It’s not exactly a diagram. More like a collage of all my fanart.

((Trick is such a little shipper. Meddling in people’s affairs is a cornerstone of mischief, so he just loves to play matchmaker. Right now he’s shipping Pitch Frost/Jack Black, North/Jokul, and Gin/Mani. He will go down with his ships!))

Skype Conversations with Random Sedan and MissDoodle
  • (roughly paraphrased just so you all know this actual conversation never happened)
  • Preztel-logic: ..So that's my idea.
  • MissDoodle: oooooh, nice, but you know what will make it better?
  • Random_sedan: Nooooooo! Pretzel, run! Before it's too late!
  • Pretzel-logic: What?
  • Random_sedan: She'll drag your story down into a deep dark pit of angst and despair! And worst of all, You won't want to escape!
  • Missdoodle: *lol* it's true.
  • Pretzel-logic: I kind of like dark..
  • Random-Sedan: Nooooo, DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!
  • ~(some weeks later)~
  • Pretzel-logic: OMG, Random-Sedan. i don't know what happened but suddenly my idea is all dark and super angsty! D:
  • Random_sedan: I warned you! I told you not to listen!
  • Pretzel-logic: I know but her idea were so goood- well, evil! I couldn't resist! I don't know how to deal with all this angst! D:
  • Random_sedan: there, there.
  • Missdoodle: *evil laugh* >:-D I regret nothing.

missdoodle-deactivated20140702  asked:

What kind of tablet do you use?

I use a ‘wacom bamboo fun pen and touch tablet.’ However I’ve been using it for about six years I think and now everything keeping it from falling apart is tape. I don’t even think you can buy it in stores anymore…

 However it’s never been the best tablet, so I kind of snitch Robin’s tablet from time to time which is a ‘wacom bamboo fun’ one. (They’re really creative with the names aren’t they).

This baby is a lot better.

missdoodle-deactivated20140702  asked:

I just saw the Guardians Ball post. Where is it exactly?? It doesnt say on the post (that or i'm blind and didn't see it)

((Forgive me. it’s not at an actual location.. It’s an online Ball thing.. It’s a bit too soon to say hey everyone come *here* Depending on how popular it is maybe we can do this at the Tumblr con in a year or so…))

missdoodle replied to your post: “joining a new fandom falling in love with the character/ship nearly…”:

*touches shoulder* This isn’t about Lokane, is it?

naw, lokane has lots of really wonderful people as well as a ton of lovely fanfiction! Plus i get to see lots of fans that love loki as well as jane, so no real problems there ^u^

~ Aw heck yes, this is the fun part where I get to promote all my precious babies. Chances are, I’ll miss a few, but that’s a chance I’ve gotta take. 

Folks I positively cannot live without: 

iftherecouldbetwomoments~ my irl girlfriend and the absolute sweetest person I know. She’s pulled me out of some terrible times and always gives me reason to smile. Not to mention, she’s a hella talented writer and a great person over all. 

kozpitchiner~ a fantastic writer and someone I am soooo proud to call a friend. This lovely has helped me develop Holly’s character to the max, and I will forever be glad to be a part of their world. 

pitchs-daughter~ a super sweetheart with a great writing style, and a huge help when it comes to learning how to edit things! She’s taught me so many things and has kept me smiling through the cloudy days. 

nightmare-scythe~ my total sweetheart bffl who got me hooked on OUAT, has destroyed my emotions multiple times, and makes me smile every day. 

salmonmun-and-switchblademuse~ a fabulous blog with a fabulous mun who has helped me through so very much. She’s gorgeous and sweet and talented as all heck and doesn’t mind squealing about musicals with me. 

keepers-of-the-tor~ a fantastic artist, writer and friend who makes me grin, helps me develop my characters, and gives me random bouts of feelings at the most unexpected times. 

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