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Dear Dr. Stopes - Sex in the 1920s

My lovely MFMM friends will know this little scene

But do you also know one of the first “fighter” for Birth control?  Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes (15 October 1880 - 2 October 1958) palaeobotanist turned author and advocate for birth control, eugenics and women’s right. 

In 1921 Marie Stopes and her (second) husband of three years, Humphrey Verdon Roe, founded the Mothers’ Clinic for Constructive Birth Control at 61 Marlborough Road, Holloway, North London; it was the first birth control clinic in England.

After she published her first books Married Love and Wise Parenthood in 1918 she also became the first person to whom a large numbers of men and women wrote freely about their sexual and marital problems. Naturally, the correspondence was limited to the book buying public, overwhelmingly middle class. But after the opening of the clinic in 1921 and the wide coverage given to her sensational libel action in 1923, her influence spread to all classes of society. She now got desperate letters for help from women in the London slums as well as disapproving deckle-edged comments from episcopal places.

As much of a forward thinker Marie was in regards of women / birth control rights and fulfilled sexuality, she also was a woman of her time with views we would find questionable today. She did not condone abortion, but was a strict support of eugenics. She condemned sex before marriage and homosexuality.

Dear Dr. Stopes contains a variety of letters sent to her from 1918 to 1928 (roughly).

The book is divided into chapters according to social class (lower class, upper class, clergy, medical profession, armed services, overseas etc.) rather then topics. Which gives you an interesting insight into how different the mind set of the classes really were.

Only the letters addressed to Dr. Stopes are published not her answers to the addressors, with some interesting exceptions.

Those letters gives you a great view into the lives of women in the 1920s. Some are heart-breaking, some are disturbing and some are heart-warming. It also makes you see behind the curtain of  the British class system of the time. The upper class always knew about how to prevent pregnancy while the women of the lower class struggled with pregnancy after pregnancy. Most  letters of the lower class made me tear up for those poor women. They didn’t know how to feed another child, had very serious health issues due to the large numbers of pregnancies and injuries during birth. Some women couldn’t even sit without being in pain. The doctors would only tell them they should not get pregnant again, but didn’t inform them how they could do it. 

As much as I’m “in love” with the 20s, I’m very happy to live today.

Overall it was an interesting read. I would have enjoyed it a little more if I could have read the answers of Dr.Stopes and her team too. Even without them, I would recommend it to anyone interested in the history of women’s rights and birth control. It also gives you a very different view of the 20s compared to MFMM.


Request: Hey uh, can you do one where you find out you’re pregnant with twins and Brendon reacts more excitedly then you expected him to, and now you have to tell his whole family about the babies and you’re really nervous? Maybe some fluff, it’d be cool if it was funny and as many “awww” moments as possible. Thank you so much!

A/N: So here is the first part where the reader finds out she’s pregnant and the next section will be about the twins. To be completely honest, I’m not sure if I’ll write the second section, just because I’m busy and have a million other projects going. Probably not my best work, but hopefully you like my start though, Anon!

You wake up and are greeted by a hot wave nausea pouring over you. Fantastic. You roll out of bed straight to the bathroom and barely get the top up in time before you start puking.

Brendon is getting dressed when he hears you throwing up.

“Y/n?” He called as he dashed into the bathroom. He quickly appears behind you, calm but concerned, and kneels down. He gathers your hair in his hand to keep it out of your face. He rubs your back. There was nothing in your stomach to even throw up so early in the morning, so you threw up bile and proceeded to dry heave for a second.

“Okay, it’s okay,” he soothed. You fall back away from the toilet onto your butt and take a shaky breath.

“Feeling sick, baby?” Brendon asked sweetly.

“Um, what do you think?” You replied with a smirk, laughing weakly. Brendon realizes it was indeed a stupid question and laughs too. He gets up and wets a wash cloth before sitting back down on the floor with you. He places it gently on your forehead. You take over holding it to your head.

“Thank you Bren,” You mumble. He’s stroking your arm.

