D.I.Y Angel Wing ring 

Hey tumblr!

Here’s a quick fashion D.I.Y which will add up to your spring collection :D

To make the angel wing ring you will need the following:

  1. Super glue - (E6000, Loctite, or any other) 
  2. A sharp pair of scissors or cutting pliers
  3. A ring base
  4. An angel wing pendant.

Begin by cutting the pendant loop- usually situated at the top of your pendant, to be able to thread and wear your pendant. Next, add a drop of glue on the back of the pendant , and attach your ring base. Blow dry and enjoy your new accessory!

You can use many other pendants and just apply this technique!
I used super glue because I had no other choice, but you can use any type of strong glue!  :)

Good Luck and Happy crafting!
XOXO MissBluKitten :) 

D.I.Y semi-precious stones earrings Materials:
  • semi-precious stones (or other materials)
  • 2 jump rings
  • 2 pins
  • 2 earring hooks
Step 1: Select your stones Step 2- Insert your stones in the pins Step 3-Create a loop for your jump ring , using a pair of scissors or nose pliers Step 4 -Insert your jump ring and earring hook through the loop you created Step 5- Repeat the steps with your other earring and Voila! :) Experiment with a wide variety of stones and don’t hesitate to use beads and other materials also.

This is one of the first tutorials I ever posted online :)
Hope you liked it :D
Good Luck!

Quick Tip Of The Week #2

If you’re the type of person who just applies nail polish in a hurry,  than this is your tip! :D

If you need a “quick-dry lotion”  or you just ran out of it, try applying a drop of either cooking oil or body oil, on your nails , and let them dry for about a minute or so.. You can use a syringe for this or a toothpick to add the oil drop by drop!

 Good Luck :D  

D.I.Y Anti-cellulite coffee scrub


Heyy tumblr!

Here’s a quick beauty D.I.Y which should spare you of  some money wasted on salon  treatments- Anti-cellulite coffee scrub- 

Here’s what I used:

  • Fine ground coffee
  • Granulated sugar
  • Usual fine table salt or sea salt
  • A spoon
  • A storage container :)

I decided to take pictures and show you a collage of the steps that you need to follow :


I used a regular spoon as a measurement for this project, however you can use tablespoon, tea spoon, or even cups, for making a larger amounts of scrub. 

Add the coffee, sugar and salt, and give em’ a good mix! I used an old ‘bronzing pearls’ container as a storage for my scrub, however, feel free to use any other container!
When you want to use the scrub , mix it with a small amount of honey for extra stickiness , or some water to give it a paste-like texture. 

Even if I named this scrub “Anti-cellulite coffee scrub” , that doesn’t mean that you only have to use it as a cellulite treatment! This scrub works perfectly as a regular facial mask/brush! Use a bit more water on this one, and scrub gently, unlike the anti cellulite method , in which you have to scrub in a rougher motion and add less liquids..:)

For cellulite, use this about 3-4 times a week, rinsing it in the shower.
For a facial  scrub, use this about 2 times a week MAXIMUM!

Hope it helps…. Try to add some exercise to this and you will have awesome thighs by summer :D  (personal experience) :P

Good Luck and I will see you next time :)


D.I.Y Leopard print bracelet!

Heyy tumblr! :)

 Here’s this week’s tutorials! Animal Print bracelet! :D


  • A permanent marker
  • Hairspray
  • A blank bracelet
  • Blush or translucent powder (for stickiness) 
  1. Grab your bracelet and start drawing small ,shaky “C” and “O” shaped models on your bracelet. Use either a Sharpie or any other permanent marker. Gold and neon's work really nice! :D
  2. Light spray your bracelet with some hairspray and let dry.
  3. Use your translucent powder , or blush , in my case, and add a thin coat of powder to your bracelet. This will add a delicate layer on the hairspray, keeping your bracelet from getting sticky.
  4. Enjoy it !:D

You can make many other prints with this technique! Just make sure that you do it right.
Until my next tut’.. Good Luck :)

MissBluKitten :* 

Valentine's Day Gift-Guide

Hey guys! 

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and some of you might have some difficulties in finding a present for your partner…am I right? :)
Since time didn’t allow me to make a longer post, here are some of my gift ideas for this special day :D



From him, for her..

  1. The Body Shop , Body Butter- $6 - $18 ( 30 different flavors) 
  2. Pink or Skin-Toned nail polish- $3- $50
  3. Homemade Valentine’s Card- $2
  4. Macarons or Chocolate- $7 - $70  

(Prices depend on brands and sizes) 

  1. Wrist Watch- $10 - $200
  2. Cuff-links- $10 - $100 ( R&B jewellery have em’ on sale :D )
  3. Soap PlayStation Controller - $22  (http://www.etsy.com/listing/68074890/soap-playstation-controller-ultra)
  4. Personalized photo frame- $5 - $15 (You can DIY it :) )



Hope this post helped a bit … I’m currently editing Valentine’s crafting tutorial.. When i’m done, i’ll post the link to it on this post.. 
Until then,