missed run

pelor: what does she mean to you?

keyleth: i told you i was faithless which might be true when it comes to the gods. but not with vex’ahlia. not with vox machina.  she gives me my power.

scanlan: her name is vex and she is greedy and mean sometimes and she can steal a lot. she’s a little bit not the greatest person, but her flaws highlight everything right about her.  she does all of these things to protect her friends and her family.  she would give her life for any of us or anyone truly in need.  she’s not perfect but she’s the most perfect of all of us.

grog: she believes in me. she tries to teach me to use my brain, learn from the world, and she always tries to cheer me on which not a lot of people do.

pike: i don’t have a real sister, but i consider her more of my sister than i ever had.  she’s family and if you take her from me there will be hell to pay.

percy:  she is mistress of the grey hunt of whitestone.  baroness of the first house of whitestone.  she is my heart and judgement and the future i have chosen. and she is the one that i have betrothed to.

vax:  she’s every hope i have.  when i am gone, she will make the world right.  she has the intelligence and heart to make real world decisions.  she is me but better.  she is your champion.

pelor: then there is hope.


Black hole” T.O.P strikes again. ㅋㅋㅋ! 

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