“Are you okay?” He asked sweetly.

“Mhm,” you hummed.

He helped you up off the bathroom floor with a smile and you rinse your mouth out. He took you to the living room. You lounged on the couch for a little while, definitely not ready to eat just yet. When you’re ready, Brendon makes you some toast and that sits in your stomach pretty well. By midday, you’re actually feeling a lot better.

Brendon had a big interview that evening for some music press company. He kept asking if you wanted him to stay, but you insisted he go. You felt fine and there was no reason for him to miss such an amazing opportunity. He leaves, only after you literally push him out the door.

You go into the bathroom and realized the toilet hadn’t been cleaned yet. Ew.

You open the cabinet under your sink and look for some godforsaken, lemon scented chemical you could use. You find some clorox and scrub it around before flushing it. You go to put it back.

You see your box of tampons. You feel sick to your stomach again.

I was due for my period last week.

You usually run like clock work. All the sudden you’re in the car on the way to the closest CVS. You make a beeline to the pregnancy tests and pick up two. You go the register and look down at the floor through the whole transaction, not wanting to look at the cashier. He doesn’t comment on your purchase.

You pee on the stick. Both of them, for good measure. You wait, pacing back and forth in the bathroom. Has three minutes ever passed so slowly? When your timer goes off, you take a deep breath, and look at them before you can chicken out.

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Blurred Lines: 4a (decided to split it lol)

Notes: Humor/Angst

Hope it turned out okay, I thought it wasnt that good but oh well wanted to post for you all!! I hope some of you can still enjoy it. It mightve been cause I was sick today im not sure, but my drive was really lackin hahaha

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Joe Sugg imagine || Surprise ||

Anonymous said:
Can you write an imagine where youre pregnant and surprise Joe with the news somehow and film it????????

A/N: So, I wrote this like three times trying to make it cute and fun. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Looking around the flat you had to yourself for the majority of the day, you knew today was the day, several weeks ago when you’d gotten back from VidCon, you fell somewhat ill – figuring it was the post-con plague everyone seemed to encounter you thought nothing of it, until you missed your next due period… You started to wonder and think back.

You could recall one time a few weeks before VidCon when you’d accidentally missed your birth control pill by a few hours. Figuring this could actually be a pregnancy you took a test, which did tell you pregnant, but you weren’t too sure. So you went to the Doctor who (hehe) confirmed it for you, you in fact were pregnant with a baby Sugg.

You kept wanting to tell Joe and tell Joe, but you couldn’t bring yourself to it – or it wasn’t the best time, so you decided to wait until after twelve weeks just incase anything happened, you wanted the risks to be much less before exciting everyone.

Taking a deep breath, you picked up your vlogging camera, “Hey guys!” You said brightly into the camera giving a small wave. “Today is kind of special… I’m going to be surprising Joe with something kind of neat, I hope he likes it.” You explained, before turning the camera off.

You couldn’t help but feel anxious the majority of the day, close to when Joe was due back, you set up three go-pro cameras around the living room and the main filming camera. “Oh, I’m nervous.” You said to yourself, it was caught on video in about four different views.

“That’s Joe texting now.” You said, hearing a certain text alert sound go off, you were standing in front of the main camera, taking the phone from your pocket, “he asked if I needed anything.” You said aloud, while typing, “I told him no and that I had been filming in the living room today so don’t mind the mess, so he hopefully wont get suspicious.” You explained, before going about your business.

The front door open and you almost died, “Hi babe!” Joe called from the door, putting his backpack down, “hey.” You said coming up to him, giving him a welcome home kiss, he wrapped his arms around you squeezing you tightly as he returned the kiss.

“Have a good day?” You asked as the kiss ended, looking up at him, your hands on his chest – his arms still around you. “Very productive, Marcus says Hi.” He added.

You nodded, “I’ll have to text him, Hello later.” You laughed. “Did you film a lot?” Joe asked looking to the camera on the tripod. “I did, got a few videos done, sorry I just finished and didn’t have time to tidy up my mess.” You laughed nervously, hoping he didn’t notice the scattered Go Pros.

