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You are actually so amazing I can’t put it in words

That means the world to me bby, you already know how amazing you are too me :’) such beauty such amazing wow 

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So proud of you! Not only have you worked hard physically, but mentally too!! <3

You over there on your progress grind i can say the exact same thing that means so much to me :’) ily

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You’re the one who motivates me. If you guys truly see all the hard work she puts in you would be amazed.…

You over there make me cry everytime pls b you motivate me more than i motivate you CAMAN  <3

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You’ve made some amaziiiiiiing progress. You go girl! :)

Thanks bby that means so much.. ima keep this goin :) 

lets all be sister wives


😏 3 egg whites, vanilla, DAT CANADIAN RYE (optional dat whey also in the mix)
1st soak the bread in the mix
2nd throw it on medium
3rd watch it cook one side
*le flip*
And then other and then you can sprinkle some of that sugar free syrup and cinnamon. It’s just a jolly ass time.
PLUS THE CANADIAN BACON made an appearance aka more protein to zone it out u feel me.

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no but destiel. I was on tumblr before I started watching the show and it sort of bugged me how hard people shipped them because I never really understood WHY but now that I've watched the show a ton it's virtually impossible NOT to ship them. They are so perfect together and it's not like people have to look hard to find evidence to support the ship. LIKE CMON MAKE IT CANON


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If you have the time to commit to Spec Ops: The Line I 10/10 recommend it. It will rip your heart out 

I played through it over the Christmas break; picked it up on Steam for supercheap.

I actually played through it twice, because I always get more involved in the story on the second round. The first time I’m usually too busy trying to finish the game for some reason.

I was left with this weirdly shaped hole in my heart-mind-chest-face, approximately the shape of white motherfucking phosphorous.

Parenting Pro Tip

When you have to go to the store by yourself with the baby don’t look for parking closest to the door. Instead look for spots closest to the cart storage areas so that when your loading him or her back in the car you don’t have to run far away to return the shopping cart and either have to lug the baby back or leave the little one alone in the car while you walk away…

Pro tip: if you wanna ensure your grocery trips are focused, short, and to the point take a newborn with you. I dont care if it belongs to you or not, as soon as you get a sense that he or she is about to flip out you’ll get your necessities and get out before you have a chance to start collecting unnecessary shit…

To all my worriers, I am feeling better, still a bit off but nothing serious right now, overall it lasted about 2 hours of bad anxiety and I’m guessing it was just the result of drinking a large coffee on an empty stomach - and I rarely drink coffee.

This was all a part of my plan to use caffeine as a boost for my workout, and that plan backfired 200%

I loaded a few pages of askreddit and tnation on my tablet to distract me on the metro and bus and I was ok