Called someone out on Instagram for stealing things from Tumblr and was blocked, so I'll out them here.

Because, frankly, I don’t take kindly to childish behavior. This person goes by the account name of definefamilytf. They have been stealing things from my favorite artists.

All I asked them to do was to ask permission before they take things from Tumblr.That’s it. That’s all I said. As a matter of fact, my exact words were…

Dude, why are you posting things from Tumblr that aren’t even yours?

The person replied with, and I quote (because I’m not up for changing the exact writing styles of anyone)…

Cause its not like I say that they are mine. If they’re not mine I would never take credit for them. If this is your post from tumblr Im sorry I didnt give you credit and I will be sure to make sure I put ‘found from tumblr’ in the future but If I post something thats mine I will say MIne. If it doesnt say that then its not mine. Sorry if I posted something of yours without giving credit.

To which I was going to reply before being blocked…

You don’t say you didn’t make it either. It isn’t my graphic, but that of a close friend. You shouldn’t take anything from Tumblr without the creator’s permission ever. It doesn’t matter if you say 'found on Tumblr’ or not. The same goes for your other things and your screen shots of GIFs. It isn’t fair to the people that actually make these things.

Case and point is that this person still isn’t planning on giving credit. SO, I’ll tag some of you artists and the Instagram name so that they hopefully are able to see it. CHECK YOUR TAGS.

If you notice someone’s name as a tag and you don’t think they follow me or whatever (I know for a fact that 2 or 3 from this list that do not), let them know this is going on. I think I got everyone, but if you go on the account and see someone that I missed, let them know.

I would have messaged this person, but their account appears to be generally inactive with additions and they obviously check Tumblr routinely (because of recent additions to the Instagram). So, go and check.

Here is a link to their Instagram account.