you.” 

“Ooooh, Ethshould come he would love this and he would have so much fun. Lucky you are so smart today.” Tyler continued gush about Ethan to Luca, who quickly grew annoyed by it. 

“Well, I texted the Ethan guy in your phone, who I’m assuming is “Eth”. He should be here any minute now.”

Tyler gasped again. “Ethan’s coming here?! Oh god I hope he’ll wanna hang with me, he’s reeeally cool and I’m not, and he just-” Tyler suddenly sniffled and his eyes slightly began to water. “Lila he means a lot and I really hope he shows.”

Almost as if on cue, Luca spotted some tiny kid with bright blue hair looked around, confused. 

“Tyler, is that your friend?”

Tyler turned around and barreled towards his friend. 

“Ethy you made it! I missed youu!” Tyler exclaimed, tackling Ethan in a hug. Ethan had to pry Tyler off of him.

“Well of course I’d come, wait are you crying? What’s wrong?” Ethan observed. 

“I’m not crying there was just this ummmm, this craazy curse that makes a water fall on my face.” Tyler explained, thinking this is perfect, he’ll never know.

“Uh, huh. Now who’s Luca? I want to thank him for getting me.” Ethan asked, looked around again.

“I’m Luca. Thanks for coming for him. I know he appreciates it. He would not be able to drive like this. Here’s his phone. ” Luca stepped forward and held out Tyler’s phone.

“Thanks man, I appreciate it. Tyler are you ready to head home?” Ethan directed his attention back to Tyler. 

“Ooooh, youre taking me home? I cant waait. Bye Luccyyy.”

Ethan struggled to get Tyler in the car. Once on the way home, Tyler became suddenly interested in everything in the car. 

“Eeeeth, can we do karaokaaay?” Tyler begged, opening and closing the air conditioning vent.

“Karaoke? I guess.” Ethan answered, turning on the radio. Tyler cheered. The song on was “Chandelier”. Tyler began screeching along with the song and Ethan couldn’t help but to laugh and sing along. The rest of the ride home went like this. 

As they neared their house, “All of Me” began to play. Tyler belted along, messing up the lyrics, and then completely improvised the chorus. 

“ ’Cause ooooliveee meat  rubs ooooliveee juice, blue blue blue blue hair all your hair is blue blue blue. Give your soull to me, give my soull to you. I like your bluee face ohhhhhh ohhh.”

Tyler finished his version of the chorus as they pulled into their driveway. His version caught Ethan off guard, and he blamed it for Tyler being drunk. That didn’t stop his face from flushing.  

“Ethan did youu like my song for you, ohmygod you are so red are you sunburnt? I’ll fight the sun for you.” Tyler became concerned while he examined Ethan’s blush.

“No, no, no. I’m fine. Let’s get you to bed, shall we?” He avoided the subject of his flushed face and helped Tyler out of the car.

“Okay! Bye-bye Mr. Radio!”

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What's the thing you miss most about Akko? If you can say several things if you can't chose one


I miss her passionate comments about anything and everything. I miss her energetic presence and positive influence on others. I miss her tendencies to tackle obstacles with reckless abandon and unbridled eagerness. I miss her heartfelt determination and desire to follow her dream-

I simply…

…miss Akko

Fe, Esperanza, Caridad
Hey! Our class made a movie based on an old movie title from the late 1970s Philippines. The class worked really hard on this n we’re v proud of it too! It’s in Filipino but @karosuno made english subs. It’s up in our youtube channel but as unlisted (click the title fe esperanza caridad for the vid).

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I think both players have their strengths, obviously that's why they've played for the team so long. I've seen them both give balls away or miss tackles or whatever. I honestly think Krieger is better. Her first touch is phenomenal, she makes the runs, she looks up and sees the game. I don't think she's fallen behind and I don't think age matters. She's so freakin fast and she's a leader. I still think the WWC15 backline was the best we've ever had.

I’m now recovering after being knocked out with being sick (and then sick again), and I’m really looking forward to getting around to completing artwork after I tackle some missed assessment and catch up in my 3D animation class. I’ve also got 2 more weeks left of it aaand after that, I’ll be needing to start consolidating my portfolio to apply for another (and longer (2 year)) course. But anyways.

I APOLOGISE FOR THE WAIT, FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN WAITING, and just in general for not posting a lot. I hope to get back into it again and start finishing work.

(Another thing to mention, that reminder, I’ve got a Twitter, and secondly, I’ve been having a poll up for the past 2 days about what I might do after commissions and other work https://twitter.com/alynissia/status/874930543938371585 (20 hours left on it!)

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How tall are rugby players?? Are they all Giants??