“Oh, how dare you not clean your mess, I might have to spank you.” Joe slapped your bottom and you giggled. “Oh stop.” You whispered, almost bursting you couldn’t take it anymore…

Siting down on the couch, Joe picked up the remote. “Thinking maybe we wait for Caspar and order a pizza later on?” Joe glanced at you over in the kitchen before looking back to the TV menu. “Sounds, good.” You nodded.

You pulled your sweater off and adjusted the orange t-shirt you wore, it was a plain orange t-shirt except for on your stomach there was a picture: an unzipped zipper and a little cartoon baby face sticking out from it.

“Okay.” You whispered to yourself, you casually walked around the counter and across Joe’s path, picking up your phone you left where you knew you’d have to walk by his patch, Joe glanced but didn’t pay much attention before you walked by again.

“What’s on your shirt?” He asked absently, you stopped walking and faced him. “What do you mean?” You glanced down like it was the norm. “That… Shirt makes you look like your pregnant or something.” He kind of laughed.

You didn’t speak, you kept looking at him and raised your eyebrow slightly watching as realisation set in and he slowly turned his head from the television back to you. “Are you, pregnant?” He asked.

You grinned nervously, “surprise?” You suggested. “You’re actually pregnant?” He stood up quickly the remote falling on the floor.

“Thirteen weeks.” You nodded nervously. “I’m going to be a dad?!?” Joe said brightly, letting it all finally sink in. “Yes, you are.” You laughed and squealed as Joe almost jumped over the coffee table, picking you up in a squeeze hug, he spun the both of you around in excitement.

“(Y/N) this is so amazing! I’m so excited!” Joe finally stopped spinning you, he kissed you on the lips before looking at the camera he now knew was recording. “I’M GOING TO BE A DAD!” He exclaimed to the lens…

A Little Something About Gestures (Part 2)

Thank you for all of the input on this! I know I didn’t respond to all of the messages I got but I did read them all. Promise. 

This is written in Harry’s p.o.v and there is smut. If that’s something you’re not comfortable with you can skip it and I think the story will still make sense (but smut makes it more enjoyable haha) However, the story won’t make sense if you haven’t read Part 1 so I highly, highly recommend reading that first. (A/N it doesn’t explicitly say that the miss is on birth control, but just so there’s no confusion or questions about it, yes, she is)

When I first started writing part 1 I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I’m really liking this little story so far. Enjoy!


I’ve always been a big a fan of grand gestures. As long as I can remember, I’ve been a performer and whether it was a cheeky gesture or an act of kindness, I always took the opportunity to make someone’s day a bit lighter. I was also a bit of a lady’s man – just ask my mum.

When I was eight, a new family moved into the house next door to ours and the girl of the family that lived there was the same age as Gemma. She and Gemma quickly became best friends and even though sometimes they wanted to play without me, I was sneaky enough that I could make Gemma have to bring me along on play dates too. She usually got quite annoyed with me when I did that…

The summer she moved in the three of us spent most days together and one of our favorite activities, besides going to the park, was baking all kinds of treats – especially when it rained. She was like me and had a sweet tooth. Whenever we had to spend the day inside because of unfortunate weather, we made sure there was ample chocolate chips and sugar in the cupboards and eggs in the fridge because who knew what kind of storm we were going to cook up. I always made sure that I sent some of my goodies home with her and she also made sure some of the ones she created stayed with me and Gemma.

Our summer was spent swinging on swings and baking sweets, building forts and building friendships.

Luckily, her and her family didn’t have to move anymore; her parents both had found long term jobs.

Throughout our teenage years, the three of us were able to go on days trips to Liverpool to the beach and there were many weekends we took trips to London and put our tourist faces on. I remember watching her gaze at all of the sights and sounds of the glamorous city, being enamored by the commotion and I was so mesmerized by her, just watching her; she had me in a trance. Either Gemma was fully aware that I had a crush on her best friend or she never suspected a thing because she never expressed her distaste for us becoming more than just friends in the future and I was more than grateful.

