jewles answered your question: Parenting Reality Check -> ?

That’s a tough one. I’d asay at elast tell him not to say it at school or at other people’s houses

Since this is Orion’s friend, who is over at our house, I’ll take this as an endorsement of my reaction to it. (Which was to ask him to stop. This “asking” did, however, involve using The Voice. You parents know what I’m talking about.)

misschasse replied to your post: Parenting Reality Check -> ?

Well I may not be a parent but at least he can censor himself; unlike Lillian who says “fuck” from time-to-time. Note: She is 3. I have it on video. It’s not as funny as you’d think.

Yeah, I’d find that pretty sad, I think. I’d rather not see the video–not that you’re offering or anything.

quixotekid answered your question: Parenting Reality Check -> ?

You are questioning it, so that might be the answer.

I do tend to trust my gut. My gut, however, has also given me Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, so my trust is not complete.

katydidsays answered your question: Parenting Reality Check -> ?

Teach him to say, “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!” and “BULLSHIITAKE MUSHROOMS!” instead. It will be way funnier.

They definitely have already been taught “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR”. We live in Arizona, and I am not paying to air condition the desert, so in or out, guys, but shut that door! NOW!!

ldmibf replied to your post: Parenting Reality Check -> ?

7? No, probably not.

Yeah, that’s what I thought, too.

Thanks for all the input. Times like this, I wish my dad was around to talk these kind of things through with. (He passed away when I was 2–Fuck Cancer.)

misschasse replied to your photo: August 23, 2011 (via Everyday)

What is that lovely drawing behind you? Also - great shit. Also - your eyes look really bright today.

Behind me is a painting on cloth by the Sri Lankan mother of one of my co-workers. We bought it at the school auction. It isn’t our usual style, but we like it a lot.

I’m going to assume you mean great shirt, and yes, it is. It is one of my favorites. Also, I suppose my shit hasn’t been too bad lately either.