That would be one word for it. Another one would be “freak”, for instance… But yes, in general, they are pretty tall.

The numbers 4 and 5 (locks) are usually the tallest ones in the team. Guys like Richie Gray, Luke Charteris, Brodie Retallick, Bakkies Botha; those guys will be 6′10, 6′11, (way over 2m) easy. Here’s a picture of Richie Gray next to a fan:

Next, you have the number 8s. They’re also pretty tall, around 1,90 (6′3). Those are guys like Kieran Read, Sébastien Chabal and Jamie Heaslip. Here’s a picture of Chabal, mostly because I’ve just realized I probably don’t have any pictures of him on my blog and that is a DAMN SHAME.

The flankers, numbers 6 and 7, theoretically need more mobility than the lower numbers, so they should be leaner. Those are my coach’s words I’m repeating. He’s a very good coach, and I respect him a lot, but that doesn’t make him automatically right… I mean, think of Thierry Dusautoir, Richie McCaw, Sam Warburton, Chris Robshaw; do those guys strike you as “leaner” than the rest of the team? Anyway, they’re pretty tall, too, usually around 1,88 (6′2) (Funnily enough, I just checked the heights of those four guys I just mentioned and they’re all exactly 1,88m tall. Weird, huh?) Here’s the obligatory Richie pic, because I love him (also, you can see that he’s taller than Nigel Owens – at least I think it’s Nigel):

Followed by a pic of Warby, because I love him too (and I especially love cuddle pictures) (look at his faceeeeeeeee ^-^):

Then there’s the front row: the props (numbers 1 and 3) and the hooker (number 2). People say that the hookers should be shorter (something to do with it being easier for them to hook the ball if they don’t have to bend their knees too much) but, in practice, they tend to be the same size as the props. They are not as tall as the rest of the team, I’d say around 1,83m (6 feet), but they are still kinda tall and wide. Here’s Cian Healy, my favorite prop, to give you an idea of their body type:

Also, here’s Cian Healy with his pug, Ted, which is the reason why he’s my favorite prop (he’ll take selfies with this little creature looking like a dust mite next to him, and tag them with #puglife, and go to pottery classes and make decorated bowls for him, and all his Ted tweets are so adorable I wanna claw my eyes out):

And here’s Tom Youngs, a hooker, who’s actually atypically short (1,75m – 5′8) but, as you can see, could never be called “little”:

But they can also be leaner, like Dimitri Szarzewski, who’s 1,80m (5′10) tall (I’m only including this picture so you’ll know of the variety in rugby players. I swear this is my only interest here.):

That’s it for the forwards. As far as the backs go, heights can vary a lot, but they’re usually not much shorter, and can be quite tall, too, like George North (1,94m – 6′4), Sonny Bill Williams (1,94m – 6′4 too), Israel Folau (1,93m), and Jonah Lomu (1,96m – 6′5):

In theory, scrum-halves should be a bit smaller and scrawnier, but that’s not necessarily true, especially in professional teams. Mike Phillips, for instance, is 1,91 (6′3), and far from scrawny (again, I’m just trying to prove my point, I don’t post gratuitous shirtless pictures, this isn’t for me at all):

But it is true that some smaller players can be found among the backs. And, of course, those are the ones we adore. Smaller backs can usually make up for their lack of size and mass with agility and mobility, and they have the added advantage of giving us in idea of what a regular-sized person would look like next to the other players. There are three players in particular that I hold very dear to my heart because of this: Cheslin Kolbe (who, being 1,71 or 5′7,  is what I would call “regular-sized”), pictured below looking like he’s running towards Valhalla while being pursued by Ice Giants:

Fumiaki Tanaka, who is 1,66m (5′5) and would be considered short in spite of the fact that he’s actually just a little bit taller than me (I’m 1,63m) and, in this picture, you can see that he’s also just a little bit taller than the other guy’s leg:

And, of course, our dear, dear, Leigh Halfpenny, who generally looks like a very muscular cherub. Being 1,79m tall (5′10) he would, in a normal setting, even be considered tall, but everyone else on his team is so much taller than him he always looks like a child:

I mean, LOOK AT THAT^^^!!! If you drew two human figures, side by side, with ^that kind of size difference, people would tell you you have no sense of proportion. And if you look at their feet, you’ll see that Luke is actually a little ways behind Leigh; so, because of perspective, he should be looking smaller than he actually is. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!