I was sixteen when I auditioned for the X Factor and as long as she was there, I didn’t care who else was. The Pope could’ve shown up for all I cared, but if she wasn’t there, it wouldn’t have mattered. She had been a second to none support system and her encouragement stood out above the rest. I knew that even if I didn’t make it, I had to at least try; I had to try for her. Disappointing her wasn’t an option and even though she’d told me I could never disappoint her, I still felt like I had something to prove. I didn’t want her to look at me as Gemma’s kid brother who used to put underwear on his head and play silly pranks, I wanted her to see me as someone who worked for what he wanted and who’d do whatever he could to show people he cared.

She lived in London with Gemma after they both graduated and with all of the obligations that came with the band, keeping in touch didn’t come easy and I was lucky if I was able to see her once a week. On the nights I came over for dinner, she always made pasta because it was comfort food and with my life turning into a whirlwind of early mornings, rehearsals, and appearances, I craved one thing that was comfort and constant. I always had to help her make whatever it was she was preparing, not because she didn’t know what she was doing, because I wanted to be able to make it myself – at least that’s what I told myself – but I could never get it just right.

She was my home away from home and even though I couldn’t quite confess that to her, I knew I’d want her to know eventually. If I ever had a problem, had a question, or just needed someone to talk to, I went to her and she never turned me away; there wasn’t a great deal that was off limits between us and she listened to me so intently and whole-heartedly, that’s what made me keep coming back to her.

There was one night where everything got to be a bit too much and I felt like I was suffocating. I called Gemma, telling her I didn’t know if I could be in the band anymore. Gemma told me she wouldn’t be around that night when I asked her if I could come over and when I asked if her roommate would be, just so I could get out for a while, and she told me she’d be home, I got in the nearest taxi and I went to talk to her.

A long with my ensemble of worries, I confessed the one thing to her that I’d wanted to tell her for the longest time. When I saw her reaction to my words, nothing else mattered. She finally looked at me like I wasn’t Gemma’s kid brother who used to try on his mum’s bras; she finally looked at me like I could be someone that was her home away from home.

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Can I use the morning-after pill for more pregnancy protection if I’m already using the birth control pill?

Someone asked us:

Would taking the morning after pill provide more protection if I’m on birth control (gildess)?

As long as you’re taking your birth control pills every day as directed, you don’t need to use the morning-after pill (AKA emergency contraception). Regular birth control pills are actually much better at preventing pregnancy than emergency contraception pills, and using them both at the same time won’t do anything extra. If you want even more protection from pregnancy, use condoms along with the pill. Plus, condoms will help prevent STDs.

However, you can definitely use the morning-after pill if you miss a few of your regular birth control pills and have unprotected sex. This only applies to the birth control pills with hormones in them — if you miss any of the placebo (non-hormonal) pills, you’re still protected from pregnancy and don’t need the morning-after pill.

If you DO miss some of your birth control pills and need to use emergency contraception, you can use the Plan B morning-after pill (or other Plan B generics, like Next Choice, MyWay, AfterPill, and Take Action) to help prevent pregnancy. You can get these types of emergency contraception at a drugstore, without a prescription. They work better the sooner you take them.

The bottom line is: if you use your birth control pills correctly, you don’t need to take the morning-after pill. Using condoms + the pill is the best way to double your pregnancy prevention.

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood

ok but what if the Time Lords are coming for Clara because she and the Doctor are like a missed birth control pill away from creating the hybrid themselves and the Time Lords are like “damn we gotta shut this down”

expiration date 2.0

Three minutes had never seemed so very long before.

It feels as if an eternity separates thepresent from the very near future, the future held within a tiny display window in the test upon the bathroom counter. Three minutes before she finds out whether or not life is about to drastically change.

She tells herself she’s being irrational, that the possibility is extremely unlikely. It’s certainly an unlucky set of circumstances that had come together, but even so…

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