😏 3 egg whites, vanilla, DAT CANADIAN RYE (optional dat whey also in the mix)
1st soak the bread in the mix
2nd throw it on medium
3rd watch it cook one side
*le flip*
And then other and then you can sprinkle some of that sugar free syrup and cinnamon. It’s just a jolly ass time.
PLUS THE CANADIAN BACON made an appearance aka more protein to zone it out u feel me.

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no but destiel. I was on tumblr before I started watching the show and it sort of bugged me how hard people shipped them because I never really understood WHY but now that I've watched the show a ton it's virtually impossible NOT to ship them. They are so perfect together and it's not like people have to look hard to find evidence to support the ship. LIKE CMON MAKE IT CANON


misscaptaincanuck said: you have way more siblings than I expected. I honestly thought you only had two brothers. This is life changing for me tbh I don’t know how to deal with all this

6 of us; 5 guys 1 gyal

-oldest, (30), cop
-gurl, (27?), PhD student
-the one we don’t really get along with well (25)
-me (18)
-lil shit (16)

cant even begin to tell you how sick of their shit I am and I’m not even a quarter of the way through my current average life expectancy

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If you have the time to commit to Spec Ops: The Line I 10/10 recommend it. It will rip your heart out 

I played through it over the Christmas break; picked it up on Steam for supercheap.

I actually played through it twice, because I always get more involved in the story on the second round. The first time I’m usually too busy trying to finish the game for some reason.

I was left with this weirdly shaped hole in my heart-mind-chest-face, approximately the shape of white motherfucking phosphorous.