FUCK HIM!!!! FUCK ALL OF THEM!!!! I CAN’T TAKE THIS!!! I need a moment…

*drinks a gallon of water to stave off a very INTENSE THIRST*

Alright. So, going back to what I was saying in the other post (which I imagine was what prompted your message in the first place), if you look at Kolbe and Fumi playing, you’ll see that they have a completely different style than Leigh. Leigh plays just like the other players, creative in his own way, but physically very conservative, doing all the standard moves, especially when it comes to tackling and being tackled. Both Kolbe and Fumy play in a very different way, physically.

When it’s a one-on-one defense, for instance, Leigh rarely goes for their ankles; he goes low, but more to their hips. Kolbe and Fumi, unless they’re trying to take the ball, tackle very low, almost at the ground, or very high, almost to the neck. What Leigh does is the standard procedure: wait until the very last moment, until the attacking player has committed to a course of action, and then go for their gravity center; that way, you avoid getting side-stepped or missing the tackle (and if you’re the last line of defense, if you fail it means the other team scored). Problem is, you’re going to take the full brunt of the impact right on your shoulder, and if the other player is much bigger than you, that can be brutal, and you might not be able to stop them. Tackling very low or very high, on the other hand, is risky but physically safer. For tackling low you have to be very fast because they can see what you’re doing a mile away and your chances of missing are very high, but the impact you suffer is almost minimal. Tackling high can give the other team a penalty (or even a penalty try) and you a yellow card if you go too high, and it’s largely ineffective. It’s more of a delaying tactic, you hang on to them and try to slow them down until your forwards can get there and give you a hand. But, again, the impact you suffer is very low.

When Leigh is tackled, he usually resists and tries to keep his feet or, at least, the field position. Kolbe and Fumi never resist being tackled. When you watch them play, it looks like they’re getting the beating of a lifetime: they’ll soar backwards, legs in the air, arms flailing, the other players can pick them up and throw them over their heads; but they immediately get back up, brush it off and keep playing without showing any signs of hurt. They give a little bit of ground (and, really, it’s just a few meters at most) so they can fully cushion their own falls.

Kolbe and Fumi are very fast, agile players, so they actually can pull off these moves without harming their team; I think Leigh could do it too, but, honestly, it has never occurred to him that, since he’s smaller, he should play differently. Now that I think about it, it’s quite likely that Jonny Wilkinson might have had a similar problem…

This goddamn essay having been written, I should probably warn you that I’m no rugby theorist, I just really like the sport, both watching and playing, and tend to pay attention to all sorts of stuff and draw conclusions from that. Of course, I could be wrong and just talking out of my ass here (although I play both in a women’s team and a mixed team, so both in competitions where I’m roughly the same size as everyone else and where I’m much smaller, and I’ve found that what I said generally applies). If anyone cares to add to what I’ve written, or correct me, please do so. I’m always eager to learn! :)

(Also, if you were expecting a short, straightforward and technical answer, I’m very sorry. I just needed to unwind a bit and I wanted to talk about/fangirl on/thirst over rugby a bit. And I apologize to everyone else for not putting it under a “Read more”, but I just spent some 15 minutes of my very scarce free time writing this and looking for the photos, so I want everyone to see it.)

Chirstmas (Derek Hale + pack)

I sat down in the passenger seat and threw my bag in the back seat. I made myself comfortable. When he sat down he looked over at me and just nodded at my presence. 

“Did you really think you were leaving Beacon Hills without me?” I asked looking over at him.

“I was hoping you’d show up.” he smiled at me and I laced our fingers together.

“Is that an actual smile from the Derek Hale.” I faked gasped.

“I smile all the time around you it’s nothing new.”

“Uh it is to the entire world.”

“Whatever one is enough for me.” I smiled at him and gave him a peck on the lips.

“I love you.” I smiled.

“I love you more.” he said softly and I grinned.

“Where to babe?”

“I don’t know, I was just kinda thinking we could figure it out on the way.”

“Sounds perfect.”

Derek and I ended up Utah, in a big ranch house far away from the rest of society, just how he wanted it. We keep in touch with everybody back in Beacon Hills but they were all wrapped up in their drama. Honestly it was a relief to us, to not have to worry about it. Derek and I spent everyday together relaxing being glad that we escaped the supernatural world for now. We would just lay on the couch some days watching movies and cuddling, or other days we’d drive up to the city and find something cool to do. We were just enjoying ourselves for the moment.

For our first christmas gone, I wanted to spend it with pack and I know secretly Derek did too. We spent days preparing. We wanted the house to be absolutely perfect. We decorated to the limit. I was constantly on the ladder and Derek even had glitter all over his hands. We had lights everywhere. Derek and I stepped back to admire our work. This is exactly what I’ve always dreamed about. Settling down with the perfect guy, decorating my house for the holidays, doing fun and cute stuff constantly. I was so happy.

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