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I don’t get the obsession with him. He’d be a terrible choice.

I don’t see it either, personally. But I can understand why fans of both Sherlock and DW would want it. 

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I don’t get why people want him in the first place, he’s movie star and he’s Sherlock Holmes, he doesn’t need to the Doctor to his resume, plus he’s said fhat he doesn’t want to be on DW

I think just because they are a fan of him but yeah, he has so many other projects anyway. Plus, being Sherlock and The Doctor. That’s two very big roles.
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FINALLY. Someone needed to point this out already.

Oh dear. I am near close to exploding with all the hypocrisy I see on this website. 
Because no matter what Christians do, we will never make up for Westboro. People see us as monsters and would sooner burn us at the stake for even mentioning our religion than actually listen. 
I see people all the time saying that Christianity is so judgmental, when really they’re judging the entire religion by stupid people who are obviously off their rocker.
I am so sick of seeing atheists joking about religion, and yet as soon as a religious person cracks a joke about atheism, the religious person is labeled as bigoted and judgmental.
I am just sick of people. 
People are gross.

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You’re so pretty!

awwww thank you, bb!! <3

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I wish i had the patience to learn how to do that to my hair. it looks cute!

surprisingly this only took me less than 10 minutes. but i’ve got braiding down to a science now though. and thank you :P