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Oh my god, I so want to do a part 3 to this one. I don’t know where I’d go with it yet (I still feel like Loki’s change of attitude towards the reader happened too fast) but ugh, I just love where this one went and how it turned out and… yeah. Cool. Thank you to @all-nerds-here for requesting this part two - I genuinely had a blast writing it. Enjoy, my darlings, and let me know what you think. 

Prompt: PLEEEAAASE continue the Loki x sick!reader one! It was sooo good!

Plague (Part 2)

Part 1

You knocked twice on the door. The early morning sun peeked into the hallway from the above skylight (of course Tony Stark would have windows in the damn ceiling) and though you still weren’t feeling completely well again, the sleep yesterday had certainly helped. Given that you were awake early, on account of your inability to sleep properly whilst sick, you still hadn’t changed out of your pyjamas. Around the red silk, you’d wrapped your duvet and in your hands you clutched the blanket that Loki had placed over you.

It hadn’t taken you long to figure out that it was Loki who had cared for you the day prior – nobody else had been around – but you had taken the briskness with which he had left as a sign to let the topic lie. Until this morning, you had intended to keep it that way but you felt somewhat indebted to him after waking up feeling so refreshed.

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Without You

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Title: Without You

Characters: Gabriel, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 983

Warnings: Angst and Fluff

A/N: I hope you all enjoy a little Gabe wherever you are today! I’ll be writing today, so if my second post today is late, I apologize <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

Sam and Dean watched you shuffle through the bunker as you sat down at the table for dinner.  You brought a t-shirt to the table, but it wasn’t your shirt; it was Gabriel’s.  The brothers told you that he saved their lives, but was killed in the end.  It didn’t make the reality of the situation any better.  You missed your boyfriend.  You missed his tricks, his jokes, his pranks; you missed him as a whole.  For the past few weeks you hadn’t left the bunker.  You stayed in your pajamas, only leaving your room to eat and to go to the bathroom.

Dean and Sam eyed each other, unsure of how to confront the situation.  Sam sat down in the chair next to you, “[Y/N], are you hungry?  Thirsty?”  Sam’s voice was sincere; he cared about how you felt.  Sam was worried that you wouldn’t get better any time soon.

Dean on the other hand, grew tired of your moping around after the first week.  He didn’t like Gabriel; he especially didn’t like the fact that the two of you were dating.  Dean rolled his eyes, taking the shirt from your hands, “this can’t continue [Y/N].  I’m sorry we couldn’t save him, but we’re still here.  Cas is still here.  You’re still here.  You can’t let this ruin your whole life.”

You were more frustrated than desolate that he took the shirt from your hand.  You shoved your chair away from the table and ran away from the table.  Tears fell from your eyes.  You just didn’t feel whole without Gabriel.  You ran to the bathroom slamming the door shut.

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Sebastian Stan Imagine

Fandom: Actors (Marvel, once upond of time…)

Pairing: Sebastian stand x reader

Warning: little pervy 7u7


You could not believe the rapid thing that was happening the time.You were going one year going out with Sebastian. It was not easy initially, he was travelling very much for questions of work and you could not always follow him, you tape-worms a work that was fixed in New York.

You had returned a bit late to house and he would not be late in coming. You left the bag in the nearest table, took the shoes from yourself and walked it was doing the sofa to leave you to fall down in, it was one very hard day in the work. You closed the eyes and remained slept.

You woke up when you heard the door being opened.

“Sebby? Sebby, are you?” You asked with the hoarse voice,sitting down in the sofa while you were scratching your eyes.

“Yes babe, it’s me” He walked towards the armchair, to sit down in to your side “You remained slept while you were waiting for me?” He said, you looked at him, he look so handsome a bit of beard it him had grown and it towards seeing very sexy.

“The truth not” You putting the arms behind his neck and Sebastian put theirs in your hip “Just i was tired”

“You are very romantic” He said with sarcasm “I thought that you would say that if”

“Is a joke, i miss you so much” You started bringing Sebatian’s lips over to yours.

“I al-” He could not finish the phrase since you kissed it. You were surprising everything of, his lips, his embraces, the simple touches that you loved, everything.The kiss turned into one wild abundance of passion. You separated the lips of them of to take air “You miss me so much”

“Were you doubting my word?”

“I would never doubt you babe” He wink an eye, he was so sexy.

You looked to the clock,it was three o'clock of the morning.

“It’s late, let’s go to sleep” You hug him,coiling the legs about his hip.

“Okay” He got up putting the hands in your ass “Upss…” You laughed together with up to coming to your room shared while it was giving you small kisses in the neck, on having come it put you on the bed going to bed to your side hug you.

“Good night Sebby”

“Good night Babe”

Imagine: Getting into a fight with Dallas because you refuse to move in with him (Part 2 of 3)

“Sorry, was I mumbling? I asked you to move in with me, y/n,” he said again, furrowing his brows at you.

You slid off his lap and swallowed hard. “Dally, that’s asking a lot of me. I mean, I’m not even outta high school yet and you want me to move away from home? I-I don’t think I can do that…” You bit your lip and rubbed your arm.

“What? Why not? You hate your folks!” he exclaimed, standing and backing you into the chair behind you. He was at least a foot taller and had a bad temper.

“I know, Dallas, but I can’t move out yet. It’ll ruin my parents a-and if people at school find out I’m living with you, they’re gonna freak.”

His jaw tightened and you saw his hands curl into fists. You could see that he was holding back anger. “They’re gonna freak? Are you ashamed to be seen with me, Y/n? Because if you are, I can get out of your life.”

“Dally…” you sighed, rubbing your forehead. “That’s not what I meant.”

“Sure it isn’t. You know what, when you’re ready to grow up, come find me.” He turned and left the drive in, leaving you stranded there.

Sighing, you left the drive in as well and headed home. When you go there, you snuck upstairs and climbed into bed, upset and wanting nothing more than to sleep everything away like a bad dream.

A week or so later, Ponyboy told you that Dallas went and got the apartment anyway. You weren’t too upset about that but you did miss hearing his crappy jokes and seeing that smirk he gave you when you were about to sneak out. You wanted your boyfriend back.

Ponyboy shook his head and took a drag on his smoke. “It ain’t right, Y/n. You need to go talk to ‘im. He’s depressed!”

“I know, I know…” you groaned.

He slapped your shoulder gently. “Go talk to him, okay?”

You nodded and stood, ruffling his hair. “Thanks, Ponyboy. It’s nice knowing you’re such a sweet kid despite who you hang out with - no offence to them, but really.”

He waved his hand at you. “Just go!”

Translator Sabine Sebastian tried to bring Seinfeld to Europe, yada yada yada, it flopped

by Jennifer Armstrong

Because of Seinfeld’s unique approach to comedy, it poses special translation problems. In one Radboud University study of Dutch viewers’ reactions to Seinfeld, viewers commonly reported being baffled by the show’s laugh track; the audience regularly missed the joke. Some of those who did laugh told researcher Elke Van Cassel that they were laughing only because the characters reminded them of Americans they knew.