Dramione Ever After Headcanons
  • Draco and Hermione become unexpected, and yet completely complementary friends after the war…and eventually, they fall
  • and it’s beautiful and a little broken, it’s all they own but it’s all their own, it’s all they have that they can be sure of but it’s all they really need. they mend each other’s scars, sooth them, their love becomes a balm for the wounds that Dittany can’t touch
  • Hermione agrees to wear wizarding dress robes, but insists on wearing white ones. The Grangers are there. Lucius and Narcissa are Not Amused. Draco’s second dance is with Hermione’s mother, at his newly wedded wife’s request. Lucius and Narcissa are Not Amused.
  • Draco and Hermione do not move into the manor. Lucius and Narcissa are Not Amused (but they are, perhaps, a little bit relieved).
  • They move into what Draco insists is a modest summer home. Hermione smacks him and corrects him because it is anything but
  • Draco’s flustered when he broaches the subject of heirs. He never EVER refers to them as ‘heirs’ once Hermione sets him straight
  • Cassiopeia Astra Malfoy is a bright little girl, but she’s just Cassie, thank you very much. She is light personified. Lucius and Narcissa find her to be Acceptable. (As in, they spoil her rotten and love her to bits. They look upon this brilliant little girl, with her waves of platinum hair and eyes so very like Draco’s own, and they realise they could love any child of his and call them one of their own.)
  • Cassie’s arrival is meet with much fanfare. The little girl is Not Amused, and she has no qualms with showing it.
  • The reporters learn to fear her, and her parents, in equal measure.
  • Cassie is quite the flier. Draco is ecstatic. Hermione turns green every time their girl asks her to take her along for a ride.
  • ‘We are not naming my son after a scorpion, Draco Malfoy!’
    ‘What’s wrong with “Scorpius”?’
    ‘We are not naming my child after something lethal.’
    ‘I’m named after a dragon, and you still married me!’
  • They settle on Caelum Scorpius Malfoy
    (’But it’s tradition!’
    ‘Yes, Draco, because we’re SO traditional,’ she snaps. ‘We already have one “Draco”, Merlin knows we don’t need another–’
    ‘So what do you suggest his middle name be?’
    Hermione smirks, already knowing she’s won this battle.
  • Cassie is Sorted into Slytherin. No one had expected anything different. Still, Draco holds it over Hermione’s head for years.
  • They place bets when Caelum goes to Hogwarts.
  • Both lose when he’s Sorted into Ravenclaw.
  • Draco and Hermione aren’t very showy people, but when they’re at home, they are reasonably affectionate with each other. Cassie and Caelum deem them to be Gross.
  • Draco and Hermione are Gross together for many many years. Draco works at the Ministry and becomes a (not-as-corrupt-as-Lucius-had-been) School Governor to Hogwarts. Hermione runs for Minister of Magic. Draco works for his wife. Hermione is Smug. Draco is Not Surprised that his swot would aim for the stars and never miss
  • Draco and Hermione, and Cassie and her baby brother Caelum, are Happy

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