missed a day oops


A not so quick set of a WIP I’m doing of the focus units for the spring event!!!! I actually think the theme is really cute, and they come in the unit types I’m lacking the most! (I actually got spring Chrom while drawing this…maybe it works like the pentagrams?? idk)

Might actually finish coloring this sometime soon!


Oops missed a day! Honey x Venus and Jinafire x Skelita. Veney is a sweet baby who loves photography and doodles over her photos, she also collects dangerous and/or carnivorous plants. Veney came out.. way too Honey, oopsies, but Honey IS my all time favorite. 

Skelfire is hot tamales, she’s a big tough crazy cool gal who has a bit of a magical and demonic vibe but beautiful. She does glass blowing as her art elective. 


that one time @sunshinecaptain and i dressed up as enoch o'connor and horace somnusson for halloween and then just spent most of our day at the mall because we had nowhere else to go, and no one knew who we were but everyone kept calling us cute, and someone asked us what anime we were from.

@smolenoch wanted to see, so! ;/////;

please excuse how much work i still need to do on this cosplay!


Prince of Tennis 30 Day Challenge: Day 18 - Your favorite episode/part of the story that doesn’t involve a tennis match (New Prince of Tennis episode 8)

Kenya already said it. This has nothing to do with tennis hahaha. Plus I love the frightened look of bb Akaya XD (not to mention the weird chant that wasn’t shown in the manga lol)


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