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Missed Calls (Hoseok/Reader)

Genre: Lyrical, Angst

Words: 951

Author: Admin Meyg

Summary:  “I thought you used to be the one, I guess you don’t have time.” Missed Calls by Mac Miller 

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Long days, longer nights.
You keep startin’ fights, think you always right.
Call you up to tell you I ain’t comin’ home tonight.
Say you wanna leave me, it’s just talkin’ but I know you might.

 You held the phone away from your face, gripping it tightly to keep yourself from throwing it through the living room window.

“Hoseok, I haven’t seen you in five fucking days!” You finally screamed.

You couldn’t believe him. Another night at the studio; you might as well live alone at this point.

“Suga and I are working on something. It’ll be done soon babe, I promise.”

That’s what he always said. It will be done soon. He’ll be home first thing tomorrow. He fell asleep at the studio, but he can do lunch. Oh, too busy? Don’t worry, he’ll send delivery for dinner with the same note, 

“Might not make it home, I love you.”

Surprisingly, he made it home but not until 4 a.m. The feeling of his hands settling against the curve of your waist was one you had almost forgotten. As quickly as he had crawled in bed, you crawled out, and an unnerving knot settled in the pit of your stomach as the soft sound of bare feet followed you to the couch.

“Don’t do this. Not again.” His pleas were almost so convincing, so sincere. 

“I don’t want to fight Hoseok, just go to bed." 

You curled up on the couch, refusing to let yourself cry a single tear over the same ole situation. He put a blanket over you, before making his way back to the bedroom alone.

Now get along, I get along, I go
You sing along, to every song you know
You play your part, I’m playin’ mine
You breakin’ hearts, ain’t breakin’ mine
Since growing old is takin’ time, I’m actin’ like I’m eight or nine

People would talk. They would all say how you didn’t support him, and how he deserved better. They were wrong. You did support him, you loved his music, his dancing, and you envied his passion. You were always left in awe at the way his body moved so effortlessly when he moved. You knew how talented he was, and you were proud of him.

But you were alone constantly. You were left home to entertain yourself. Even when he was home he was completely wrapped up in his music, as if you didn’t exist. It was clear he didn’t love you nearly half as much as he loved his career, and that crushed you. You just wanted to be some type of priority, and it felt burdening to ask that of him.

"What the fuck is your problem? You’re acting like a goddamn child!” He spat into his end of the receiver.

“I’m acting like a child?!” You screamed in to the phone. “Because I want to spend more time with my boyfriend of five fucking years? Because I miss you Hoseok, I’m a fucking child?!”

“Baby, just calm down.” You scoffed over his attempt to calm you with the pet names. “I’ll be home shortly, and we can talk, okay?”

“Yeah,” you chuckled, “whatever you say." 

You hung up, and continued packing your bags. You honestly didn’t expect him to come home soon, or at all. So to see him standing in the doorway as you packed up your make up, and a few stray bathroom items, made you jump.

"What are you doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” You choked on your words, “I- I’m leaving you.”

I been on the same shit
We run into each other and it’s like we don’t even speak the same language
I guess people always going through changes
Didn’t think I would lose you once I got famous

“Hey! I didn’t think you would come!” Hoseok’s face was absolutely radiating joy to see you.

You forced a smile, “You were great up there J-Hope.” You sighed at the stage name rolling roughly from your tongue. “I’m glad you’re doing so well." 

You glanced around for an escape. You felt stupid coming to his show. You hadn’t seen him for almost 6 months since you left, and in such a short time his career had taken off for him. You were happy for him, really, but this person standing in front of you wasn’t someone you knew anymore.

"Look it was great seeing you, but I-” he cut you off before you could finish.

“I miss you.” His smile melted into a frown. “Why don’t you ever return my calls?”

Your heart fell to your stomach at his confession. “I’m really proud of you, but I have to get back to my friends.” You didn’t glance back as you walked away, fighting back the tears welling in your eyes.

Nearly 1 AM, on cue, your phone rang. It was him again, and you sighed sharply before sending him through to voicemail. He was probably drunk again, he always was these days.

“Baby please, please answer me. I miss you. I want you to come home. This is still your home. I love you. I love you so much, and with out you this place isn’t home anymore. I promise things will be different. Please call me. Fuck. Please. I love you.”

You wiped tears from your eyes, and deleted the message. You wanted to go running back to him, and tell him how desperately in love you were with him, yet you knew dating him now in his rise to fame would never be the same as it always had been.

Kept breakin’ promises you said you’d keep
So you can leave a message at the beep

music for fall afternoons/nights

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missed calls - Mac Miller
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PLAYLIST || kieran x bella.

“i can’t get over how it all went wrong”

im a mess - ed sheeran. [ x ] || missed calls - mac miller. [ x ] || we don’t talk anymore - charlie puth. [ x ] || another sad love song - khalid. [ x ] || beware - big sean. [ x ] || two ghosts - harry styles. [ x ] || stitches - shawn mendes. [ x ] || high hopes - kodaline. [ x ] || molly - lil dicky. [ x ] || love you goodbye - one direction. [ x ]

Missed Calls (Jack Gilinsky)

Jack G won by a LANDSLIDE for this imagine, so I hope you enjoy it, darlings! xo - B 

Make sure you listen to the song with it! -> Missed Calls, Mac Miller

“So you’re telling me you’re not happy!?” Jack raises his voice through the speaker, “babe, I’m not coming home tonight because I haven’t seen the guys in forever, don’t start.” 

You sigh deeply, “No, I’m not happy…if it’s not the guys, it’s something else, you’re changing so much.” 

You can almost hear the pain in Jack’s voice, “so what are you saying? you want to leave me?” You can hear him swallow hard, and tears enter your eyes, “you’re just talking.” He says it, almost like he’s trying to convince himself. 

“We’ll talk when you get home.” You murmur sighing deeply before you hang up leaning back against the couch. Life was so much easier when you and Jack first started dating and got along. 

A few hours later, he emerges through the door, looking worried and like he had tears in his eyes, “I don’t want you to leave me.” He whispers in a voice so low you could barely hear. You tap the spot next to yourself and he plops down beside you, jaw tightened from anxiety, “I love you.” 

“You don’t love me like you used to though, I keep feeling like I’m going to lose you.” 

“What is that supposed to mean?” 

“Do you even know how you’ve been acting since you started getting more popular?” You raise your eyebrows, turning to face him, “you’re an asshole, superficial douchebag…and I wish I knew that before we started dating.” 

“You were happy when I got bigger, because I got more money and I could get you all of those pretty little things.” He gestures towards the outfit that you were wearing, and the jewellery you had on. 

“Baby, you can have all the shoes back, all that perfume, necklaces and jewels you can have back, all the shit you buy me-” you stop, your voice becoming shaky, “I just want you back.” 

Jack groans running his fingers through his hair, “fine, fine, I don’t know why this is coming up though you were fine last night with the guys and whatever.” 

You roll your eyes, “we were pretending to be okay….I can’t, and I don’t want to do that…we’re not the same anymore, and we can’t pretend it’s like how it was back then.” Tears roll down his cheeks, and he roughly brushes them away from his cheeks, “all you do is work, and it’s driving me insane.” 

“What are you getting at?” Jack begs, reaching for you hand, he tightly intertwines your fingers and rests them in his lap. 

“I need to end this now, before things confuse you.” You conclude, knowing that it was best for you and him if you just left. 

Jack snatches his hand, now lookinig more angry than upset, “Fine. You think you have to leave? Then go…I’ll be fine on my own. Just go, you’ll be better off on your own, Y/N.” He looks away from you, forehead wrinkled as he covers his face with his hands. 

There really wasn’t much more to say, so you get up, find your bag that was already packed and leave. You were regretting it before you were even left, but you knew it was the right thing to do as of right now and oh god, it fucking hurt. 

I kinda like it!? If you want a part two since I have ideas please request it! xoxo -Bri